Thursday, September 08, 2005

To "Thumb" or not to "Thumb".....That is the question!

Just a quick little blog today to show you the pic's of my cutie pie nephew Beau. Yes, it's Luke and Beau who are cuzzin's just like Dukes of Hazzard. We call our sweeties, THE DUKE BOYS (Aunt Brooke came up with that) Any who...seem's that Beau has taken a keen liking to his LEFT thumb. (Poppa and Daddy Jeff like that) They're the "lefties" in our family. Now it looks like we'll have another south paw to cater to in the seating arrangements at family dinners. I took these pic's tonight while Beau visited us. He's such a cutie patootie. Luke really loves him. In fact, "Beau" is practically the only word Luke say's these days. He wakes up and goes to sleep saying "Beau" in his crib. We laugh when we hear him in the baby monitor at night. He says it with a southern drawl too. He can make a one syllable word into about 3 syllables the way he pronounces it. Too funny. Well we can all see from the pictures that Beau does best when he can find his thumb. P.S. He either really likes his thumb or he's practicing to be a hitchhiker when he grows up!


Brooke said...

Beau is so cute! What a sweetie pie. I love him!

Amber said...

So cute of my baby boy!! He will not take the pacy anymore.

Brooke said...

He is going to be a little heart breaker!!
Why would he take the pacy when he can have a big juicy yummy thumb... ha ha.