Thursday, June 28, 2007

New business venture...

As most of you know I have a business-- Faith Creations, LLC. My company has been in operation for 5+ years now. It started with handmade cards and eventually evolved into baby blankets, purses, rhinestone baseball caps w/crosses and now introducing the newest line of products, Domino pendants. I will be in the St. Jude's Craft's Fair on Nov4-5 selling my wares. If you are interested in ordering please let me know. All pendants are handmade by me and are made from a domino (just turn them over and you'll see the dots) and are embellished with various bling bling. I am going to be selling these for $15 ea. and the one's w/photo's $20 ea. They are really cute, if I may say so myself. What are your thoughts??? You know ya want one! They make great gifts. Think Bunco, Pokeno, Bdays, etc....

NO rest for the weary...

Luke has decided, as of yesterday, that he's afraid of the dark. After much coaxing, many tears and countless sippy cups of water he finally went to sleep around 2:15 AM. Ended up in my bed around 6 AM. He got up no less than 6 times throughout the night. Each time wanting something new: fan on, fan off, light on, light off, more water, etc....After "Aunt" Jenny brought over 4 "Magic" night lights the little stinker finally retired to bed.

I'm thinking it could be all of the rain and thunder/lightening we've been having. It rains every day now. Today I think for our day's enjoyment we're going to build an Ark.

In other news...I got a new haircut yesterday. It's pretty much my old haircut pre-surgery. It's short, sassy and still brown. My hairdresser was hesitant to highlight it yest. as she said it still needs to get a little thicker before she attempts adding color. She said right now it would break off the hair. So...for now I have natural gray highlights. I'm really getting gray, it's crazy.

Hope everyone is staying dry and doing well. Later taters.....

I wish I could go lay down and sleep.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Trina's baby shower...

No that's not Trina's baby....that's Trina holding Luke 3 yrs. ago. what a difference 3 years makes huh....See last picture to see them now.

We had a lovely time at "Aunt Trina" and "Uncle Brian's" baby shower in Greenville today.

His mother, Carol Ann(pictured in pink hat above with me) hosted it at her home. It was a lovely shower. They rec'd lots of nice goodies. You can sure tell Baby W is not lacking in the love dept. Just wait until HE get's here and see's all the yellow and green (wink). Thank you for inviting us Miss Carol Ann. It was so great to finally meet you. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out. I see where Brian get's his sense of humor from.

Patty/Tammy/Mason--It was so great to see ya'll too. I cannot believe how big Madelaine and Mason are getting. Trina--watch and see how quickly Pearson grows....It's crazy just how fast they change. Patty, I'll get that necklace made for you soon. Email me your address so I can mail it to you.

Trina/Brian--It was so great to be a part of your shower today. You guys look so great and it sounds like things are winding down to the big day in August. You all are going to make such great parents. I can hardly wait to get the birth announcement.

To the mommies...That would be Carol Ann and Patty--You both have raised such Godly kids. What a blessing it must be in your lives to see the fruits of your parenting. Both Brian and Trina are precious people. What a great testimony to all your child-rearing efforts. I can't wait for you guys to get to meet your new grandson <----- (is that too presumptous). I love you both and consider it a blessing to be part of your kids lives. They have shown such patience and persistence in the face of adversity. It has been such a blessing to be part of their journey. I cannot help but think that their beliefs, trust in God and faith were foundations laid by the examples you set as parents. Well done Mom's.

We had fun seeing and meeting your family Brian. Love to all, Heather

Story time w/"Aunt" Jenny....Hugs from Daddy...

Lukey has been having a fun time reading his Fireman book with "Aunt" Jenny our next door neighbor. He loves Jenny. He's always picking flowers out of Daddy's flowerbed to give to her. They stink really bad, but she always tells him they smell fabulous. Not to much new is going on just hanging out at the crib. With all the rain we have had (every day) it makes it hard to get to play outside.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

HappyMeal Head....Peach-Picking Expedition

As you can see, being a 2 year old is loads of fun. It's acceptable to wear your lunch.
Today, Luke and I went on a peach-picking expedition to our next door neighbor's house "Aunt Jenny" (with her permission of course.)
We mainly picked "fallen" peaches but did manage to pluck a few almost red one's from the tree. Luke had fun and that's what matters. He took his "peaching" very seriously. We picked, washed, dryed and carried them around in a bowl that Luke said was too, "Hee-vee" (heavy) too cute, huh. That's about it for today.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Fun with Tanner...

Luke had fun playing with his buddy Tanner today. As Luke says, "Tanner's mommy is Miss "Piggy" (Peggy)".
May I ad Tanner is quite the drummer (Uncle Mike looks like you might have some competition).
They are so cute playing together. Luke like's to boss Tanner around and Tanner like's to kiss and hug on Luke. It's really precious.
Tammy--I'm still looking for the Deluxe Nails business card to call them. You know how many purses I have ;o)
Brooke--I miss our daily loving the pic's on your blog.
That's about it folks! Oh, did you notice Luke and Tanner have matching shirts...that wasn't planned either.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tubby Time Today w/purple ducky...

Put down the ducky and smile.....


Cute little story.

I went to Walmart yest. with Luke. I told him to be mommies helper and look for raisins. We went up and down the different aisle's looking for raisins when Luke says, (with his hand cupping his left ear) "Shhhh, I hear them!"

I laughed so hard and said, "You hear the raisins?" He said, "yes". It was truly a priceless little innocent moment.

But....we found the raisins. Probably solely because of Luke's great hearing.


Monday, June 11, 2007

The "Library".....Listen to how smart my boy is..

Well...we took the weekend off from potty training because Luke wasn't feeling well and wasn't responding to the potty training-AT ALL!

So, we've resumed training this morning. He loves looking through the big basket of "big boy pants" he gets to choose from once he sit's on his big boy potty. He's got Buzz, Woody, Elmo & Calvin Klein's to choose from.

As of this post we've tee tee'd once and poo poo'd once in our big boy pants. Still nothing in the potty. We're going to do this all day though so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. He usually like to read his "Potty" book which is equipped with a flushing toilet sound button. So for now, this is our new "library".

In other news, can I brag on how smart my boy is. He takes his little gummy bear vitamin-one a day. Well, lately I've been noticing he'll put it in his mouth when I give it to him, then take it out, then put it back in. He gets all sticky and sometimes he bites it to pieces and then takes it out of his mouth. So, in all my "mommy wisdom" I decided this morning to mix it in with his "froo snax" as he calls them. I handed him the open little bag of "froo snax" and walked off. It was not 2 seconds from him reaching in to eat them that he says, "My Vitamin". Ok, now look at the pic and tell me how similiar the gummy bear vitamin looks like the other fruit snacks and you'll see what a good little analyzer I have. I was honestly dumbfounded. No pulling the wool over this boys eyes. I wonder when he's going to figure out his "juice" is 90% water and 10% fruit juice in his sippy cup. Stay tuned....I've got a smart one on my hands.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Magic Potty...Not so magic...etc.

Well...the magic potty ain't so magic. 8 pee-peed in big boy pants; one with poop was all I could stand for today. At 4:30pm I put a diaper back on him. We'll try again tomorrow. I was very methodic about it today, sitting him on the little potty every 30 minutes. I set the timer. Maybe he's just not ready. Maybe mommy is just impatient. I also caught him reading to his new purple ducky as you can see from the pic. His buddy Robert came over today for a play date. He loved taking toys away from Robert and telling him, "No Robert, it's mine".....Everything is MINE! Oh well....that's all the fun for us today.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Soup du Jour...

As you can see Luke tackled eating soup today. This is his first time to actually EAT it instead of WEAR it.
He did well. He had his own Sesame Street placemat and everything.
Make sure you scroll all the way down my blog today as I have posted 3 posts today.
Oh, we also bought the Magic Potty. Tomorrow will be day 1 of toilet training. I can hardly wait! Fun, fun.

Look who I found...

Under the ottoman...None other than the little Winkerbean.

Tuesday's little adventures...

The day started with me in the bathroom getting ready for my 6 mos. checkup appt. post weight loss surgery. Luke was in the bathtub while I was drying my hair, applying makeup, etc....I noticed he was straining so I said, "Do you need to goo poo poo in the potty"? He said, "No poo poo Mommy". Not 1 minute later I got a nice little surprise in the tub. I spoke too soon as I had just told our friends the night before in a conversation about kids that Luke NEVER has pooped in the tub. Well, guess I have to eat those words...

While at Nana's Luke caught a little frog in her backyard. It was so funny he kept chasing it around saying, "Come ear frog" "come ear"....When he picked it up it jumped out of his hand. Nana and I said, let's go wash our hands now frogs are icky dirty. This morning he came in my room and woke me up telling me, "frogs are icky". At least he's got a better memory than his daddy!

Then...last night Jason was sitting on the couch with him and was reading an object picture book. Daddy kept saying, "what is that"? and Luke would tell him what the object was...airplane, apple, giraffe, car, blah..blah..blah. Then they got to a picture of a wooden spoon and Jason burst into laughter. I said, "What did he just say?" Jason said, "Mr. No No". That's the name of the wooden spoon that he get's his spankings with when he's a bad boy. It was so funny. He didn't identify it as a wooden spoon, but rather Mr. No No.

No telling what adventures today will bring us. We already had the "no mommy no poo poo" followed by a nice shoo-eee diaper. It's time to start potty training. Maybe I should go get the little potty at WalMart. I hope he learns quick, I'm not looking forward to this.

In other appt. went well. The Dr. said I look great and am losing weight on track. They said I will probably lose another 20-30 lbs. in the next 6 mos. and then taper off. I'm honestly fine with what I look like now at a size 14 ,but I guess if my body is still wanting to lose more weight that's a bonus. I'll let it.

That's it from Rice-a-roni-ville today.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Playdoh fun....

As you can see we had a rocking good time with playdoh today! Luke made a "train" and what he called "my balls"....get your minds outta the gutter!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Funniest tag line...

Ok, I have to tell ya'll this. I was on Frisco-Online the other day and was reading some classified ads, when I ran across a person's post with the following tag line at the bottom of the item they were listing. Is it just me or do ya'll think this is hilarious too? I don't know why but it really struck my funny bone.

It said:

"I tell my kids that when the ice cream man's truck is playing music--that means he's OUT of ice cream".

Isn't that creative! Saves money too! You know that when you were a kid EVERY time the ice cream truck came buy you bugged your mom and dad for a dollar (or two). I know I did. I always wanted the pink panther ice cream bar with the bubble gum big toe. What was your favorite ice cream truck novelty?


Friday, June 01, 2007

To infinity and beyond...

We got this Buzz Lightyear costume at a garage sale and I can't get Luke to take it off. He also, got into mommies chocolate protein see the results....He's a blast! What a little cutie pie.