Friday, April 28, 2006


Mirror, mirror on the wall am I cute enough for you to take my call???

I just thought this was so funny. I caught him wearing my sunglasses and posing for the mirror. Too funny huh?

He still loves his phone as you can see. He has daily conversations with his imaginary friends. Keeps him occupied. Well, we're off to dinner.

I've changed my mind...

I used to welcome the finely tuned sound of crickets chirping at night. There used to be a time where it reminded me of camping in the woods where "cricketdom" was all around me. BUT.......I'VE CHANGED MY MIND!

So, to the little cricket that is in my bedroom somewhere and has been keeping me awake for the last hour 1/2 with your incessant chirping. PLEASE, shut the heck up.

You've forced me to relocate to the couch where I can sleep in silence.

P.S. I hope crickets have ears so they hear ME!!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


This is Luke's new posture for watching t.v. He thinks it's funny to sit half on the couch, half off. Also, peekaboo is the new game where he hide's behind couch cushions. Once he notices that you see him he ducks his head. So funny!!!

Silly Spring time fun w/Beau & Auntie...

Today Lukey had a blast playing outside with Beau and Auntie.

They played ball, mowed the yard, took driving lessons and kissed!

They are both such sweet boys. Always smiling and having a good time. Even with minimal naps. I think Beau needs a "CA" for his first birthday...He loved Luke's. The two of those little monkies were bound and determined to ride in the car TOGETHER! (well mostly it was Luke) He's getting quite possessive with his toys. I kept having to say, "You can share with Beau". I think Beau looks pretty comfortable behind the lawnmower. I see LawnStarLandscape JR. coming soon. I hope you enjoy these pic's as much as we had fun taking them. Can you believe Auntie made me push her on the bike. I even had to push Beau when he ran out of "gas". We had fun. Come back soon Beau Bo (and Auntie).

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Reading time with Daddy...

It's the coveted reading time with Daddy caught on film. Luke is getting very good at identifying items in his Sesame Street book. His favorite is Gungo (Elmo) and Ah, Ah, Ah (The Count).

It got cold here today so that's why Lukey is wearing sweats. Can you believe it was 85 yest. and today it's 55. Crazy weather round these parts.

I'm so excited for my sis. She had her sonogram today and got to see the heartbeat. What a little miracle. I remember the day that Jason and I saw Luke's heartbeat for the first time. It's nothing short of a miracle.

That's it for today. Hope everyone is doing well.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Silly Rabbit....

Silly Rabbit...Trix yogurt is for kids!!!!

Lukey loves his yogurt, as if you couldn't tell. He eats it any way he can: hands, spoon, mouth....

He's such a little cutie pie. His vocabulary is expanding. He's now putting 2 and 3 words together in a sentence. Usually he says, "Poppa's car" or "Ca go coutside?" (Can I go outside?) or "My Dei Da" (My Daddy) or "Go Bye Ya'll". It's just a hoot.

Won't be long before he joins Toastmasters. The boy is growing up too fast. We enjoy every little second of him. He's so loveable you could hug and kiss him to pieces. He's anxiously awaiting the arrival of his new cousin in Dec. He's got a few tricks up his sleeve that he'd like to teach him.

As you notice it's 3 am....and guess who's up. That is because the Claritin D I took at 11:30pm has pseudoephedrine in it and it keeps me awake. But, at least my sinuses are clear. The Nasacort H1 loaned me last night worked a little bit too. Thanks friend! Lukey is spending some male bonding time with his Dei Da. I'm attending a women's retreat at our church for the majority of the day. Last night was fun meeting new people and I'm sure today will be as equally refreshing.

Later taters....

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ok...this is SO cute!!!

Tonight Luke and I were looking at his favorite Sesame Street book (like we do every night). I was pointing at different objects and he was telling me what they were: ball, shoe, sock, dog (wuff wuff he said) Bert, Ernie and then the clencher. I said, "Where's the Count?" He pointed at him on the page and said, "AH, AH, AH, AH!" Just like we always do when we say, "Here's the Count-Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah!" It was so precious to hear him say it though. Then this morning while he was eating his banana and pears he had his little die cast John Deere tractor that Aunt Brooke gave him. He looked at it, held it up to me and said, "Poppa's car". He calls the tractor a car and he knows that Poppa drives one in his yard. Our boy is a smartie pants. He's also getting really good at giving kisses. Although it's a bit of a gamble what type of kiss you will get: the open mouth kiss, the slobber on my lips kiss, the bang into your face kiss, the bite you with my teeth kiss. He's a real ladies man, let me tell ya.

His tubes and urologic surgery are set for May 1. I'm praying for quick recovery, especially from the urologic one.

Rabbit trail: Ok, don't think I'm a complete freak, I was just VERY sleep deprived last night because our stupid baby monitor on my side of the bed kept "clicking" any time I moved my legs. It drove me nuts, but I just couldn't turn it off. So, I prayed for a little while and thought about things and then this random thought popped into my head. Ok, not so random since I was had been thinking about Luke's urological surgery. You ready....Wouldn't it be funny if Aretha Franklin's name was Urethra Franklin and her top hit was, "We're Going Riding on the PeeWay".

Off to bed....can you tell I need some sleep. Benadryl...take me away!!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I LOVE the Easter Bunny....

I LOVE the Easter Bunny....About as much as I love Santa Claus!!!

I guess there's something about the birth and death of Christ that terrify Luke. His Christmas picture was almost an exact replica of this picture.

Even the squeeky frog didn't soothe him. Even mommies lap didn't soothe him. That poor bunny just sat with his hands in his lap and didn't even try to come near Luke.

And I waited an HOUR to get this shot. Sharon, you asked where Luke got his persistence! Also, a funny thing happened while at the mall waiting the hour for this wretched pic....Luke spotted the lady about 8 people ahead of us with the double "CA" stroller. Oh yes, I let him out of his stroller so he could move his legs around as he'd been sitting there for quite along time. Do you know he crawled out of our stroller crossed the maze barrier that kept us all in a line and crawled into the "CA" stroller with that ladies kid. I was so embarrassed. I said, "Do you mind if he sit's in the car with her for a little while?" "It would make him and ME so happy". She obliged and said, "Sure, we need a little boy over here". So, we sat with the strangers in their "CA". I swear his fascination with cars is getting a little over the top.

That's about it for tonight. He's off in la la land as a nap was not taken at all today. Oh, one more thing. After I tramatized him with the Easter Bunny I redeemed myself by letting him ride the horse carousel at Stonebriar Mall AND I paid $2 for a doggie balloon figure this clown guy made for him. As we drove off in the stroller Luke promptly bit into the balloon and popped it. No more doggie. That lasted all of 10 seconds. After his banana/strawberry smoothie we headed to the car. That's about all I could take for one day of shopping with the Lukeymeister. For those of you who've forgotten the infamous Christmas picture...let me refresh your memory...hmmm...looks like a repeat performance to me!

So Happy.....

Always a smile on little winkerbean's face. Today he woke up so happy. The first words (in this order) he muttered when I went to pick him up out of his bed, "Poppa, Nana, Da Da".

His new game is to rearrange all the couch cushions. He tries to hide behind them thinking we don't see him. Then he pops his head up. We play along. How many times have I said, "Daddy, I don't see Luke do you? Where did he go? I'll be so sad if he's gone." "Oh, there you are Luke!". It's exciting the first two or three times he does it but part of being a 20 month old is REPETITION, REPETITION, REPETITION.

He's such a delight. We just love him to pieces. With a look like this how could you not?

Hope ya'll are having a great day.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Look at us now...reunited again!

It's been a long time (too long) since me and my buddy Kate have gotten to hang out. Tonight her mommy, daddy and new baby sister Alexa came over for dinner. It was so nice to reconnect with them. We have missed seeing them over the last year or so. I don't really even know whats kept us apart. Whatever it was we're all glad to be reunited. Since we moved to McKinney we're only about 5 minutes down the road from them. So, we've decided to get together way more often than the past year or so. Plus, I have to check out this new chick (Alexa) that they just had. She might be marriage material for me one day if Kate and I don't work out. As you can see she and I went on a wagon ride. Kate felt comfortable enough to hang her feet off the side of the wagon AND to pick her nose in front of me. She shouldn't be embarrassed because I tooted in front of her. Oh, the life of a toddler.'s off to bed now. Seriously, Scott and Ab it was great to see ya'll and get to fellowship. We love you guys and look forward to hanging out more often now since we're so close. Can't believe how big our two little one's have gotten. It seem's like just yest. when we took the below photos.

Let's be frank....

Let me set the scene for you. Yest. I decided that I would visit the Plaza Thrift Store in McKinney since it's been about 2 months since I've been "thrifting". I meet my friend Heather there at 11am. Immediately upon entering Luke notices the "Ca". Sitting on top of the shelf. He proceeds for the next 20 minutes to cry profusely and scream, "CA, CA, CA" "Momma, CA CA CA". I must admit I've become quite adept as a mom at distracting techniques. I thought I'd be able to do the same in this situation. I tried the "Hold this toy" technique the "Sit in the shopping basket and play with a hanger" technique the, "Please stop crying and drink your juice" technique. After a full 20 minutes of stares from onlookers who probably swore I was abusing my child on aisle 7 I succumbed to the pressure and did what I swore I would never do when I had kids. I gave in to his demands and I BOUGHT THE DAMN CA!!! ONLY...after I tried every other thing in my power to soothe the pathetic little "CA" whine, cry and snot ridden nose of my 20 month old. I went over and took it off the shelf. Wheeled it to the checkout counter. With the help of a total stranger pushing my cart to the cashier while I wheeled the "CA". Thinking the problem was solved I continued shopping while I left the "CA" at the counter to pay when I was finished with the rest of my shopping. Well....evidently Mommy isn't smart enough to realize that Luke can't understand the concept of "she's buying it for me--IN A MINUTE". He proceeds to pitch another fit and cry uncontrollably without consolation from "Aunt Heather" too. We even switched carts. I thought maybe she could soothe him so I gave her my cart and I pushed angelically sleeping Sheppie around for a little while. Well....the crys only got louder and I felt bad that now everyone was staring at "Aunt Heather". With another "mommy solution" I wheeled sleeping angel Sheppie to the front counter and got the "CA", met Heather mid-aisle and traded off. One crying child for an angelically sleeping one. I put Luke in the "CA" and Heather pulled my basket and Sheppie's stroller while I wheeled my son around in the "CA" so I could continue shopping. Had Heather not been there my trip would have been cut short. But since I really wanted to continue to peruse the aisle's with a calm and collected child this had become my ONLY OPTION. The minute he got in the car he stopped crying and the smile that I usually see on his cute little face became radiant once more. We paid for the merchandise and loaded up the car....But wait it get's better. As I loaded the "CA" into the back of the Expedition I realized that I had evidently overlooked the fact that the "CA's" "gas tank" was full of fire ants. I closed the self contained gas cap and went on my way. Upon arrival home I left the "CA" in the "CA" and let Jason retreive it when he got home from work. I said,"Oh, Jason go get the new little car out of my trunk and put it on the patio so Luke can ride". He did, and got Luke all situated to ride the car when HE noticed the fireants crawling all over the car. Out Luke goes, into the house he puts him while he douses the car with fireant killer spray. By this time Luke's tantrum "in the house" mind you is worse than the initial "I want CA" one at the thrift store. He has NO IDEA why daddy put him in the house, why daddy is giving his "CA" a "CA-WASH" and believes he'll never again be able to ride it. After "CA" is fully submerged, all ants killed and flushed from the "CA". I dry off the "CA" and let Luke back in it. He was happy, we were happy and gosh dang it....his infatuation with steering wheels and anything resembling car continues......Lesson learned from this???? 1. Sometimes as a parent you'll do anything to get your kid to shut up in a store when you have a shopping agenda. 2. Never say, "Oh, I'll never do that when I have kid's" 3. Stay off the sidewalk because another minority driver has gotten his learner's permit. Let's be on the lookout in your neighborhood for a red car with "Ant-KillR" plates and a smiling baby boy...

Monday, April 10, 2006

I'm going to be an AUNT...

Yep, you read correctly. I'm going to be an Aunt again! My sister is pregnant. So, we'll be awaiting baby Stone's arrival in Dec. What a great Christmas present. I'm so excited for you Sis and Michael. What an answer to many prayers.

Lukey, can't wait to meet his cousin.

Love to all,
The Rice Trio

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Easter Egg Hunt in Poppa's neighborhood...

Well...this weekend was the easter egg hunt at Poppa and Nana's neighborhood. Beau and I had lots of fun as you can see. Although, we were late to the actual egg hunt because I was napping. Uncle Jeff kept me 8 eggs so I could have my own mock egg hunt. It was fun. Mommy found some pictures from last years egg hunt and posted them below. See how much difference a year makes. I actually knew to put the eggs in the basket this year. Although, I didn't get to eat any of the candy. So many little time. I have 2 more egg hunts next weekend. I'll be practicing this week. Love, Lukey P.S. Disregard the duplication on the one picture. If I deleted it it would delete them all and I uploaded these 3 times.