Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween 2005...give me some candy!

Our little Elmo had a great time trick or treating and playing games at the church carnival. His favorite game was pull the lollipop followed by splash the chicken and treasure hunt. He didn't quite grasp the concept of putting the candy in the basket. He'd rather carry it around and throw his bucket down. Oh year he'll be much more wiser on this candy front. He looked so cute in his Elmo costume. We didn't see any other Elmo's either. He was a one-of-a-kind. So much fun.

Elmo dry run for tonight....


From your favorite furry little friend Elmo. Mommy had to do a "dry run" to make sure my tights fit. Aren't I gonna be cute tonight for the fall festival at church.

Can't wait to see all the lovely treats that end up in my plastic pumpkin. More pic's to come....stay tuned!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Nana's cake is yummy... you can see Nana's cake was REALLY good. It's her new cinnamon cake. Yummy! Thank's Nana for being such a good cook.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Poppa don't preach.....Well he MAY

Well....all you who've requested Poppa aka...Gary to do a blog have got him contemplating....So, I thought I'd do a friendly little poll. All in favor of Poppa doing his own daily blog say, "I". If you don't want to read the ramblings of Poppa say "Nay". He's got a lot of interesting things to say about Russia (he just returned), Computers/Email--he spends lots of time on both, John Deere-his fav. outdoor toy, Building Gazebo's (his next project), Reading/Collecting John Grisham novels (he's recently hopped on that bandwagon), Grandkids (how he can give em' back when they have stinky diapers), HOA's (he's their neighborhood president), Gardening (another one of his favorite topic's) and last but not least going behind Nana and Re-cleaning up her "messes" to HIS specifications. Now this is a blog that's pure fun for the whole family. So, all in favor.....climb aboard the Poppa blog train......No pressure! P.S. Look how Luke smiled when I told him Poppa might have his very own blog soon.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Has H$## frozen over????

One might ask how long is too long? Has Hades frozen over? I am pleased to announce that my sweet hubby has finally joined the blog wagon. After months of watching my madness he too has crossed over to the "dark" side.....You can check out his new blog by clicking on the link to the left. He's got lots of philosophical things to say, he is a deep thinker. Many of you don't know that about him. But....theology talk really rev's his engine. I'm glad he's passionate about it. He's a great husband, daddy, son, brother, son-in-law and bro-in-law. He's on fire for our Lord and it's exciting to watch him grow. Here's to you sweetie pie! We love ya! May your blog enjoy much success. In blog terms that means...lots of people talking to ya about your posts.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fun time today....

Ok, I had to post this pic because it reminded me of a first day of school pic. Doesn't he look like he just had a yummy breakfast and is off to the first day of "country" school. He looked so cute in these overalls today. Although, there was no school today for the winkerbean he did make a trip with mommy to Walmart to get some milk and chili fixin's. Now that it's getting cold it's yummy chili weather. We had Auntie, Uncle and Beau Bo over to enjoy the grub with us.

I've included some more pic's from today to show you how much fun we had. There's the 3 man band pic--Daddy, Luke and Woody...The aren't I darn cute pic....Daddy reads me a book... the "where's my pants" shot.... pic's of me and my cuz Beau and Auntie teaching me bad habits, Uncle and Beau Bo. As you can see, we've had a blast today. How can we top it tomorrow? We shall see.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Picture Purses introduction....

Well, as you guys have already guessed things have been gearing up for my 3 upcoming craft shows with my business Faith Creations, LLC. I have lots of new ideas floating around in this ole' head of mine. Here's the first: Picture Purses -->
Here is the first one I did with none other than my little cutie patooties mug on it. These are going to be a hit. I can just feel it. Additionally, I've attached a close up of the clarity of the photo. I cannot reveal my secret technique, but they will withstand time and are washable. Tell me what you think. They will be unveiled at the 2005 Junk In Your Trunk Purse Party on Dec 2, 2005. Can't wait to see the responses I get. They'll make great Christmas gifts, so get your orders in early....

Monday, October 24, 2005

Cutest boy in the world...

Just had to share some pic's from this morning. I thought our boy was so cute....I got him all bundled up cuz it's cold here today. I'll blog more later today.....

Friday, October 21, 2005

Blog Nazi is my new title...

Yes you heard me....I'm officially the "blog nazi" as my sis calls me. That's ok, you can call me whatever you want....As long as I fulfill my official duties as such....which are: making sure all friends and family update their blogs on a consistent basis...translated...more than 3x a week.

Even if it's just a short snippet telling us what's up, that will suffice. Just don't leave us hanging for days on end. Off my soapbox now.

Today our house got shown 1 time and the potential buyer did not like how open our gameroom was. Ok, it's not a media room...nowhere does it say that a gameroom can't have a loft. Two words....Next, please. The weather is suppose to be nice this weekend so I'm sure many house surfers will be headed to Lost Creek Ranch to view our sprawling mansion. Maybe someone will even put a contract on it. That's our prayers. Our realtor this time around ROCKS!!! She is so cool. I just know our house is going to sell in no time flat. If not, we'll just hang out here until it does.

Luke had a meltdown tonight while we were out to eat. We literally got our food and he started screaming hysterically. Cuzzin Beau, Nana and Daddy can attest to the fact that it was an all out cry fest which ended in boxed food for take out. Turns out little munchkin was constipated and needed a little suppository action. So, you're grossed out now! Give me a break. Like you've never been constipated. Welcome to our world every so often. It's miserable watching him whince in pain. We got him relieved and he's sleeping comfortably.

I got about 6 purses lined and handles attached tonight so I'm making headway. I ONLY have about 16 more to line and then it's decoration time and make some from scratch time. I've only scratched the surface. My show is on Nov 4, so I still have a little time to bang out the bags. Well, I'm headed to bed now. I have a big garage sale I'm going to in the morning it starts at 6:30 AM. This is where I get my bargains to resell on Ebay. You may laugh and say, "Oh, that's crazy to get up that early on a Sat." Then I would tell you, "You must not have kiddo's because that's usually what time THEY wake you up". So, I will sieze the day and get started early, get me some deals and wheel and deal em' on Ebay. It's fun and addictive. Oh, and brings in a little extra cashola. Which comes in handy these days with gas $18 per gallon.

Later taters.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mid day update....

Well it's mid-day already and I've gotten a lot accomplished. As you can see the little man took his nappy. He's so cute layed out in his bed next to Elmo ("Gung UH" as he calls him) and cuddling his blankie. He never get's under the blanket he always lays on top. Oh well...guess he's not cold. I got my craft fair peg board display partly done. It's gonna look great for the upcoming shows. Also, I have gotten tons of laundry folded, the house back in "showing" order and gotten myself cleaned up. To some this may sound like a regular day, to me it's a small feat. One can do VERY LITTLE with a 15 mo. old tagging along right behind them these days. I enjoy his presence though and I know that he's just inquisitive and wants to be hand's on. Well...time for lunch. Luke-meister just woke up from his nap so gotta run and feed him and go do some errands. Later taters.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ok, I have to brag on my boy...

Tonight Jason and I witnessed the cutest little thing ever that Lukey did. All day he's been fiddling with all the door stoppers downstairs. He boiiiing, boinnng, boinnng's them. Then he tugs until he can pull the little white cap tips off. Then he proceeds to put them in his mouth. So, I took them all off, except for one. Which, he found.....tonight. We were sitting in the living room on the floor watching him boiiing it again and we said, "No, Lukey!!!" Jason went over and removed it. Then, Lukey stood right where Jason had removed the door stopper and fiddled with the remaining metal piece on the wall that the fitment goes in. He then walked over to Jason, held out his hand and handed Jason the "imaginary" door stopper and said, "Ank Ewe" (thank you). Then walked over and repeated this same thing 6 times. It was so cute. Every time he came over to hand the imaginary door stopper to Jason he'd grin and say Ank Ewe. It was so precious. He might be like me and have an imaginary friend later on in his elementary years like my imaginary friend Burr Burr. Don't laugh. He WAS real--to me! Luke's showing imagination, creativity, attn. to detail and a love for music. He's such a smart boy. We just love him. Oh, and he's feeling good today after his stair tumbling incident last night. I'm headed to bed to count sheep now. Later taters.

Faith Creations Signage for craft show

Just wanted to get ya'll's opinions on my signage for my upcoming shows. I did a gigantic purse and had my friend embroider my logo on it. what do you think? I thought it was pretty creative, but I'm biased. Yeah, or nay!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Thank the Lord...he wasn't hurt.

Well...the inevitable has finally happened-- Luke fell down the stairs tonight. From the top stair upstairs to the landing mid way down--7 stairs in all. I was mortified watching him tumble down stair after stair unable to stop him. He was NOT hurt thank God. That's the main part. We are SO THANKFUL nothing serious became of it. It really could have been catastrophic. You literally cannot take your eyes off him for even 1 second. This is the main reason I want OUT OF THIS 2-STORY HOUSE.....Ugh!!!! This just confirms we made the right decision putting it on the market.

Which brings me to my next topic of discussion. We're now listed with Keller Williams Realty. We met with our new and improved agent this evening and know that she's actually going to do everything she can in her power to work for us, not against us as our previous realtor did. So, for now... we'll sit and wait for God to bring just the right buyer. He will and we'll sell it in HIS timing.

Please pray that Lukey doesn't wake up with bumps and bruises or whiplash. My sweet little pumpkin was so helpless tumbling down those big stairs. Made me want to cry.

The homeselling saga continues.....

Well, it's day #6 of selling our house and we had to fire our realtor already. She wasn't doing her job, was being dishonest, wasn't answering our calls or emails, didn't have our house info. listed correctly and basically blew us off every time we did get her on the phone. So, my little rant for the day is don't go with the McKinney office of Ebby Halliday if you WANT to sell your house.

We have an appt. with a realtor tonight with Keller Williams that is a referral from a good friend and we are confident in her abilities to get our house marketed and sold. This whole saga has been so frustrating for us because we really did not want to have to let our previous realtor go she was a friend from church.

And believe you soon as the head honchos at Ebby got wind of our wish to terminate our relationship with them THEN they started kicking everything in high gear. Including...calls to show our house today. Two calls in the span of 1 minute--I'm serious too! Then, when I told them that the house was being de-listed with Ebby today and to tell the agents NOT to show the house, they showed it any way and set off our security alarm, police called and everything.

Needless to say. Ebby doesn't listen, nor do they heed the customers requests. We're so over them it's not even funny. I really don't even know how they stay in business doing business the way they do. But so be it. More power to em', we're moving on.

So, if you know anyone interested in buying, it'll be back on the market this evening WITH CORRECT INFO this time. Keller Williams will make sure of it. Thanks for listening to me vent.

Monday, October 17, 2005

"Looks like somebodies got a case of the Mondays"...what movie?

Monday, schmunday--hasn't really been a fun day. Trying to keep this house clean for showings is already driving me nutso. It was much easier selling our last house because we didn't have an additional 10 fingers pawing the windows and messing up everything we just cleaned up. Oh well...he's our blessing so I can't complain.

We had a showing tonight but all the came to fruition was a couple of carpet stains in the entry, formal dining and stairs that the "lookers" tracked in. Would it be rude to have a sign that say's, "Please take off shoes to view home?" We were so pissed off when we came home. Ugh!!!! Then to top it off our listing with Ebby Halliday is all screwed up. It's got a wrong street name, wrong information, etc....I seriously don't know how anyone has found it. We can't. Only on a few websites do they have all the pictures and still some of the info. is wrong. We've contacted our agent twice today and each time she acts like she's too busy to deal with us. Can you fire an agent this early on? We are so annoyed at this point. We aren't going to be able to sell our house when it says stupid stuff like "Grassy Drive", Pier & Beam foundation, Covered Porch......Gosh, it's so freaking frustrating. We've basically lost a whole 4 days of showings, while everything has been flubbed up in the system that all the realtors pull from. Any suggestions anyone?

I've been working on more purses today and on getting my peg board with hooks painted and ready to go. I think the show is going to be really good coming up in 2 wks. I hope I sell, sell, sell some purses. Well...I'm off to bed to rest these tired eyes. Please pray I have NO coughing spells tonight. They have kept me and Jason up the last 2 nights. It's wierd, it kicks in when I lay down.

Later taters.

P.S. Answer to the title of this email's question is....The movie Office Space.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Quick weekend rundown....

Friday---House goes on the market via Ebby Halliday. We begin frantically cleaning every little nook and cranny. Poppa left for business trip in Russia. He'll be gone for a week. We'll miss him. Sat. A.M.---Jason goes to bid a landscaping project in Corinth with his bro. Luke and I stayed home and cleaned. Well...I cleaned he went behind me and "un-cleaned" what I had just cleaned. Four times he took the books out of the glider chair pocket and threw them on the floor. He's into EVERYTHING...Amber, you just wait. GranDee came by and we went to McDonald's for some pancakes, sausage and chocolate milk. I think Luke liked the balloon best. The cleaning lady he was flirting with came over and gave him. Sat. P.M.--Jason returns and helps with more cleaning. GranDee watchs the Lukey boy so we could go look at some houses with our realtor. Still stuck on our friend Lance's house that he has for sale in McKinney. Get together for food, fun and fellowship with the Fulenwider's and another look at THE HOUSE. Still want it. Sun.--Weren't feeling too hot and we hit snooze on the alarm and never woke back up. Well....we woke up, just not in time for any services. Jason went to watch the Cowboys game at Nana's house and Luke napped. I whipped out the purses while he was sleeping. Made 10 in all. I have got LOTS more still to do. GranDee stopped by again to hang out and have pizza with us and the Lee's. Oh, I almost forgot my boys both got hair cuts today. I buzzed Luke's a little shorter than last time. It looks so cute. Jason's looks handsome too. It's now time for beddy bye. Nightie, night for now.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Housecleaning 101

Nothing really interesting to blog today, just been cleaning house ALL day....This house hasn't been this clean since we bought it. Too bad it took selling it to get it this way....More tomorrow. My energy is too depleted right now to type any more. Later taters.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ebby Halliday....bring on the homebuyers!

We officially have our home on the market. Hence, the Ebby Halliday realtor sign in our front yard. We've decided after 4 1/2 years of residency here in our casa that we don't like 2-story's, we don't need 2600 sq. ft. and we could be better stewards of our money by downsizing. So, we've decided to sell our house. Seem's like there's a lot of people doing that these days.

We are confident that we will sell it, we're just praying we get close to our asking price. It's all in God's hands and we're trusting in HIS provision and timing for our family. It seems that houses in Lost Creek Ranch are selling on average in 80-120 days. Our hope is that we'll fall somewhere within that statistic...Less time would be better, but hey we'll be happy with whatever. We've decided that our next home will be in McKinney, TX. That is where our church is and the majority of our friends are. We've been looking for awhile and know basically the general area we want to move to. There is a home that is a great prospect and deal...we're just working out the logistics. We'll be a little further north from family, but most likely not much farther than 5 miles or so from our current home.

Jason and I are both excited about what God holds for our future as we move ONCE again, making this move # 7 for us in 8 years of marriage and move #2 for Lukey in 15 months of life. He moved out of my womb in July 04' so that counts for something right.... Brett....I know that statistically that's approximately a little less than 1 new residence every year we've been together. And.... we've been in THIS house 4 1/2 years now. So you do the math....either way it totals LOTS of packed and unpacked boxes. We're leaving it all in God's hands, it's way out of OUR control. Please pray our house sells quickly and that just the right buyer comes along. Too tired to blog anymore tonight. Headed to bed now! Nightie night everyone.

Monday, October 10, 2005

St. Jude's Craft Fair-November 4-5

Yippee.....I've been asked to be in this year's 2005 St. Jude's Craft Fair. It is November 4-5. I'm really excited as I've only attended in the past and not been a vendor. I'm going to sell handcrafted purses designed by none other than your's! I have lots of work to do between now and then. Each design is one-of-a-kind, birthed from my imagination, creativity and sometime sleep deprivation.

I hope that everyone reading my blog will come and support the cause. It's a really fun craft fair. There will be 65 vendors this year and a wide range of decorative items for sale. For those of you who don't know St. Jude's Catholic Church is off Greenville Avenue between Stacy Rd. and Exchange Pkwy. in Allen. The fair runs from 9-5 on Friday and 9-3 on Sat. I guarantee if you come you won't leave empty-handed.

Just wanted to share this with everyone, as it's a great venue to get the word out about my business Faith Creations, LLC. Thanks to all of my friends who are helping me get the word out and who are cutting fabric in the Rice "Sweat Shop" (only kidding...I'll leave that to Kathie Lee). Also, I want to share with you about another exciting event upcoming in the month of December. It's a party that's being hosted on my behalf by 3 friends of mine. I've got GREAT FRIENDS!!! It's Dec 2 and we're calling it the "Junk In The Trunk" Purse Party. If you see the purses you'll know why. They're all made from recycled denim jeans. I was going to go with "Bootie Bags", but that name is already trademarked. I don't need any trademark infringement lawsuits on my hands. So, since booties go in jeans and the vernacular "Junk In The Trunk" is often used to refer to booties, it was appropriate. So, stay tuned more information is forthcoming. P.S. H1, I will still make it to Hud-man's bday party.

New every morning...great is HIS faithfulness!

Lamentations 3:22-24
Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.
They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, "The LORD is my portion; therefore I will wait for him."

God showed himself to me this morning in this sunrise. He reminded me of this verse above and how much every day is a new clean slate. We don't have to lament over days past and we can optimistically look towards the future because God is FAITHFUL! He is our provider and our keeper. He extends grace when we do not deserve it and he loves us unconditionally. I am thankful for that and for all that he's blessed me with.

Jesus, thank you for revealing yourself to me today in the beauty of this sunrise. You are everywhere, we just have to stop and take a look around. I love you and ask that you bless my day and make it fruitful. May all the glory go to you, for you alone deserve it. Amen!

Friday, October 07, 2005

She'll kill me....but oh well!

Can I tell you what a great friend H1 is. Only a friend as sweet as her would put up with me and all my whining, and crazy antics. This picture was taken this summer in Turtle Creek. She was being silly, so don't think she's really cross-eyed. And YES she's absolutely going to kill me for posting this picture on my blog, but I told her I would get her back for the email she sabotaged me with earlier in the week. And I keep my promises (don't I Heather-wink!)

To redeem myself for posting this picture I must be serious now. I really love my best friend Heather. Not only is she the most real person I've ever met, she's got the coolest name. What a great example of patience to me. She's rock solid in her faith, always has time for you even if she's got a million things going and is non-judgmental and accepting of everyone. She's been through a very rough last year with her father recently passing away and moving her parents to McKinney prior to his death...She's definitely had her hands full. She never complains about her circumstances. I'm so thankful that God brought her into my life. I've found such a lifelong friend in her. Plus, our kiddos are only a week a part and they get along great. Today she and I were able to go garage sale-ing in McKinney. She's such a trooper trekking both kids uphill in the stroller. I love people who are flexible and spontaneous and both of those qualities describe H1. I'm so blessed to have such a great core group of girlfriends. Anyway....just thought I'd write a little tribute to my bestest bud. Love ya girl.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Pumpkin, Drummer Boy, Little Red Riding Hood...

Ah....the many faces of Luke Elijah Rice. Here are just a few. Last night after I changed his diaper he decided he was boycotting clothes, hence all these sans clothing shots. He did allow me to put one of daddy's neckties on him. Uncle Mike, he's turning out to be quite the drummer. You might have some competition in a few years. Also, I thought he was so cute looking at his little Halloween candy pumpkin. He couldn't quite grasp the concept of holding it by the black handle. He kept dragging it along by the orange part. We've got some work to do prior to Oct 31st. We can't have him spilling the precious candy cargo. Also, I was being silly while sorting out scarves, ties and belts for my new Faith Creations bags and I put one of the scarves on his head. He looked like little red riding hood. And of course he HAD to have his "Uncle Mike" phone in hand just in case someone was calling to inform him of when he could expect the big bad wolf to arrive. He's so much fun. He's cutting 4 teeth right now and I believe that will make a total of 15 or 16 that he'll have. He's quite adept at gnawing on chickie nuggets, quesadillas and the infamous morning "A-Nana" (banana). So, as you can see we have lots of fun playing. Luke is such a blessing and we love him to pieces. Hope ya'll all have a great day.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"Surrounded by Love" basket....

I have to share what a exciting time the girls and I had presenting Heather with a "surrounded by love" basket. The idea was birthed by Jen S. and it blossomed into an awesome love basket. The concept was that we would fill a large basket for Heather of items that meant something to us and would mean something to her. When she was feeling lonely or sad or reflective thinking of her dad's passing she could grab something from the basket we made and remember how loved she is by all her friends. Well....guys the basket was a whopping success. We all gathered for coffee Jen, LaNae, Karen, Dani, Heather and Me. We waited about an hour before presenting the basket to her. She was dumbfounded. I wish I'd had my camera. The look on her face upon presentation was priceless. She said that she kept thinking, "Who's birthday is it?" and "What's this for?". That's what she kept saying, "What's this for?" It was too funny. She went through all the items while we watched. It was a moment not soon to be forgotten. There were so many lovely items: candles, encouraging books, chocolate, flower pots etc....It was simply the best experience for us as the givers. It felt like Christmas in October. The anticipation was killing me and I did really good at keeping it all a secret from her. She was totally and I mean TOTALLY flabberghasted. Heather is such a special part of my life. She's my best friend. I can tell her anything. She's such a strong person with a loving heart and spirit that is contagious. She's always got a kind word to say to everyone she meets. She would say that her dad was her mentor in how to be a Godly person. I would have to say she's passing on his legacy. I'll wrap up now and say first of all that Jen should go into business with her "surrounded with love" basket idea because I think that she'd have a great thing going. She's very creative. Second, I want to say how blessed I am to have such a great core of girlfriends. We've decided on another movie night next Tues. so if any of you are reading and want to come it's a come one, come all, bring more friends. It'll be late night showing...stay tuned for times. But we're going to see the new Cameron Diaz chick flick that comes out on Fri. It'll probably start around 10pm. That's how it's been in the past. So tuck the kiddies in and come for a fun night out on the town with us. The more the merrier.....More details to come.

Monday, October 03, 2005

"A-Nana's and milk"......

No new pic's to post today. Nothing really exciting to blog, but I've been getting flack from a certain few people about not blogging every day (you know who you are) So, here's the day's recap. Got up, checked some emails, got Luke up and gave him some apple juice, Got in the car and ran to Walmart to get some "A-Nana's" for him to eat breakfast. Ran to the post office to ship some ebay stuff. Came home, ate A-Nana's and milk and played a little football in the living room for awhile. Then it was time for lunch so we ate some lunch ravioli's, cheese stix, milk. Time for a nap (just Luke). Got up, played some more. Mommy watched Oprah. Luke drug his lawn mower around the living room and got into drawers in the kitchen he wasn't suppose to. Then when daddy came home we grabbed a bite to eat and went by Nana and Poppa's house to visit them for a little while. There we ran into Uncle, Auntie and Beau Bo. I had fun running around in Poppa's front yard, riding my little John Deere gator and chasing Abby around the yard. Then I came home and mommy and daddy put me to bed for the night. Now it's time for mommy and daddy to retire and get some shut eye. Will write again tomorrow, ok people!

I almost forgot. Last night Jason and I went to Charles' memorial in Denison. What a fitting tribute to a wonderful, Godly man. It was held at a Bed and Breakfast, it was a celebration of his life, there was no mourning. We were happy that Charles finally had his angel wings. He was cremated and they had a beautiful wooden urn with his cremains. It was low key, simple and beautiful. Lots of people turned out to pay their respects. He would have been so proud. Funny, how shortly before he died he told Heather he didn't even want a memorial because he didn't think anyone would come. Boy was he wrong. Easily 100+ people showed up. Charles, we'll miss you but we know that you're in a better place. Thank you for teaching us what true faith is all about. I ran across this verse today that I feel is fitting for Charles. It is: When darkness overtakes the godly, light will come bursting in. They are generous, compassionate, and righteous. Such people will not be overcome by evil circumstances. Those who are righteous will be long remembered. They do not fear bad news; they confidently trust the Lord to care for them. They are confident and fearless and can face their foes triumphantly. Psalms 112: 4, 6-8 NLT

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Kermit and friends.... you can see I had lots of fun riding with Kermit and friends at the Outlet Mall. I was very determined to turn that steering wheel as you can see from the picture. I rode in kermit's plane and his car. I'm a pretty good aviator and race car driver. Kermit is a pretty good navigator in the passengers seat, except he spent most of his time waving at people instead of map reading. Oh well...we made it to our destination. Which ironically was the same place that we took off from...imagine that! Mommy hasn't blogged too much in the past fews days. She's been a busy bee working on Faith Creations "stuff". But....I'm doing good and we're all one big happy family. Mommy promised to do better at blogging this week. Later ya'll. Oh, I almost forgot this significant event that happened today. Mommy let me eat my Wendy's frosty all by myself with my spoon. Not too much of it made it into my mouth, but it's a start.