Monday, December 31, 2007

New round of prayer requests

New Year= New Prayer Requests=New Praises
(some ongoing, some new)
  • NEW My friend Stacey's sister, Misty was in a glider plane crash on Christmas Eve in Arkansas. She is lucky to be alive. She underwent back and spinal cord surgery Friday. Intensive rehab to begin this week. If you could pray for healing and strength. Also, for Stacey who will be taking care of her.
  • NEW My niece Emery Kate has been really sick with a double ear infection. Please pray for her healing and also for my sister to have strength to take care of her as necessary. It's never fun to watch your child struggle.
  • Ongoing Please pray for my dear friend Carol Ann, who is valiantly battling lung cancer. Pray for healing for her body and that she will be able to be part of a new upcoming research study.
  • NEW My 8 yr old friend Brenton has had a 'dramatic' response to chemotherapy. The tumor has shrunk from a large canteloupe size all the way down to an orange size. The lymph nodes in his abdomen and chest that were swollen are no longer swollen. The spots in his lungs are almost all the way gone.
    Since the lung spots are not completely gone, Brenton will have to have radiation. They go first thing on Monday morning (12-31) to meet the doctor and find out more. He will study the CT scans and prepare a plan. They go back to Children's on Wednesday (1-2) for all of the pre-op business. Thursday (1-3) he will have surgery to remove the tumor. The same doctor who installed the port and did the biopsy will be performing the surgery. Brenton has responded VERY well to his chemo treatments. The last CT scan revealed no tumors in his lungs or lymph nodes. Thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers.
  • Ongoing My mother-in-law, Carolyn has responded tremendously well to her chemo treatments for colon cancer. God has graciously allowed her to have NO SIDE EFFECTS WHATSOEVER! Praise God. More treatments begin Jan 14, 2008.

Ongoing 4 yr old Julian is still battling brain cancer. Please pray for his healing and strength and for his mother Mimi who is caring for him.

If I have missed some the Lord knows what they are. These are the one's that come to my mind at this time. Please pray with me for these above requests and Praise the Lord for answered prayers. Thanks. Heather

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Career in grocery management???

Watch out Tom Thumb. It looks like my little munchkin will not be getting his PhD. in "grocery management" ANY time soon.

Let me set the scene: SuperTarget parking lot. $148 worth of groceries for mommy to load in the trunk after 2 hour shopping trip. Luke sits holding his Mickey Mouse ricotta-filled ravioli box. I'm leaning down to grab the Dasani 24 pk of H2O. I look up just in time to watch Luke hurl the gently packed grocery bag of a dozen eggs to the ground. It was one of those "Ohhhhh Lukkkkkkkke" moments. Immediately, I realized he didn't know any better and was trying to help out as much as his little 3 yr old mind could comprehend. I told him that he broke all the eggs and that now we had to throw them in the trash. It was one gigantic omelette in the parking lot of Target. All the way home Luke said, "I sorry Mommy, I bwoke de eggs, now we have frow dem in de trash". I said, "That's ok, that's how you learn!". He said, "Yeah, dey're dirty now, we frow in trash".... Whad'ya do!!!

On another note, I found a really cool website that donates 10 grains of rice through the World Hunger Organization for every vocabulary word you get right. Click on it and see what I'm talking about. It's pretty addictive for "wordie's" like me. I spent an hour challenging myself. Tim, I think you might really like this site. See if ya'll can beat my level 38 vocabulary. I've donated 16, 730 grains of rice so far. (I found out about this site from my friend Sweet, Southern, Spirited) Plus, with RICE in the name who could go wrong, right???


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Muy Fabulosa Christmas...

Our family had a great Christmas this year. It was especially exciting to watch Luke open all his presents. Santa brought him a Spiderman scooter. He calls it his "motorcycle"...He also got a Lightning McQueen tent, sleeping bag and flashlight, an art easel with chalk and magnetic letters, clothes, dinosaurs, books, puzzles, lots of coloring books, a few dvd's and the big present from mommy and daddy a VTech art studio. He's quite the artist these days so with this he can play games, create and save artwork....all on his little t.v. We hope you all had a great day with family and friends. We missed our family that was far away, but know that they were having a great time where they were too. Most of all I personally am glad to be out of the hospital this year and able to be with my family this holiday season. We're SO blessed! So much to be thankful for. Heather

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas vernacular....

Today, while out Luke, saw some Christmas lights hanging in a store window. They were snowball lights. He said, "Look Mommy, snowman BALLS"....It was too funny.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let's band together to help this family out.

Hello friends, it's me again "Miss Here To Help Out Those In Need" with some sad news to pass along. My very good friend's, Karl and Cami lost Karl's mother yesterday. She had a stroke & aneryism and died in her sleep. She was 56. She struggled many years with depression and high blood pressure. Karl lost his father in 1999. Neither parent had life insurance. Karl and Cami are now having to scrape together the fundage to bury his mother. The decision has been made to cremate her and have her ashes buried WITH her husband, Karl's dad. There was a plot NEXT to Karl's dad, but his mother let the payments lapse and so the plot was sold to someone else.

As it is for most of us this time of year, money is tight. I know it is for Karl and Cami and paying for a funeral was surely not in the budget (are they ever?). Additionally, I will have you know that Karl has been raising his nephew, Jon Mark who is a freshman in highschool, since he was 6. Jon Mark's mother evidently was unable to care for him early on and Jon Mark was raised by Karl's dad, until his death in 1999. It's never easy to lose a parent I speak from experience losing my dad in 1997 (he was 56 too). Not only is Karl left to pay (once again) for a parent's funeral but has now lost both of his parents. He's only 34. Karl and Cami are the sweetest people you would ever meet. They helped us out a ton last year with childcare, meals, etc. when I was hospitalized for 2 months. Cami is 3 mo. pregnant with their second child. Their 4 yr. old son Matthew, is one of Luke's best buddies.

Karl and Cami do NOT know that I'm doing this, but I would like to appeal to my many blogger reader's to help. If you feel led to contribute to help Karl pay for his mother's funeral please drop me an email at I will give you MY address and you can send a check to me, paid to the order of Karl Frasier. I will collect all funds that arrive by mail, add them to my contribution and give them to Karl, Cami, Jon Mark, Matthew and Baby Frasier to put towards funeral expenses. I am confident that if we all band together we can truly help this family out. Any contribution, small or large will be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help. In the spirit of the season, may God bless you richly for your generosity. Can't contribute financially??? That's ok, PLEASE PRAY for them!!!


Nothing but great news to report...

First and foremost, I want to thank Jesus for the good report Carolyn got from her oncologist yest. After 3 days of chemo this week her blood counts are PERFECT! Praise the Lord.

Yesterday, on the way home from Luke's school we stopped by Chickfila to get an ice cream cone. Kind of our little tradition on Mon/Wed's. We ordered, drove up to pay and I was pleasantly surprised by this: "Ma'am the lady in front of you paid for your order". I was dumbfounded, speechless actually. My exact words: "Are you kidding me?". They said no ma'am she actually paid for everyone in the line currently. There were 8 people behind me. What beautiful example of paying it fwd.

I was so challenged by her random act of kindness, that I gave the $1.82 that I would have paid anyway and said, "Tack that money on to her's and help more people out". They smiled and said sure. Spreading the Christmas cheer. Now, if someone would just do that in July when it's 105F here and I'm scrapping pennies and nickels from my change jar for our treats. Wink.

That's about it for us. Just anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus. Luke is getting so excited.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All Christmas shopping finally done...and mailed!

Yippeee, hallelujah, jeepers, yahoo, hip, hip, hooray!

All my Christmas shopping is done. Today we braved some really scary stores out there. The "week before Christmas bunch" is finally in full swing. Snatching up the last bit of bargains before they're gone. May I say that I in no way envy those of you who have waited until the last minute to get your shopping done. May I brag that none of our Christmas shopping was charged. All was purchased on a cash only basis. We won't be reeling from the effects of any overspending for the next year like many out there.

Luke was able to ring the Salvation Army bell TWICE today because he gave twice. Once...2 pennies and a dime and once a quarter and 2 pennies. At least he's learning to help those in need. I explained to him that when we put money in the bucket it helps others who have less than we do. I also told him that Jesus wants us to help and love other's. His response, "YEAH".

I'm going to raise a little charitable contributor if it's the last thing on earth I do. It's very important to give back to others, even if it's in small ways. It's the thought that counts. I want that to be part of Luke's thinking as a child and eventually as an adult. There are so many blessings that we've been given. Why not give back to those less fortunate. It makes my heart happy.

I almost forgot to tell you all about the tragic accident that occurred in our family yesterday. Luke had made a gingerbread house out of graham crackers and icing at school yest. The base of the house was built on a styrofoam plate. Mommy set the house on the stove burner when we got home (THE BURNER WAS OFF, don't worry). Later that evening I asked Jason to heat up the oven so I could cook our pizza for dinner. You guessed it. The heat that arose from the oven heating demolished the gingerbread house. It self-imploded so I promised Luke we'd make another one. Gingerbread house #3 of the season, this will be. Oh was beautiful while it lasted. Kind of like Frosty the Snowman before he had his "melt-down".

I'm happy to report another successful day of chemo for my mother in law. No side effects whatsoever. Thank you Jesus for blessing Carolyn. Please keep praying.

Well...I'm off to surf the net.


Monday, December 17, 2007

Conversations with a stocking...

Today was Luke's class' "Happy Birthday Jesus" party. He had so much fun making glitter angel ornaments and a graham cracker gingerbread house. Then they got to act out the nativity scene (Luke was a cow). He kept mooing as the teacher read the story. Then he got to sing happy birthday to Jesus and got to eat yummy cupcakes. The parties finale was topped off with gifts from his teacher. He got a snow globe, a snow man ornament and a stocking with his name in glitter.

When we got home it was nap time (for both of us). I told him he had to lay his stocking down for it's nap too. So, he set up a special pillow for his stocking to lay on. He put the covers up over it and said, "Now, you close your eye's, you hear me". Then he layed down. A few seconds later his head popped up and he said, "Mommy, stocking doesn't have any eyes". I laughed so hard.

Just like last week when the gingerbread man didn't have any whips (lips) and Luke told me we needed to go to the Lip Store to get him some. I'm sure we're going to have to head to the Eye Store to get stocking some eyes so he can close them during his nap.

In other news, my mother in law successfully completed her first chemo treatment with ZERO side effects. Thank you for all of your prayers. Please keep them coming. I sat with her while she rec'd chemo this morning and she was in great spirits. We met many kind people who were also receiving their chemo. The head nurse, Zelda called it the "Monday Group". They were all a hoot. In fact, they all kept telling each other how "great" they were. It they can be great in the midst of those circumstances, I can surely be great in mine. I'm so thankful to get to spend Christmas season with my family this year. That's the greatest gift of all for me. Carolyn, has chemo every day this week and then a 2 wk. break. If you could continue to pray that the chemo goes only to the bad cancer cells and steers clear of the good one's. Thank you Jesus for holding Carolyn in Your strong hands today while she underwent her treatment. We give Glory to YOUR name for your faithfulness to her.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fabulous CHRISTMAS Party....not a "HOLIDAY" party..

Allie (has lost 143 lbs.) & Me
Allie, Tree & Me
Jason and Me
Dr. Kuhn & Me
Hubby & I (I've lost 85)
Dr. Kuhn & Laura (She's lost 95 lbs.)

Saturday evening my weight loss surgeon, Dr. Joseph Kuhn, hosted a Christmas Party in honor of all of his bariatric surgery patients. It was held at the Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas, TX.

There was food, wine, fun & friendship. I met many people who could totally relate to my surgical experience. It was a great time had by all. Everyone looked so festive. My girlfriend Allie and I were laughing on the way there about how it seems that at Christmas parties usually there's always ONE person who totally overdresses for the occasion. I said to her, "Guaranteed we'll see someone decked out in sequins". She said, "I'm betting on lots of velvet". Not 10 minutes into it we were BOTH right. Too funny huh!

The invitations clearly stated: "BUSINESS CASUAL holiday attire". I don't know how these people dress at work on business casual day. But... I can tell you when I was working in Corporate America, that meant starched khaki's and a button down. Anywho...I digress!

My suggestion to Dr. Kuhn is that we have a karaoke party next year. He said, "that's a fantastic idea--there WILL be a karaoke party". As the annual WLS Christmas Party tradition has begun with this year's 1st Annual Weight Loss Surgery Christmas party. It was fun. Here are the pic's.

P.S. I failed you guys on the sugar fast. I only made it 3 1/2 days. The Gingerbread cookie's kept calling me. THERE WERE MORE OF THEM THAN ME. I succumbed to peer pressure. What does this mean??? I am still TOTALLY committed to praying for all of my friends battling cancer. Please don't think that my failure at reaching my goal of "sugar free thru year end" diminishes my responsibility to pray for my friends. If anything, my success at 3 1/2 day sugar fast really reitterated to me how important my prayers are for my friends. As I battled non-sugar thoughts quite often and am praying quite often. We did raise $35 for Brenton with the Ebay sale of the pink leopard boots and my friend Michelle raised almost $2000 for Julian. Please keep your prayers coming, whether your fasts are successful or not. Thanks.

Friday, December 14, 2007

I LOVE my little Guitar Heroes...

Daddy on the electric guitar, Lukey on the 'Wiggles' guitar...

Christmas came early this year for Daddy, in the form of an X-Box 360 and Guitar Hero game. Just thought I'd let you see what developed in my living room tonight.



P.S. Day #3--Still not eaten any sugary treats!