Thursday, July 27, 2006

He's warming up to it....

The day is coming when he'll actually push down on the gas pedal...for now he's warming up to his birthday "Poppa Car"....Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gung-o night night....Cookie slippers...No Potty for 6 mos...

How cute is my boy???

Well...I'll tell ya. This afternoon after his nap I heard him in his room talking. So, I listened at the door and then walked in. He didn't hear me open the door so I watched him for a second. He was talking to his stuffed animals in bed with him. He noticed me and started to smile. I said, "Did you have a good nappie?" He smiled and said, "Gungo Night Night" (Gungo is Elmo). I looked over the side of his bed and this is what I saw. Elmo, Kalepo the monkey, Cookie Monster all face down going "night night" with a blanket covering them. Is that not the most precious site. I took the picture to capture the moment. I wish I could have bottled it up and kept that very moment forever. The innocence of a child, what a blessing.

How do ya'll like Luke's new cookie monster slippers? They're my Thurs. bargain at the thrift store. .75 cents for those hot little numbers and they are exactly his size. Can you say, "Meant to be?" For those of you asking about how potty training is going well....let's just say no more potty training until Luke hits around 2 1/2. I just don't think he's ready yet. You ask why....well 5 pee pee'd in big boy undies and one "poop ball" undies in 1 hour and I said no thanks, don't think you're ready yet. Every time he would say, "Uh Oh tee tee" AFTER he already went. At 2 1/2 I'm going to try Sharon's idea of every 30 minutes putting him on the potty. For now we'll just talk about the potty and ready his mind. That's all the excitement I can handle for one day. Later taters.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Potty Training Update...

It went good today. We started out this morning taking him out of his night time diaper and putting him in his Elmo undies. I told him that if he needs to go tee tee to tell mommy and we'd go sit on the potty. I kept watching him to make sure he wasn't going in his undies. A little while later he had a funny little look on his face as he stood on the fireplace hearth. I looked down and he was standing in a puddle. I said, "Uh oh, we tee teed in our big boy pants, let's go in to the Elmo potty". We did the whole routine of sitting on the pot and of course by then he was already finished. He did like flushing the toilet 5 times though. On with the new undies and he threw the dirty one's in the laundry. I repeated myself again, "If you need to go tee tee tell mommy and we'll go to the potty". A little later he was sitting at the breakfast nook and he said, "Uh oh, tee tee". It was running down the wall and into a puddle onto the floor. Back to the potty again and the whole routine....undies in laundry...fresh pair on...."if you need to go tee tee tell mommy..." Then it was naptime. He tee teed while sleeping....we changed when he got up. Lunch time comes and as he was sitting in his highchair eating lunch I noticed the puddle just as he said, "Uh oh, tee tee". Around 7pm I put him in a diaper after his bath...We'll try again tomorrow. I thought that was pretty good for day 1 of potty training, he is recognizing when he's wet. If anyone has any other hints to successful training I'm open to suggestions. Thanks for listening to our potty stories....hopefully one day he'll be a flushing success....pun intended! That's it for tonight.

Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm 2...Big Boy Undies...Party Pic's...Cookie Monster

Well another bday has come and gone. The boy is now 2. He had a great family bday party. This years theme: Cookie Monster. As you can tell from the pic's he had a great time. Unfortunately, I have no pic's of Nana and Poppa. Maybe the one's Poppa is sending mommy will have some on there. Now that Luke's 2 it's officially potty training time. He got a new potty from GranDee and we started using it tonight along with wearing big boy undies. 3 pair in a matter of 1 hour. Mommies goal is to potty train Lukey in a week. We'll see. I've had friends that have done it in that time frame. No pressure! I'm on HIS potty traumatization if he's not ready. Check out my pic's that mommy took over the weekend. My Aunt Brooke and Uncle Michael flew in for my party. It was so great to see them. Did you know Aunt Brooke has a baby in her belly. She told me that my cousin is going to be discovering America around Christmas time. What a great present that will be. I had a blast at my party and got lots of great gifts. Thank you to all who gave me gifts. They are very appreciated. Love you all. Enjoy the pic's.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Birthday Blog...TV Star....The Big 2

Happy 2nd Birthday Lukey!!! He was a t.v. star this morning on Channel 11. boy is two. I can hardly believe it. He was awoken this morning with the 3 man band of Mommy on the Sesame Street guitar, Aunt Brooke and his new birthday Wiggles guitar, and uncle Mike on drums. Mike was also the official birthday photographer. More pic's to come after the official family Cookie Monster birthday party.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Laundry Reader....Please Vote....

So, he wasn't quite helping us fold the laundry but he did have a fun time playing in it and wearing it. I just love his little smile. It's so precious. He loves flashing his pearly whites.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


I can't wait to see my aunt Brooke and uncle Mike on Wed. I'm getting my "teef" all shined up pearly white. I might even don my cowboy hat for a photo session. See ya soon.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Why children should not be left alone...

Ok....this was too funny for me not to post it. My friend sent me this email today titled: "Why children should not be left alone!".

I don't think it's anyone she knows or anything just a random email that's getting passed around.

I laughed so hard at this. It's so typical of boys. I'm sure this little guy thought these panty liners were "STICKERS"....

Hopefully he didn't walk out and show mommy and daddy during a dinner party.

Look how innocent he he was so proud of his "artwork".

Too funny huh!!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Speaking of cowboys....

I have to brag on my best friend Heather for a minute. She designed, drew and painted this Woody (from Toy Story) mural on her son Hudson's room. She is SO very talented. You ask her to draw anything and she can do it. You should see the posters she designed for our VBS craft room. Nothing short of exquisite.

Now, because Heather is a very humble person and would never brag on herself, I am going to do it!

She did an awesome job and God has blessed her with a creative talent. I told her that I think she could definitely have a lucrative side business if she wanted to. Also, this might be an area where God can use her to serve others.

Hat's off to you Miss. Creativity. you really did a great job and I know Hud's going to love it. much do you charge an hour? (wink)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Momma's don't let your babies grow up to be Cowboys...

Willie Nelson said it best, "Momma's don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys...". Luke's warming up to the hat!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pony Party......Pigs=Disgusting...Tire horse swing

Make sure you double click the group photo so you can really see Luke's face good. Priceless!

Today we went to Luke's friend Greyson's 3rd birthday party. He had a pony party at the Frisco Pony Park. Let me say it was fun, but sweating in 90 degree heat while 2 & 3 year olds try to bust open a pinata is a beating.

Luke cryed most of the time because he didn't want to wear the cowboy hat and bandana that Greyson gave everyone as party favors, he was scared of the pony and screamed when we tried to put him on it (think Santa Claus and Easter Bunny screams). Then in the petting zoo he cried because the goat kept trying to eat his shorts. When we finally went inside for hotdogs he cried because he wanted to go back "Coutside" (outside). He was suffering from a serious heat rash. Red splotches all over his cheeks, arms, legs....
Jason and I had to keep chasing him around because he wouldn't listen to ANYTHING we told him. The only time he acted like he was remotely having a good time was when we just let him roam around on his own and when he rode the tire horse swing. The rest of the kids are playing together in the play/dining room and Luke is in the corner messing with the microwave buttons. I usually never complain about my son, but today he really was a handful. Welcome terrible 2's. Now go away.

Now, for my next rant. Did you know pigs eat mud. I'm never eating another strip of bacon or ham. Those animals are DISGUSTING!!!! With a capital D. Later taters.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Reading w/Daddy...Chapstick Appetizer...VBS Crafts

It's been a couple days since my last blog...We did get some cute car name nominees. Hatch is the winner.

Here's a picture of my boys reading the "Poppa Car" John Deere book tonight. They looked so cute. I said, "Show me your teeth" and they both did.

Funny story---Yest. I was busy listing some stuff on ebay and turned around and Luke was having my favorite Spearmint chapstick as an appetizer. He had it all over his mouth, shirt and had the cap chewed up. He did have some fresh breath though.

Below you will see all of the art projects that Luke did last week in Vacation Bible School. He made a pinto bean maraca, a happy face plate, colored some pictures and made some hands on a popsicle stick to show that Jesus is our Savior (symbolizing the palms of his hands where they nailed him to the cross) He had a great time. It was structered and was great for a 2 year old's short attn. span.

Today, GranDee called and was having a rough day. We prayed for her and hope she's doing better. Also, Nana was sick with a "bug". We prayed for her too. Hopefully she's getting better too.

It's only 13 days until my Aunt Brooke and Uncle Mike come to visit for my birthday.

I almost forgot Luke and I went to see Aunt Charlotte today. She couldn't believe how big he'd gotten. She hadn't seen him since he was about 6 mos. old. What a surprise.

I have to share my awesome bargain I got today as I went thrifting. The McKinney Thrift store that benefits the Samaratan Inn had a sale. All you can get in a store issued bag for $5. I ended up packing them military style (in rolls) and got 38 pieces in 2 bags including a Brighton wallet and several Gap, Nautica, Hilfiger and other name brand clothing items. I'm listing them on Ebay. So, for $10 bucks I got lots of clothes. Making them approx. 26 cents a piece. Cool deal huh!~

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Pimp My Ride..... more $600 a month gasoline bills. Jason decided to trade in his Ford Truck for this trendy little 2004 Ford Focus. It's the same color as my Expedition. The best gets over 30+ miles per gallon. It's pretty fun to drive too. I was buzzing around town in it on Sat. It's a hatchback with good trunk space and even has a 6 disc cd changer that also plays mp3's. Cool huh! Since he only needs an A to B car as he calls it this will meet our needs much better and cheaper than that darn truck did. We can't wait to see how much less our gasoline bill is next month.

So, for the contest. We thought it would be fun to name our new car. We've decided to turn it over to our blog readers to decide. Please submit your car names on this blog. We'll pick the best one and that'll be her name. Nothing profane please.

We're getting excited over here because it's only 16 days before Aunt Brooke and Uncle Michael come to visit. Luke is working on saying both of their names.....Can't promise you anything sis but we're trying.

Well.....that's it for us. Everyone have a safe July 4th.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sweetie....Welcome back Kotter...Friends...

Ok, today was our friend Jen's 28th birthday so we had her family over for dinner tonight. Her hubby let me brush his naturally curly hair....Something he never does...How do you like his Welcome Back Kotter "do". We got a big kick outta it. He also resembles Kramer from Seinfeld with his curly locks brushed out. Here's the whole family. Such a cute little clan. His kids Jade and Jasmine are just precious. We are so lucky to be blessed with great neighbors.
Looks like it might rain tonight.....PLEASE LORD! Storms look like their popping up around us on the doppler radar. We need it bad too!

Well off to fold some clothes. We've got like 5 loads of clean clothes laying on our bed just waiting to be folded.

I hate to fold clothes......

Fantasia Lusty Tower is mine

JUST FOR FUN, figure out your new stage name.....

1. Use the third letter of your first name to determine your new first name: a = Fantasia b = Chesty c = Starr d = Diamond e = Montana f = Angel g = Sugar h = Mimi i = Lola j =Kitty k = Roxie l = Dallas m = Princess n = Heidi o = Bambi p = Bunny q = Brandy r = Sugar s = Candy t = Raquelle u = Sapphire v = Cinnamon w = Blaze x = Trixie y = Isis z = Jade

2. Use the second letter of your last name to determine the first half of your new last name: a = Leather b = Dream c = Sunny d = Deep e = Heaven f = Tight g = Shimmer h = Velvet i = Lusty j = Harley k = Passion l = Dazzle m = Dixon n = Spank o = Glitter p = Razor q = Meadow r = Glitz s = Sparkle t = Sweet u = Silver v = Tickle w = Cherry x = Hard y = Night z = Amber

3. Use the third letter of your last name to determine the second half of your new last name: a = hooter b = horn c = tower d = fire e = thighs f = hips g = side h = jugs i = shock j = cocker k = brook l = tush m = sizzle n = ridge o = kiss p = bomb q = cream r = thong s = heat t = whip u = cheeks v = rock w = hiney x = button y = lick z = juice