Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Haircut...Cool Weather...Michelle Update...

Check out my new big boy haircut...I actually have sideburns like daddy.

Mommy say's I'm so handsome. The only thing I'm worried about is now I have to use one of these hair brush thingy's.

In other news....today it was so much cooler here. We actually were outside for a little while soaking up the "chilly" 75 degree weather. Wish it would stick around.

Also....today I spoke to Michelle. Good news, she's been taken from ICU to a regular room. Please continue to pray for her as she recovers. Her ribs are in excrutiating pain. Evidently they had to saw through a few to get her native kidney's out. She's in good spirit's as long as her pain medicine line is working....That's about it for now. Talk to ya later taters.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Monkey See...Monkey Do...

Ok...call me and my friend Charmaine dorks but...
I was teaching her how to list stuff on Ebay and this monkey costume of her son's is one we listed. Only after trying it on....

See and you thought she just did weather on Channel 11. Oh, the bribery I could have with this pic!!!

Later taters.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Is that rain?

Well it finally happened even if only for 10 minutes. We got rain today. First time since July 4th.

Winkerbean decided to climb up on the window sill and take a look in the back yard. We told him his car (on the patio) was getting a car wash.

It was nice to get some rain today. It cooled things off and made the temp's bareable....

These 100+ degree days

are killing us. No one wants to go anywhere but air conditioned places. Like home. It's crazy around here. Every year I think it's getting worse. It's these times that I say to myself. Why the heck do I live in Texas. It's such a beating.....

Cutie patootie doesn't understand why we can't go "out-k-eyed". (outside)

I keep saying maybe in a few weeks....so sad huh!

I'm ready for some cold weather...bring it on.

Later gators.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Michelle Update....Consignment Show Update

Well...it's been a few days so in order not be a blogger disgrace I will post a little update.

Michelle has been moved from surgical ICU to medical ICU. They took her epidural out yesterday so she was experiencing extreme pain at the sites where her kidney's were removed. They switched her to an iv (administered via chest port) of pain med's upon removal of the epidural. The port was suppose to receive Phenergan first to keep the nausea down and then the pain med's. Her port got clogged and she was unable to receive either the Phenergan or the pain med's. She was in excruciating pain until they replaced her port line and got the med's back in her. However, there is good news. Her blood pressure has been doing better than it's been in a long time. This is exactly what the Dr's. were expecting once they removed the kidney's. Please keep her in your prayers. She still has a long road ahead of her.

In consignment news....I've finished my first consignment show. I made $78. Not too bad for stuff I would have just donated to Goodwill.

Oh, I also got some cool stuff for my niece Emery Kate...(hee hee)

That's it for now. Later gators.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Update on Michelle....

As many of you have been praying for my friend Michelle I wanted to give you an update. The latest info. of sorts.....after 5 hours of surgery today they removed her native damaged kidneys and did some repair work to some internal scar tissue. All went well...she's resting peacefully in ICU at Houston Methodist hospital. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. The next 48 hours are critical. Also, keep her family in your prayers....I cannot disclose some personal info. to you but suffice it to say they need LOTS of prayer. Thank you for those who've been praying diligently for her.

Keep em' coming!


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Million Dollar Smile!!!!

Do I have the cutest kid in the whole wide world or what? I just had to post this picture. "Aunt" Heather took it today as he was dancing to "I've got the Joy, Joy, Joy down in my heart".

The boy's got rhythm. He was dancing with Shep and Hud.

They were the Jackson 3....

Today is my 34th birthday and I cannot believe it. I feel like I'm still 16. Well, without the mother to yell at me to clean up my room and I didn't have to go take my driver's test today.

I love my life and all who are in it. God has richly blessed me. Thank you Lord.

Happy Birthday to me!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Houston...we have a problem!

As many of you know, I left for Houston yest. to accompany my friend to her surgery this morning. We got there at 7am this morning, surgery scheduled for 9am. They admitted her to the surgery prep room and began the iv's and bloodwork. Shortly, after 8am. the surgeon visited us with the news. We are cancelling the surgery today. We were absolutely in awe and Michelle was devastated as this is the 2nd cancellation of this surgery to remove her kidneys which are not working. Dr's think they are becoming toxic to her body. She cryed, I prayed and we both discussed the verse Jeremiah 29:11 about how the Lord has plans to prosper her. He knows what he is doing and we both took solace in the fact that someone greater than the Dr.'s was in control. Michelle meantime is VERY ill. She would appreciate your prayers. Her blood pressure is registering off the charts. Above stroke level and sometimes her anti-seizure med's work, sometimes they don't and she succumbs to seizures because of the elevated blood pressure. She's on dialysis 3 days a week, has congestive heart failure, is diabetic, is swollen from all the fluid retention, has extreme pain in her abdomen from a tumor that is growing in her ovary. This surgery to remove the damaged kidneys is very critical to her health going forward. She needs another organ transplant, but one step at a time. If you could lift her up to the Lord whenever you think of it. She also has a prayer pager. The number is 713-317-8929. Just call the number and it'll beep telling her that you are lifting her up in prayer. They've re-admitted her to the hospital tonight and the surgery is going to now be 10am. Wed. They will be monitoring her progress until then. Thank you for all your prayers. Our God is the GREAT PHYSICIAN. Pray for her healing with me. Meanwhile, I'm back in Dallas. Came back this afternoon. A special thank you to Nana for watching Luke all day for us today. We truly appreciate your help.


Thursday, August 17, 2006


Happy Birthday Sissy!!!

Actually it's tomorrow the 18th...but I got a little over-anxious. We wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, EARLY. (So we could be the first! Wink.)

This next year holds so much excitement for you with the birth of Emery Kate and all that becoming a parent brings. Turning 31 was a good year for me too, as I had Luke when I was 31.

I love you SO much and can remember the day you were born 31 years ago. Where does the time go? You always were and will be my little sister that I watch out for. I'm so proud of your accomplishments in life and that God has provided you with so many blessings. I'm thankful that HE brought you such a wonderful husband to grow old with. I know you both are going to make great parents. We love you so much. Jason would have been in the picture too, but someone had to take it.

Happy Birthday to the best sissy in the entire world! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Wiggle Trance........

Daddy sat and watched my new Wiggle's DVD with me tonight. You could say we were in a Wiggle's trance.

I just love watching the Wiggles.

I like to dance to their songs and do their hand motions.

Mommy and Daddy say I look so cute when I dance my Wiggle's dance.

Toot, toot chugga chugga Big red car.

We're gonna dance the whole day long.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Reading with my GranDee....

I love it when my GranDee comes to visit. She always reads books with me and plays fun games. Here's a picture of us this afternoon.

We were looking at one of my favorite Elmo books.

We also played with my Jay Jay Jet Planes.

Later taters...

Friday, August 11, 2006

Who me?

Look's so innocent...don't let it fool ya! This was right before I caught him crawling inside the stool. Then he wonders why he gets stuck. Probably because he's like 3 times bigger than the space inside the stool.

Luke's been having a really bad cough. He caught what I had last week. Daddie's cursing me too. Anyway, Luke's on antibiotics and Jason is probably right around the corner from taking them. I wonder who got us all hacking.

Not much to blog about today, just thought I'd share this quick pic. By the way...doesn't Luke look so much older with his new growing out hair cut. No, I want him to stay little forever.

Yum!! Sloppy Joe's....

Or should I say sloppy Luke. My boy sure enjoyed his sloppy joe's and ranch style bean's tonight.

The boy could live on "bee's" as he calls them.

Love that boy.

Later taters.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

To infinity and beyond....

Well...not too much to blog about. Everything in Rice-a-roni-ville is just grand. We're blessed with every new day and love being able to spend it as a family.

God is so good to us. We've got such a great son who we love dearly. He's the light of our lives. He's really growing up. As you can see from the pictures. We're growing his hair out so it's at that awkward in between stage. It lays flat on the top and sticks up in the back. He love's his new Buzz toy....to infinity and beyond.
He also likes sitting in fresh from the dryer clothes. Where's that wrinkle releaser when you need it. Well...that's about it for today....Oh, if you ask Luke what his telephone number is he'll say, "9-2-9". Don't know where he got that, but it's cute nevertheless. Later taters.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Can you tell me how to get....to Sesame St?

Well...as you can tell we enjoyed pudding and watching Sesame Street today. He cracked me up sitting there watching t.v. When Sesame Street was over he took his blanket and put it back in his crib. He's definitely a guy who likes things in their place....sound like anyone you know??? Hmmm.......
I'm still not feeling well....running a fever coughing a lot and hoping that day 3 of antibiotics will make me feel better. That's about it for today.

Later taters,

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lots of stuff....happening...

Where do I start....Oh the big news of the day. My sister found out today that she's having a GIRL!!! I've already bought 2 girl outfits tonight for her. I'm not sure I'm suppose to say the name they like for a girl so I'll leave that for her to announce on her blog. As you can see Luke finally got on his "Poppa Car"...that's John Deere to us. He zoomed all over the neighborhood...curbs, people's yards, the mailbox. He hasn't quite mastered the steering wheel yet, only the gas pedal. I've been sick for like a week now. Finally, I broke down and paid a visit to the Dr. today. Glad I did I have a sinus infection and pressure in my ears which required 3 antibiotics to lick. As you can also see from pic's that Luke has quite a shoe fetish. The girl's dress up shoes gotta go. We bought those for our friend Jade at the thrift store today for 65 cents. Speaking of thrift store deals my deal of the day is a pair of brand new SZ 12 Ecco men's walking sandals. Never worn for $3.42. They sell new for $120+. I'm telling ya, I got this bargain shopping down. Also, something funny to tell you Luke now takes his play phone and pushes the numbers while he says, " 929, Hi Poppa". I do not know the significance of the 929 but that is what he always says now. Luke's buddy Shep turns 2 tomorrow. Yeah buddy! Happy Birthday I'll bring your gift by tomorrow. Also, I'm excited my good friend Trina who just relocated to Colorado Springs with her sweet hubby Brian has joined blogger-dom. Now we can keep up with their happenings and the new church in CO. We miss them. Also, Tammy I'm sorry we haven't connected. I love ya sister girl...we'll make it happen soon. Well...gotta run I have a fever and it's time to go dope up on all my drugs (that's antibiotics) to you and me. Later gaters. Holy Heck I almost forgot....tonight we were looking at a picture I have of Jason and Luke framed on the end table. Luke picked it up and said, "Daddy & Luke". That is the first time he's ever said HIS name. Oh the milestones....