Saturday, December 31, 2005

Should old acquaintances be forgot.....

Well...the time has come to write the last blog for this year. So much has happened. Let's recap the highlights of 2005. Luke turned 1 on July 22, Beau was born May 21, We put our house on the market, we changed TONS of diapers, went through many wipies, sippy cups and disposable bibs. Luke learned to feed himself, to walk and to say "Eye" (Hi), "Gung-oh" (Elmo), Nana (Nana & Banana), "Bop" (Poppa), Mama (ME), "Die" & "Dadada" (Jason), "Beau" (Beau Bo), "Bye" (with wave), "Eye Ya" (Hi Ya'll). He can tell you where HIS nose and belly are and where YOUR nose and belly are. He can put kleenex to his nose and partially blow, He loves french fries and anything sweet, If you say, "Give me sugars" he'll tilt his head so you can kiss HIM. He's in a size 2T at 17 mos. He weighs 26.13 lbs., he's had 4 ear infections, 1 trip to the ER, Survived a 14 hr. car trip to KY to visit Aunt Brooke and Bubby's in July, got his first rocking horse, swimming pool, cell phone. He walks around with a permanent smile on his face. He's had all of his teeth since he was a year old. He was petrified of two Santa's this year (if you got the picture you know what I'm talking about), He went to his first demolition car derby in KY, Saw his first July 4th parade in Crab Orchard KY, rec'd his first haircut in KY, took baths in the big tubby, helped daddy mow the lawn. So many more things have happened this year. Too many to mention. All of us have been so blessed to have such great friends and family. We hope that you all have a great 2006. We wish you health, happiness and many blessings. Happy New Year! As Lukey would say "Bye Bye" (with wave) 2005.

Friday, December 30, 2005

It's almost the General Lee...'s not quite the General Lee, but Beau and Luke sure rode their alternate transportation like they were on their way to see Daisy and Uncle Jesse. Here's a few pic's from today and from the past weekend of me and my cuzzin Beau Bo. Don't we make a great team???

Ya'll have a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

So many little time!

Today I wanted to pay tribute to my many little buddies. I have so many great friends to play with. It's so fun being little because when we make messes someone else always cleans us up. I want to say thank you Jesus for giving me so many great friends. Love, Lukey

P.S. I have many more friends, but some of you I just don't have any pic's of. I didn't forget about you though.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Contract Pending......

Yeah, we got a contract on our house for what we wanted. Our signatures tonight made it official. The house hunting begins. We might be building again, in McKinney or we might buy pre-owned. We've got'll all work out. Either way we have to be out by March 1.

That's our news for the day, heading to bed now.


Monday, December 26, 2005

A busy Christmas weekend....

It's been a busy weekend for us. Sat. night we did Christmas at Nana and Poppa's. We had lots of good food, gift giving, fun family fellowship. Lukey made out like a bandit receiving a radio flyer red wagon, VeggieTales movie, big stuffed monkey, etc....Then on Sun. we had Christmas with GranDee. We really missed Michael and Brooke this year. It wasn't the same without the rest of our family. Lukey again made out like a bandit....he rec'd a handmade olde' timey rocking horse complete with mop mane. He's adorable saddling up by himself and riding it. He also rec'd a train set, a beautifully crocheted blanket from GranDee that has little turtles, lions, frogs and owls on it. She did an awesome job. Many hours of love and work went into making it. He also got an Elmo book, Baby Leapfrog Tad doll, a mega block wagon, some tubbie toys, etc.......Today we went to see baby Robert McElya. He's so cute. Our house also got shown with a very good chance we'll get a contract from a family relocating from CA. Keep your fingers crossed. Lukey also road the red wagon to the park with Nana pulling it. He got to slide, swing and ride the little seahorse thingy. He really had a great weekend. Oh, I almost forgot we went Christmas light looking last night with GranDee and Granna (Jason's grandma). It was fun seeing all the pretty lights in the Deerfield subdivision in Plano. It was funny one thing Luke did this weekend. GranDee was riding in the car with us and she sneezed saying, "Ah Chew". Luke mocked her and said, "Ah Chew" as clear as she had. It was a hilarious moment for us. We also think he said Lauren (his friends name) and Longhorn (UT). He's really starting to talk a lot more. He knows how to put things back when we tell him to and he's starting to throw little tantrums when he doesn't get his way. Either way he's quite the adorable little winkerbean. We love him so much and are so blessed this holiday season to have each other. I hope you enjoy some of the pic's from this weekend. Blessings to all.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

My sweet nephew....

Can I tell ya how adorable my sweet nephew is. This is his first Christmas Eve. He had so much fun opening his presents, playing with the bows and sucking his thumb as you can see. He also got to ride in cuzzin Luke's new red wagon.

More pictures to come tomorrow once Poppa sends em' to me (hint hint).

Hope ya'll all have a very Merry Christmas. Now, go to sleep so Santa can come.

No Peeking....I love to read....

Can I just say little winkerbean has been so cute the past few days. He tugs on presents to see if he can pull of their bows and wrapping paper. He's also found that it's fun to pull tissue paper out of gift bags. He's also gotten a fetish with crawling up on the couch to "read his book". His favorite--It's not easy being big By-Big Bird. I can't wait for tomorrow morning. This little munchkin's got the most presents under the tree. Quite the little charmer he is. Tonight we do Christmas Eve with Poppa, Nana, Uncle and Auntie. Should be an adventure. Merry Christmas to all!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Please PRAY hard for Elisha!

Dear Friends: Please pray hard for my friend Mary's son, Elisha. He is VERY SICK and is probably going to be admitted again to ICU at Children's Medical Center in Dallas.

Elisha began this journey early on in life. He was diagnosed with a rare disease called: WISKOTT ALDRICH SYDROME when he was 4 months old. When he was 11 months old he had to have a bone marrow transplant. As a result of an unmatched and unrelated donor, he now has GRAFT V.HOST DISEASE. This means his new immune system rejects him. Elisha is now 5 yrs old and God continues to help him through this long battle. However, he is a VERY, VERY SICK BOY. Today his mom and Dr's. had a CARE meeting about Elisha. The doctors are not being very hopeful about Elisha's situation but they did say that they are not giving up. As you can imagine, this is VERY disturbing news! The Doctors have also said that he may need to go to the ICU again. Mary's heart is so overwhelmed with every crazy feeling you can possibly imagine! She can't imagine getting in her car and not having Elisha in it. She can't imagine being in her home with out the sound of Elisha's laughter. She can't imagine going to Wal-Mart or any place with out Elisha. She can't imagine not walking in the hallways of Children's Medical Center anymore! She can't imagine having any one holiday without Elisha. She can't imagine Elisha's many barbies without him holding them and brushing their hair. She can't imagine sleeping with out him to hold her hand as he always does. If she so much as moves her hand at night he grabs a hold of it even tighter! She can't imagine her world with out her sweet little E! SHE CAN'T IMAGINE!!! Please be in prayer for Elisha! Thank you all so much for your prayers and support! Our God is bigger than any illness. I stand in faith that God will heal Elisha. May God alone be glorified and may all who hear the story be in awe of God's work.

La La la la Rum Pa Pum Pum.....

I have no gifts to bring Ba Rum Pa Pum Pum.....on my drum!

Here's Lukey jamming out on his drum this morning. Perfect drum "stance" huh Uncle Mike?

I have to tell ya'll something funny he did this morning. I set him up in his highchair for breakfast. I gave him a slice of banana bread to eat. He put the slice up to his ear and said, "Eye!" (which is Hi). So, now we can add the banana bread hotline phone to his telephone repertoire.

He's such a cutie pie! I just love him to death. We're off to run some errands today. Still have a couple little presents to purchase for people. Later taters.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Diva's...Girl's Nite Out!

The Diva's had their monthly Girl's Nite Out last night at Bucca Di Beppo in Frisco. If you've never been there it is fabulous Italian food. Authentic and yummy! Make sure you try the Tiramisu. (wink)

We had fun, laughing and hanging out. Even the Pope was with us.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!