Saturday, January 28, 2006

Confessions of a stay-at-home mommy....

1. We move in exactly one month, I have not packed one box yet! I have so much free time you know chasing an 18 mo. old around all day.

2. There was one day this week that I never even showered. Hey...don't get all judgemental on me the Europeans do it all the time and they call it sexy. Too bad that's not what Jason called it.

3. I found a cute animal pop-up book while shopping this week. I said to Luke, "Look.. you'll like this book it has pop-up animals" (his fav kind of book) and I handed it to him. He immediately opened the book to the pig page and grabbed the snout and ripped it out of the middle of the book. I promptly closed the book, put it back on the shelf and walked away. Yes, without purchasing it.

4. One day I found myself double knotting MY shoelaces, because I'm so used to doing it for Luke.

5. I ate the cookie off of Luke's children's meal at Scotty P's.

6. I was at Marshall's this week and this lady needed to go to the restroom. Only she had a purse that she wanted to purchase. Since you can't take unpaid merchandise into the restroom I noticed she set it on a shelf prior to walking into the restroom. Some little devious part of me wanted to move the purse to another shelf so that when she came out she couldn't find it. NO, I DIDN'T DO IT. But you gotta admit it would've been funny to stand back and watch her reaction. I know there's a special place in hell for people like me.

7. I actually had to spank Luke this week for gnawing on the bottom of his tennis shoe. WHILE he was wearing it. I kept telling him, "No, No--that's icky and dirty". He found something delicious about the rubber soles, until the spanking.

8. I gave Luke pedialyte and told him it was juice. He looked at me with a smile and said, "Zeus".

9. I told Luke that he looked like a dirty little DOG one day because he had snot crusted on his cheek from wiping his nose with his hand. He looked at me and said, "ruff ruff". I laughed so hard. At least he's learning his animal sounds.

10. I gave Luke some sliced apples and yogurt fruit dip to dip em' in just to see how cute and messy he'd get. He exceeded my expectations. At least the boy aim's high.

11. As you know every object Luke picks up he uses as either a phone or a hairbrush. One day this week I let him get in to the master closet while I was getting ready in the bathroom to keep him close to me. He emerged with a tampon "telephone" and tampon "hairbrush". At least he can multi-task.

12. Two days this week Luke had Wendy's chicken nugget meals even though daddy told us NOT to eat in the car.

13. Twice this week I tinkered with the thermostat because I was cold. In my house that's a no no. Jason is the only one "capable" (in his mind) of changing the temp. settings. I was cold and I did something about it.

Isn't my life exciting? Most of you would think it's pretty boring, but I however am perfectly content and love being at home with my precious son. It's these little moments that I cherish for I know that before long they'll be gone, never to return. Carpe Diem! Thanks for letting me share a laugh or two with you.

Friday, January 27, 2006

The infamous basket "prop" rides again.....

Well...the infamous basket "prop" rides again... My "cuzzin" Robert came over to visit me today and guess what??? Mommy pulled out that darn basket that she used for my "I'm Not Laundry" shot from a year ago (See above pic of me). Robert snuggled up in the same basket only he's 8wks. old and didn't have good neck control yet, so we propped him up on a pillow. Doesn't he look cute. He's really growing. We love you Robert....Love "Aunt" Heather, "Uncle" Jason and "Cuzzin" Lukey.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The "chap-less" cowboy vs. The naked guitarist....

In the battle of good and evil....Who will win out??? The "chap-less" cowboy or the naked guitarist... Please cast your votes! My vote is for the naked guitarist because he was really jamming out. However, the "chap-less" cowboy WAS multi-tasking with his cell phone!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Got tile???

No, but we got vinyl flooring in our new house today that looks just like tile? The color scheme matches so well. It looks great. We're proud of our choice. The carpet comes at the end of the week.

In Luke news....he's learning the sounds different animals make. A dog goes "arff arff", a lion goes, "rurr" and a pig say's, "Onk". It's so cute to hear it in his little voice. Oh, and every book we look at that has a circle of any sort, that's a "Ba" aka...ball.

He's precious and just growing up too fast. He has the best little manners. I took him to lunch yest. to meet a long time friend. We met at Maggiano's in North Park Mall. She hadn't seen him since he was a week old. He sat right up to the table and grabbed a fork and was a little gentlemen. When she passed him the bread he took it, put it on his plate and said, "Ank you". It was so cute. A perfect little charmer. He ate almost a whole loaf of sourdough bread by himself, but it kept him appeased and in a good mood.

Tonight, Jason and I stopped at Bueno to grab a quick bite after going out to the house. The second we walked in Luke made a b-line for the highchair and attempted to get in it. We're teaching our boy well. He's very well behaved. He's a good listener and minds fairly well for an 18 mo. old. He doesn't like spankin's but what kid does. He gets them when he disobeys. I had to spank him twice today when he kept messing with the picture frame on the entry way table like I'd told him not too twice. He quickly got over it and moved on to the next object to tinker with.

He's at such a fun age. Verbally he's becoming so expressive and it's fun to see and hear what new things he picks up from day to day.

Later taters.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I was looking back at some old pic's of Lukey and I ran across this one that I think is so cute. The boy is growing up too fast. He's 18 mos. old now and on the move. His vocabulary is really developing. He can say many things. Among his newest phrases are: "Oh Wow!", "Oh-Yeah!", "No-No" and he can identify his ears, hair, nose, belly and hands. He's quite the mimic-machine. Anything you say or do is liable to be duplicated. He's so much fun. What a sweet little guy. We just love him to pieces.

Thank you Jesus for blessing us with such a wonderful son, Luke Elijah!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Wishing you luck.....

Sweet Jason--We just wanted to wish you luck in your job interview with your Director today. We know that God will give you the right words and if it's in HIS will that you be promoted, then we know it will happen in his timing. Put your best foot forward and let that knowledge and degree of yours pay off. We love you and are very proud of you.

Mommy & Lukey

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Oh the irony of it all.....

Webster's Definition: Incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs.

Jason and I laughed tonight as we dined at the card table because we sold our kitchen table in last week's garage sale. It was adorned with an exquisite little white silk table cloth I purchased when we were in Venice.'s a sheet from Wal-Mart. But....I had you thinking we were dining in Italy.

Also, for your viewing pleasure--please notice the mismatched chairs. One from our formal dining room and the other from Jason's 1982 desk in our guest room. Same furniture they used in the movie E.T. So, we call it the "E.T. Furniture". You can "phone home" and tell everyone that we've officially become the poster children for latest trend in housewares--Trash Chic!

There's just something ironic about eating great sushi with a nice bottle of wine on a sheet draped card table while you listen to John Denver's Greatest Hit's CD ON YOUR LAPTOP because we sold our speakers in last weeks garage sale too! SO ROMANTIC!!! I'm getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it. Not!!!!

To top it off you're 18 mo. old is looking on while he flings sugar-free strawberry jello all over the floor, his hair, the high chair and the beloved table cloth.

Oh, I almost forgot...we ate off mismatched plates too because I sold the matching set in last week's garage sale too....Little by little our possessions are slowly diminishing. Next week we bid a fond farewell to our armoire, end, sofa and coffee tables. Stay tuned for next weeks installment where you might get to see our living room lamp on a t.v. tray.

We laugh at the irony of it all but it really speaks volumes of how much fun you can have with so little. It also reminds me to use the good china, fabric napkins and don't worry about spills on tablecloths, jello stained ceramic tile and mismatched furniture. Life is about living every day to the fullest. Think how many times we save the "good" whatever for a "special occasion". Every day should be a special occasion. If you woke up another day, it's a special occasion. I'm going to start living my life like that. New house, new leaf, new life. Life's too short to wait for "special occasions". Come...won't you celebrate life with me!!!!?

Friday, January 20, 2006

OREO fangs....just like The Count

I have Oreo "fangs", just like The Count from Sesame Street. Ah, Ah, Ah, ah..........

One, Two, Three Oreos eaten....ah, ah, ah, ah....

Mommy--Gave me a sweet treat today as you see I love oreos. Who doesn't right?

Hope ya'll are all doing well.....


Yogurt does a body good....

Yogurt does a body good! Nuff said.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Splish Splash...Big Laughs

Ok, tonight Lukey took a bath with mommy. He's still young enough not to recognize the different "parts" if you know what I mean. We had the best time in the tubby. We turned on the jacuzzi and laughed at the bubbles and splashed and squirted each other with the rubber ducks and rubber octupus. He got the giggles so much that he almost couldn't contain himself. I too, was laughing so hard because he was. It's those times that you can never get back and I will make no apologies for spending silly time with my boy. Pretty soon, that treasured time will be gone and he'll be entering college....I don't want to miss ANY opportunities to spend fun time with him.

Today he went with me "thrifting". For all of you who know me my biggest passion in the shopping realm is finding awesome bargains at the local thrift stores, goodwill and garage sales. Today's bargains include an awesome relaxed cotton GAP dress shirt in a lime green with a charcoal grey stripe for Jason. Next to new...$1.49....Yeah, one can hardly beat that deal. Also, a Burberry dress shirt for $1.99. That's going on Ebay. I got a couple other good little deals for Lukey. All in all...I have a blast scouring the racks.

Now it's time to head to the bedroom to watch my favorite show, "The Office". I say bedroom because we sold our living room tv. in the garage sale Sat.

Off to laugh....Later taters.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Yippeeee....the nausea is gone! Thank God!

I'm feeling better, I'm sure it's because of everyone's prayers. My little bug did NOT last for 5 days like Luke's only 3. Thank you Jesus that I'm not nauseated and I feel like I have a new lease on life. Lukey and I are going to get out of the house today and do something. To make up for lost time.

I absolutely hate feeling nauseated. It's the most nasty feeling in the world.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Barf-0-Rama #2....

Well....I guess it was only a matter of time before mommy got Lukey's virus. I'll spare you the details....but I'm oh, so sick now. Not fun, very hard to take care of a toddler from the side of the couch, but we're making it. My sweet husband came home early to care for us yest. I am praying Jason doesn't get this. It might be a couple days before I blog again.

Off to the couch again!


Saturday, January 14, 2006

So what if it's blurry....

Ok, I couldn't resist. I had to get this what if it's a little blurry. It's darn cute. Luke's wearing his grandpa S's old cowboy hat. We inherited it among other items when my dad died in 1997. I think Luke looks like a regular Urban Cowboy in it.....only without the wife beater tshirt and Sissy license plate.

Well....we had our gigantic garage sale today. We did awesome. Sold $550 worth of stuff. We were wheelin' and dealin', sorry if you missed out on the deals.

Luke is feeling much better, we haven't barfed in two days, he started eating better today although I could do without he very poopy diapers. Thanks for all your prayers, they definitely worked.

Off to bed, we're all so wiped out from today's festivities.....

Tah, Tah for now! P.S. Thanks for everyone's help who helped out with the sale or with watching Luke during the sale or brought us breakfast and lunch. We couldn't have done it without you.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Heather's.......and on the mend!

I found this pic of my best buddy Heather. I think it's a cute one of the two of us. It's from our Christmas Karaoke party. So much fun. And I'm posting a pic of Lukey this morning. So far he's barf-free. His little monkey he's holding was given to him yest. at the pediatrician's office when he was so ill. He just hugged and hugged it. This morning I found him in his crib talking to monkey, monkey sat on his high chair tray during breakfast this morning, then this morning monkey rode Lukey's rocking horse. I think we're on the mend. Praise God! Tomorrow we're having a big garage sale. We have lots of stuff to sell. Come on by if you need some bargains.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Barf-o-rama Take II

Update 4:55pm---I just returned from Luke's pediatrician. He has a virus, that is contagious so we have to stay away from everyone until the vomiting and poopy goes away. She said Jason and I will more than likely get it now since Luke's got it.....won't that be lovely. Luke puked on me in the waiting room while we were awaiting the Dr. It was the most disgusting thing that's ever happened to me. The nurses ran out and stripped him down, but I was soaked to my bra and down to my underwear, all over my shorts and shirt. It was disgusting. So, gotta run and take care of my boy.....

Well...Luke just barfed ALL OVER THE PLACE. He went the whole day yest. not throwing up. Today it's back to being sick, out of both ends if you know what I mean. I have a call in to the Dr. please pray for him. He's so lethargic and has no energy. He just wants mommy to hold him, so I oblige. He's such a sweet boy, I hate to see him sick.

Thanks Nana for taking the time to run and get us some pedialyte. I mixed some lemonade powder with it to give it a "juicy" taste. He seems to like it.

Janna Banana--Maybe it's best that you and Robert didn't come today.

More updates later....

Nurse Heather

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A total barf-o-rama....

There's some truth to the saying, "Three strikes and you're out". In our case, it's we're out of wipies to clean up Luke's 3 barfing episodes today. The first one was mid morning when he threw up all over his high chair tray as Jason sat at the table eating lunch--yummy! Bath #1

The second one was tonight when he barfed in the car all down his carseat on the way to Wal-Mart. We turned around and came home. Bath #2. After feeding him Pedialyte again and anti-nausea med's. He sat down with me on the couch in his clean jammies and layed his head down.

Only to barf up the Pedialyte and anti-nausea medicine. All over me. It was a total barf-o-rama. Bath #3 for him and #2 for me today. We just put him to bed. Hopefully this is just a 24 hour bug. I'm sure he got it in the church nursery on Sun. That's where he gets all his sicknesses every year. It's frustrating, but what do you do. The boy hasn't been anywhere else.

Anywho...we're about to settle down to a big bowl of Rocky Road icecream and then call it a night. I know real healthy huh.

Please pray that Luke is feeling better tomorrow. Thanks.

P.S. By the way, Jason has deleted his blog. He said he didn't have the time to devote to it daily. Sorry for all of you who enjoyed his postings. I'll miss em'.


Monday, January 09, 2006

Garage Sale mode...

Alright....this upcoming Sat. we're having a big garage/yard/moving sale. Anyone who has stuff to sell BYOS. (Bring Your Own Stuff) It'll start at 8am sharp at our house. Pray for good weather, like this past weekend.

Today Luke said Night sounded like this, "Nigh Nigh". So cute. He's such a sweet boy we just love him to pieces.

Not too much to report. I threw my back out, don't know how but it hurts.

Talk to ya'll later.



Saturday, January 07, 2006

Lazy Saturday....

Today was a lazy Sat. we went out to our new house to check and see how bldg. is progressing. They now have in the mirrors in both bathrooms and the shower glass in the master. It seems it's all coming together. We're so excited to get into our new place.

Jason went fishing and Luke and I hung out with friends. Went to Fuddrucker's tonight for dinner and now we're home.

You'd think I'd be full of energy after being lazy all day, but I'm about to hit the hay. Jason thinks I'm going to fold all the clothes on the bed right now, but he's got another thing coming. If they get folded tonight he'll be the sole one doing it. But you know Jason, always cleaning and tidying up the place. I'm sleepy.

I know, we're boring.


Friday, January 06, 2006

"No, No Beau!"

It was so cute tonight. We went out to dinner with the fam. and Beau Bo was playing with Luke's little toy monkey car. Luke pulled it out of his hands and said, "No no!". We laughed so hard. I guess those are his new words.

He's quite the little talker these days. He is really starting to understand things too. If we tell him to put something back that he's taken out he knows how to do that. The funny part is that if you say, "Bring that to mommy". He'll do it and when he hands it to you he'll say, "Thank You". That's because we are always telling him that when he hands us something. Too funny, huh!

Also, for the first time Luke really took a liking to using a fork at dinner. He would stab his okra, corny dog and bread to put it in his mouth. He did a relatively good job. Although...he displayed an extreme dislike for the breading on the corny dog. So, I guess this means we have to stick to eating just the hot dog part.

Much to my dismay Daddy also taught Lukey how to bounce his ball OFF THE ARMOIRE!!! Isn't that a fun habit mommy's going to have to break him of now. Luke thought it was SO MUCH FUN. Wouldn't you! Sweetie, what were you thinking?

Rabbit trail....

I have a gripe tonight about our builder of our new house. They didn't bother to call yest. to tell me about my appt. to pick out our carpet and tile today. Believe me it was frustrating because when the design center called me and said, "Are you lost?" and I was like, "What are you talking about." It was frustrating. D. R. Horton--get your stuff together and call your clients to let them know when they have important appts. such as this. Especially when we're working against the clock to close Feb 28---geez!

My sister had interview #2 today with a company she really wants to work at. I'm praying she gets it and can quit her lousy job with the crappy boss. I'm rooting for ya sis.

Also, I have a prayer request. My friend Jan's father John has lung & brain cancer. He's going downhill VERY rapidly. Her family is making funeral arrangements this weekend for him and he's trying to tie up loose ends so that Jan's mom doesn't have a lot of things to handle when he passes. Jan's in amazingly great spirits and says that it's only the Holy Spirit who is getting her through all this. Her baby is due in March so she's got a lot on her plate with a birth and a possible and inevitable death. Please pray for peace for her family. Her father is a christian so he's going to a much better place.

This weekend brings lots of cleaning up, Ebay listing, sorting, packing for ME and FISHING for Jason. We are having a moving/garage sale next Sat. Should be fun. I'm praying for mild weather and lots of garage saler's. (is that a word)

Beau Bo and Luke are both getting over ear infections and snotty noses. They seem to be feeling better. They're so cute when they get together. They just talk and keep each other occupied. It's so cute. Tomorrow Amber and I are going to get the boys together and try to do a "Cuzzin's Photo Shoot". We'll see how successful we are.'s about time to head off to la la land. Talk to ya later taters.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Is this a long week to anyone else?


Everyone-- I got my issue's fixed that I blogged about yest. I have all new id's and passwords for EVERYTHING! So hackers....don't even mess with me again! I'm warning ya! Since, I'm not putting my email out there anymore if you didn't get my email stating what my new email address was then comment on this blog and I'll email it to YOU! Sorry, not posting it on this blog for every Tom, Dick and Harry to see!

All is well, spent the day with my buddy Janna and her 4 week old little sweetie pie Robert. Such a good little baby. Him and Luke cooed and "talked" to each other in their little baby language. It was cute. Also, today Luke very clearly said the word "No". Not in response to anything I asked him to do, he just spontaneously said, "No, No." I'm sure I'll be sorry he learned that word so quickly.

He seems to be feeling better these days. Hopefully his earache and ear infection has subsided. I haven't had to suck any snot in the last couple days and the green boogers have subsided. Aren't you glad you know all the graphic info.....

Well...we're about to put winky bean down for the night and watch a great 80's movie. Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Danke Shon, darling Danke Shon.....I recall Central Park in you tore your dress...what a mess....I confess!

Nightie night.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Fretting about acct. fraud

I've been wondering why my computer has been so slow the last two days and why some items on my desktop have changed without me voluntarily changing them....Well, today I got the answer. A third party has hacked into my ebay account and changed my password, etc....has been sending me suspicious fraudulent emails. Ebay has investigated and has advised that I change my email password. I have to call our service provider first thing tomorrow to do that. It's so frustrating to see how someone can screw things up for you. I have some auctions ending tomorrow on Ebay and I cannot even access my account because they hacked in and changed my password. Also, they hacked into my computer and somehow screwed some stuff with my email up. I've been getting email's, however they've been multiple copies of the same emails, I've not been getting some emails that I'm suppose to and now I cannot get any at all because our ISP is rejected my email password. So, I say all this to say that I might be changing my email address very soon. I get so much junk spam emails and porn every day that is unsolicited. It's so frustrating because it clogs my in box and disables my ability to receive legitimate emails in a timely manner. So, if you've send me an email in the last 3 days and I haven't answered you. I probably did NOT rec'v it. This is really my only method to communicate at this point with my PEEPS (people) Hopefully, I should have this issue resolved tomorrow and no later. Until then...I'm off to bed now....Hook Em' Horns! I stopped watching at half time.

Ta Dah....the BIG news!..OUR NEW HOME!!! Casa de Limon's the big news. We are purchasing a brand spankin' new home in McKinney. Off Custer, north of 121, south of Eldorado Pkwy. It's an inventory home in a master-planned community that will be completed mid-Feb. We close on Feb 28. We absolutely love it. It's Cape Code style. Don't you just love the precious front porch. I can envision little white wicker rocking chairs on it.

All the houses in the neighborhood have front or back porches and are adorable colors like blue, olive green, grey, khaki. We love ours, it's pale lemon yellow. "Casa de Limon". We could not be more excited.

Everything has worked out with the sale of our home; inspection came back excellent. We close on it Feb 27. So, just a short few weeks and we'll be moving in to our new place.

Which brings me to my next comment. Lots of packing and we're selling some stuff. So, if anyone needs a rustic pine armoire, large tv that's in the armoire, matching end table and coffee table, large couch (floral pattern reversible into hunter green with down-filled cushions), fold into a bed loveseat/couch (grey), small bookshelf with glass doors, dining room table and chairs (one's in our kitchen), 2 color printers. Let us know if you're interested we're going to have a garage sale also.

Looks like 2006 is starting off very well. We give all glory to God because everything has truly gone according to HIS plan and HIS timing. Believe me we've looked and made offers on quite a few houses. This whole deal basically just fell in our lap. God definitely exceeded our expectations. Yeah GOD!!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Exciting news to come later today....gotta get the pic's first

Hold on to your pants while I acquire some pic's today and then I will blog with pic's and give our great news! You'll have to come back later to see what's happening.......Curious???? Then come back!