Saturday, February 25, 2006

Packing, packing and more packing...

I bet you can't guess what we did all day today. Packing....Yippee....Same forecast for tomorrow. Thanks for all the help to mom and nana and poppa and auntie. Off to bed.


3 more days....

It's 2 a.m. the thunder, lightening, my bladder and my thoughts awoke me this early. I can hardly believe it's 3 days until we move. It seems like the day got here so fast. We are incredibly thankful that our house is selling and that our new one is awaiting us. A much smaller one is awaiting us. We are elated that we'll be in a 1 story. It's gotten to where we hate to climb these stairs. Luke's room is upstairs, so we're forced to make several up and down trips daily. I never thought we'd see the day when we'd be on the same floor with him. Hallelujah! Now, I'm praying that it won't be raining the day we move everything. My mother in law is the one who usually keeps me abreast of the weather situation and I haven't talked with her recently. I've been so preoccupied with everything that is moving. Nana and Poppa, we haven't forgotten about ya.

Well....I better go try and put myself back to bed. Morning always comes early round these parts.

Friday, February 24, 2006


Ok Blog Nazi aka....The wanted an update here goes:

Here's what I've done thus far today. Got up, peed and pooped. (no clogged toilet this time--inside joke to all my Pokeno friends reading this.) Fed the Lukemeister a pimiento cheese sandwich and milk. But what he wanted was a cookie. He saw them sitting on the top of the stove. So, I gave in after he ate 1/2 the sandwich and gave him 1/2 a cookie. Played with him, rescheduled Direct TV installation appt., Reserved a UHaul truck, peed again, ate leftover taco salad from yest. for lunch, put Luke down for his nap, am going to read a little then get to packing this afternoon, followed by quick trip to post office to mail Ebay items and fill out change of address form. Oh, and I'm going to get a shower too.

Isn't my life interesting? (as Noah H. would say INTERESTING!)

Not such much's pretty boring right now if you ask me. Just getting all loose ends together for next weeks move.

Signing off for now.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ramblings of an insomniac....

I feel it necessary to preface this email with the following:

NO, I AM NOT CRAZY!!! NOR AM I A FREAK OF NATURE (just sleep-deprived) AH...I feel better now. (Jason, do you?)

Yes, it's 2:54 A.M. and I JUST realized I have never used the word, "Extemporaneous" in a sentence before. Further more....some of you like me (until now) may not even know the definition of the word. Although, I am fairly certain that this word could win Brett his next Scrabble tourney. Let's take a look at how Webster's has defined it....

EXTEMPORANEOUS-adjective. Carried out or performed with little or no preparation; impromptu: an extemporaneous piano recital

So, without further ado....I am must fulfill this obligation. Here's goes or should it be here go's...well whatever!

I awoke early one morning and extemporaneously constructed a sentence using the root word extemporaneous in it. How's that for a first time that a run-on sentence??? Hmm... (I'm sure you teacher's will let me know.)

For those of you who are currently questioning my sanity... let me confirm to you that yes it's early and too much caffeine the day prior coupled with a move in 5 days can wreak havoc on one's sleep cycle. (That's gotta be a run-on) According to popular psychology a person might defer that it is impossible for one to possess full mental faculties at such wee hours. However, the extemporaneous nature of this email does prove this theory has no merit.

I have just exceeded my own expectations for early morning sentence making abilities. I'm going back to bed now. Night, night....Or should I say, Morning morning.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ta dah....

Thanks to a couple good friends we're moving right along with packing. Nae Nae came over to help me pack today and Sharon watched Luke for me. We got a lot accomplished including a few laughs. Tomorrow is our walk through at our new house. I can hardly believe it's almost here. We got the game room, Luke's room and part of the kitchen done. Oh, and got all the pic's off the walls. Jason is going to help me with the rest. Yipppeeee....we're almost done. Just got to go to the post office and fwd. our mail. Thanks LaNae and Sharon for your help today. I could not have done it without you.


Monday, February 20, 2006

Please pray...

I just rec'd word tonight that my mentally challenged cousin has been diagnosed with colon cancer. They've had to take his lymph nodes, part of his stomach and intestines (where gangrene had set in). My aunt is understandably shaken as Ty is not even 40. She's cared for him all her life. It has been an uphill battle all the way. Now...she also takes care of her sick mother and sis and has to deal with my alcoholic uncle on a daily basis. Needless to say, she has a lot on her plate. Please pray that God will show himself to her through this trial. I do not know what her relationship is with the Lord. I pray however that she will draw close to him at this time. I don't know all the details regarding Ty's cancer diagnosis, however they are not going to pursue chemo as his body most likely would not withstand the treatments. If you could please remember my Aunt Ennie and cousin Ty. They live in Montana. Thanks.

You know you have kids when....

You are sitting in IHOP coloring on the kids placemat and you recognize that the colors there aren't of as good a quality as the one's at Taco Bueno. That was our realization tonight.

Also, almost 6 days till move in and still not one box packed. I'm going to get started tomorrow.

Get off my back people (wink!)



Well as of today we officially move in 7 days. And...I don't have 1 box packed yet. Please pray this week that I can bust a move and get that done in between naps and play time with Lukey.

Also....Sharon/Tammy/Amber--Don't forget this Thurs. night is Pokeno....Email me for details.


Friday, February 17, 2006

Fun time with cuzzin Beau Bo...

We had so much fun with cuzzin Beau Bo tonight. He came over and played with us. It was so funny to watch little Lukey's personality change when Beau was around. They got along really well....except the one time Luke decided to bounce the rubber ball off Beau's head. Can't wait to watch him again. He's quite the little explorer. I love his chubby cheeks and dimples. And those BLUE EYES...what a little ladies man. Quite the flirt too....Girls watch out!

Got Land Mainance???

Ok, I absolutely had to take a picture and post this on my blog. Jason just retrieved this flyer from our front door.

In my best guesstimate I believe Medina's sign was SUPPOSE to say:


Poor guys...maybe from the exposure on my blog they'll get some business. (Uncle Jeff... looks like you have quite the competition out there.)

Also...if any of you need your stone's "putted" give em' a ring.

If you can't reach them at either of the two phone numbers listed try them at:

800-LEARN-ENGLISH Gracias Amigos!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Doggie Xylophone...

Hello friends.....I've been busy this morning making music on my doggie xylophone.

See my ouchie on my forehead. It is getting better though. That Dermabond stuff the ER Dr. put on it really has held things together quite nicely.

Hope everyone is having a good day. It's really nice weather here. Mommy said we might even go to the park.

Bring on the swings and slides......Yippee!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Greetings.....I wanted to wish all my friends and family near and far a very happy Valentine's Day. Don't let Cupid's arrow get ya in the booty....

Love you all,

Monday, February 13, 2006

ER Visit....

Well....Luke has officially had his first ER visit of 2006. I'm hoping it will be his last, but since I have a boy I'm sure it's just one of many in his life.

Today's exciting adventure began as a normal morning. Shortly around 10:15am. Luke tripped over the ottoman in the living room. When he tried to catch his fall he hit his head of the very sharp corner of the fireplace crown moulding. He gushed blood everywhere and screamed bloody murder. I went in to panic mode and tried to soothe him, wipe the blood and figure out next steps. I called Nana and she rushed right over. After calling the pediatrician it was determined that a trip to the ER would be best option.

So, we packed up and headed to the ER. A bandaid did stop the bleeding. The ER Dr. determined that it was a mild puncture wound to the forehead and that stiches would not be necessary. But, because it was gapping open, they applied a local anesthetic to the wound and DermaBonded it. It's basically a super glue for superficial wounds. Worked great. It should keep the wound bonded together during the healing process. Thankfully it was not deeper OR an inch lower or it would have been his right eye that was punctured.

He's doing better now that we're home and he's taking his nappy nap. I'm not good with blood or gapping wounds, but the Dr's. had an excellent bed side manner. In fact, they were the same one's who worked on me in July when I had to have my kneecap snapped back into place. In fact, after the Nurse held him down for the Dr. to Dermabond Luke didn't want Momma or Nana, he wanted the sweet Nurse to hold him....go figure.

Luke did better after the lady with the stethoscope stopped poking around on him during admission. Also, mommy got real creative and blew up a latex glove like a balloon (with fingers) and drew a smiley face on it. It kept the little munchkin entertained. I'm glad he's ok, however he's still got the "hershey squirts" from his antibiotic for the ear infection and the ER Dr. said he still has the ear infection. I'm thinking Luke might be next to visit the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. Following in the footsteps of cousin Beau with tubes. We'll see....

Friday, February 10, 2006

Unfortunate event....

By all appears that some time during the night while Luke slept, Kalepo's "personal boundaries" were compromised. This is how I found him this morning laying outside Luke's crib.

Somehow he still has a smile on his face.

Please be vigilant in watching for any strange situations in your neighborhood.

It's not a pretty sight, let me tell ya.

Our neighborhood crime watch assn. has been notified of this incident.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Hello to update you on the latest "Lukeisms".

Webster's Dictionary defines Lukeism's as: Any unique and/or relevant quality or action; generally humorous in nature, committed by and 18 mo. old.

With that being said, here's a few...
  • Likes to toss everything out of his crib and into the hallway in the morning (i.e. blanket, monkey, pillow) and continuously say, "Uh Oh!"
  • Enjoys vigorously kicking legs while Mommy is putting on his pants and then laughs to see if she can get legs in correct holes.
  • Infatuated with the spiggot on the tub....entire bath times are centered around poking fingers up the "screened" spiggot hole to see if "just a little more water" will come out.
  • Responds to, "Ready for your nap?", "Ready to go night night" by running up to and knocking on the bottom stair gate. Followed by climbing the stairs on his own.
  • Has recent obsession with walking around with both arms behind his back " I've been arrested" style.
  • Thinks every object is either a "Bah" (ball) or "Cah" (car). He knows what a ball is however balloons have now ALSO become balls too. Just ask anyone who was on the card/balloon aisle at Walmart yest. when we picked out Daddy's valentine card. As he looked up and saw all the valentine balloons aired up and on the ceiling it was "Bah", "Bah", "Bah", etc....
  • Adores fiddling with the lightswitchs and surround sound knob that is on the wall above the couch. So, he's concocted this little tactic when anyone is sitting on the couch. Walks over with big grin while holding his Elmo & Friends book out to you. Hands it to you as if he wants to sit in your lap while you read it to him. Upon getting settled in your lap he quickly climbs off your lap and quickly makes his way to the various light switches and knobs flipping them up and down and turning them left and right. Tricky boy.
  • Enjoys shaking big boxes of penne pasta for the sound it makes. Until, you notice the sound of the contents of the box being emptied all over the floor when you're next in line at the checkout counter at Walmart.
  • Has taken an interest in carrying around daddy's shoe horns from the open closet while saying, "Zew"....(shoe)
  • Now enjoys having chapstick applied to his lips every day.
  • While eating, his sippy cup has to be exactly where HE wants it on his high chair tray. If not, you can guarantee it will be thrown off onto the floor.
  • Likes to ride his rocking horse WHILE talking on his cell phone.
  • Carries his little wagon around the house loading up anything he finds along the way.
  • Loves to be thrown "Nestea Plunge style" onto the crumpled down comforter on our bed.

That's about all I can think of right now....stay tuned for more Lukeism's to come.

Monday, February 06, 2006

My time with Aunt Brooke.... Aunt Brooke has gone back to KY. We had a great time visiting for 9 days. You know she really loves me a lot. She tells me that over and over. I'm the luckiest boy in the world. So many people that love me.

Where should I start in explaining how much fun we had. Maybe I should start at the beginning. When she got here she had brought me lots of fun presents. She got me my own Delta Pilots cap. I can wear that when I'm flying my imaginary planes. My next present was an official sheriff's vest fit with handcuffs and a toy gun. She said I need to wear it while riding my rocking horse. She also made me a blanket too.

While she was here we had lots of fun. She bathed me and squirted me with my squirting octopus. I had such a blast. She also bought me an ice cream cone at Sonic (shh....don't tell mommy). We ate Vietnamese food while she was here as well as Corner Bakery. We got to go shopping at several stores that Aunt Brooke doesn't have in KY. I love to go to Sam Moon with her when she's here. There are so many bracelets at my level to pull off the shelves. Can't wait to go back there. Oh, I almost forgot she read me my favorite book, Elmo and Friends. Grandee bought it for me for Christmas. I'm getting really smart. I can show you the ball, shoes, frog, Elmo, etc... on the various pages. And I do have my FAVORITE pages..... To top it all off the highlight of our visit was she took me to the Build-A-Bear workshop to get my very own stuffed animal. I choose a monkey since everyone always tells me I'm a little monkey. We stuffed it together, bathed it and picked out an outfit. She also printed out his birth certificate and we named it Kalepo after mommy's fav childhood song about Kalepo the monkey. Kalepo sleeps with me now every night. I love him so much because my Aunt Brooke got him for me. We just had a great time hanging out. Daddy says we get to maybe go back to KY this summer for our vacation. I missed Uncle Mike he wasn't able to come with Aunt Brooke. But I talked to him several times on my "Uncle Mike" cell phone. We had so much fun. Grandee got to come over a lot too. I love my Aunt Brooke and Grandee. They're so good to me. I miss them already.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bye Bye Yanna....

Yes, those were Lukey's words today when I told him that he'd have to go take his nap and say bye bye to Aunt Janna. She was visiting us with "cuzzin" Robert. He's growing up quickly. Today was Aunt Brooke's first visit with him. We had a good time, sorry I feel asleep on you this afternoon Aunt "Yanna". I figured out what happened after you left. I had forgotten to take my blood sugar medicine and so I kept staying tired.

Not too much blogging going on in the last week, we've been busy doing things with Aunt Brooke while she's here.

More to come next week. Maybe Aunt Brooke will let us post some of her cute pic's too!