Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Winky under the weather... was a strange day. Winkerbean was fine when he awoke this morning. Around nap time he started having a meltdown that lastest 2 hrs. I rocked him, gave him a suppository, motrin, juice, water, tlc....nothing worked. He finally fell asleep for about an hour nap in the afternoon. After the nap he was lethargic, barely would eat or drink and crawled up in my lap and cuddled his little head into my shoulder and went to sleep....UNTIL THE PHONE RANG!!! Then we was off and running again. He seem's to be doing better tonight. He didn't fuss when we put him to bed 20 minutes ago. Please pray he's not coming down with the crud. Update on our house selling situation. We're in the Top 3 list of a couple househunting. Personally, I'd rather be in the Top 1. We shall see....not holding our breath. Then when it happens we'll be surprised. Janna Banana is still only dialated to a 3, so I could be called to birth coach duty any time now. I'm getting so excited to see my newest little niece/nephew be born. Purse party is upcoming on Fri. so I'm getting excited about that. Thanks to Nae Nae and H2 for putting that on for me. Last but not least, I'm so excited to announce that our friend's The Henson's have decided to join the blog community. Yeah! More later taters, I'm off to bed early tonight.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Santa Claus Take 2

Ok....Santa Claus Take 2. Another day, another mall, another Santa Claus, ANOTHER MELTDOWN!!!

At least this one is priceless and we will be able to look back and laugh at it.

He did GREAT, until I sat him down on Santa's lap. He lost it then--worse than yesterday!

And to think I stood an hour to get this shot. Oh well....tis the season!

Santa's Workshop

Here's a quick pic from Santa's workshop yest. at NorthPark Mall.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

I don't like Santa Claus....

Well, Luke went to sit on Santa's lap today at North Park Mall. May I say that it was very traumatic for him. Oh, did I say VERY traumatic. The minute he saw that beard he went into orbit. We got it all on video. It's hilarious to watch. So, this year mama got to be in Lukey's picture with Santa Claus. I have to scan the photo so it'll be posted in a day or so. Hang tight! For now, just enjoy the pictures on cuzzin Beau Bo's site at It's a preview! Beau Bo did really good. He had no idea he was sitting on the Big Guys lap. He was in a trance. Kind of like Luke last year. Too funny huh!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sat. that feels like it's going on forever.....

Ok, I don't know about ya'll but it's felt like Sat. since Thurs. With the holiday and everything, my body clock has been stuck in weekend mode for 3 days. Not much to blog today, just thought I'd post a cute picture of me and the boy. He looks cute in Poppa's Allen Eagles cap, don't ya think.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Turkey, stuffing, pie's and all that jazz...

This year we went to our families place in Canton for Turkey Day. We had lots of food, fellowship and yummy chocolate pies. Not to mention a mean game of "washers". I have to brag on myself. I was able to "ring the washer". Yeah ME!

We had a good time sitting on the porch singing worship songs while Amber's bro Kyle accompanied us on guitar. Luke had fun picking up leaves and acorns. Daddy had fun scouting out the property (all 20+ acres) on foot with Uncle Jeff.

Then after all those festivities we headed back to Dallas. On 1-20 we followed a guy for approx. 20 miles as he swerved in and out of traffic. Being the ever so observant "undercover cops" that we are it was our civic duty to call 911. We did starting in Terrell, Then Forney, Then Mesquite. In the end, our faithful State Trooper busted this guy. We were starting to get frustrated that all the jurisdictions kept passing us off to the next on the phone. It was rewarding to see the Trooper come up behind us. We pulled over and hand-motioned for him to go around us as the swerver was in front of us. He was pulled over but then decided to run from the Trooper. We didn't stay around to see how the shakedown occured when the trooper caught up with him. I was told by the DPS dispatcher for us to stay far away from the guy because they were looking for him. Given the fact that the guy ran from the state trooper we're pretty confident that he was up to no good. We felt great that we contributed to getting one more wacko off the street this holiday weekend.

Granna made a trip to the hospital. She's been in such pain with intensely sharp back pains. Turns out she has a cracked rib in the back. Please pray with us for her healing.

When we made it home last night GranDee decided to stay the night so that she could watch the Apprentice 2 hr. special with us and not have to get home real late. So, she stayed and it was an interesting outcome on the Apprentice. I won't reveal who got fired since I know some of you reading haven't watched it yet.

This morning it was so adorable to hear GranDee on the monitor upstairs in Luke's room as she got him up, changed his diaper and read a few books. She's such a good GranDee and Luke loves her so much.

Now Lukey is napping, daddy is watching the UT vs. A&M game, and I am awaiting the end of an Ebay auction that I'm winning. Yipppee!!!

We missed Aunt Brooke, Uncle Bubbie, Mandy and Monkey Butt for Turkey Day but we got to talk to em' on the phone.

I'm so thankful for all the blessings the Lord has given us this year. Health, prosperity, lots of sweet friends, family. I love my husband and son more than life itself. Hope you all have a great holiday with family and friends.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

E.T. phone home... all know how much Luke LOVES telephones. Everythings a telephone-barf bags on planes, hot dog buns, candy bars...He can use any of the above as a phone. Quite the little imagination this boy has. Just wanted to show off his new Elmo p.j.'s and slippers. Aunt Brooke, we found some more slippers in a bigger size- since he outgrew the one's you gave him. I have something funny to share regarding how kids say the cutest things. Last week we were over at our buddy Hudson and Sheps house and Hud called Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. "Foodoff the nosed Reindeer". I thought it was just the cutest thing. Well...gotta run to the store and pick up Thanksgiving dinner viddles. I'm assigned to rolls and salad. Later taters.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Head in the clouds...

Aren't these just the coolest clouds? I thought so, that's why I took the picture. Nothing real exciting to post tonight. Luke had a good day. He was all smiles as usual. He's been doing this new "Shhhhh-ing" thing with his mouth. I think he's trying to imitate me blowing on a spoon to cool his food down. Every time I do it he starting the "shhhfzsss" thing. Too cute!

Today we got some bad news. Jason's Granna has been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. Dr's. have given her 1 1/2 years to live. I believe the Lord can heal her. That is my prayer and my hope. If you think about her, please whisper a prayer on her behalf. She's a sweetie pie and Jason's only living grandparent. She's 83. I told her she'll be around for a long time to come. Oh, one more thing. Today is Lukey's 16 mo. birthday. I can hardly believe he is already that old. Time flies too fast.

Later taters.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Tell it to the BUN!!!

Ok, ya'll--I have to tell you about Luke and I's fun little adventure today. We went to Sam Moon down on Harry Hines (the original one). It was lunch time so we ran next door to Dave's Deli. I grabbed a sandwich and Luke ate a hot dog. I cut up the weiner and fed that to him first. Then I opened the bun and split it along the crease, giving him one whole half of the bun. I turned to grab my pickle off my plate. When I turned around he had the hotdog bun up on his shoulder, up to his ear (like a phone) and said, "Hi!". It was so hilarious I busted out laughing. I said, "Lukey, what are you doing talking to your hotdog bun?". He just smiled as usual and then picked it apart and ate it. Too funny, huh! gave me a good laugh. Wish I'd have had the camera.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Baby Beau Bo's dedication....

Today our sweet little nephew Beau Bo was dedicated to the Lord in our morning church service. What a beautiful time of offering him to the Lord for his whole life. I remember a year ago today we dedicated Luke and I was baptized. My prayer for Beau, as for Luke is that they come to know the Lord at an early age and will follow HIM their entire life. I'm proud of you Jeff & Amber for committing to be parents who will bring Beau up in church and that you will do your best to teach him about Jesus. I pray our little munchkins will be on fire for God and that they will make a difference for HIM. The photos reflect the words that Jeff and Amber spoke and the congregations rebuttal. It was a nice Thanksgiving service where everyone that wanted to could stand up at the microphone and tell what they're thankful for this year. I'm most thankful for my husband and son. Jason is a Godly man with a heart for God. Lukey is the light of our lives. He's such a sweetie with a big smile. Oh, we have some other big news to share.....we might have an offer on our house today. We're crossing our fingers and playing the waiting game.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Caught red-handed.....

Well...little monkey was caught red-handed trying to sneak the car keys. Hope he fills up the tank, it's on "E" again.

I was unloading the dishwasher and when I turned around this is what I saw. He works quickly and quietly...thank goodness the camera was sitting on the island.

A few of the other pics are from this morning too. How do you like his new Oscar the "Gouch" (like Aunt Brooke used to say) sweatshirt? We got it for $1.49 at our fav thrift store in Plano. He's quite the spry one this morning, baring his belly (I swear he's NOT auditioning for a waitress job at Hooters) The picture of him looking at me through the stairs gate so reminded me of that old Meryvn's remember the one, "Open, Open, Open!" too funny! Then, I captured him enjoying his favorite breakfast treat (thanks to GranDee) cheese toast! He loves it Well...that's about all we have for now. I gotta run and get the house cleaned while Lukey's napping we've got a showing this afternoon. Later taters.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Back from KY...

Well....we're back from KY. Bubbie took this photo of me in the kitchen eating apples. We had a whirlwind trip. It was 4 days in a row that I got to be a terror. It started on the airplanes when I terrorized the flight attendants and surrounding seat occupants (entire N. Colorado basketball team). I yelled, kicked and screamed. My ears were hurting from the pressure change and Grandee and mommy had to keep passing me back and forth. Then at Aunt Brooke and Bubbies house I got into EVERYTHING. The cabinets, armoires, trash, dog food bowl, closets, etc......I had so much fun though. I was a little bit puzzled by this one word that mommy kept using, "NO!" I never quite figured out what she meant by that. My aunt Brooke is recovering well from her surgery and ankle injury. Sure wish I could've been a little more acclimated to my surroundings I would've been a better boy then. We left yest. to come back home. Another couple plane trips, a layover in Houston where I pooped my pants RIGHT BEFORE WE BOARDED THE PLANE! Yeah, it was great fun. Mommy didn't think about the 2 big bottle of apple juice she fed me. She'll learn. I smelled like a sewer by the time the plane landed and the lady sitting next to us was being cordial when she said, "Good Luck, and have a great day!" I wonder if there was a bit of sarcasm in her voice. Anyway...we're home, it's cold here and I'm back in my usual surroundings. Mommy has regained her sanity and we already miss Aunt Brooke, Bubbie and Grandee. All in all, it was a quick trip but we're so happy that Annie so graciously arranged and transferred her airmiles for us to go. Thanks Annie, we're so grateful for your hospitality. I hope that we get to see Aunt Brooke and Bubbie and GeeGee (Bubbies mommy aka...Monkey Butt) for Christmas. They're going to try and come down. Meanwhile, my "Aunt" Jan just found out I'm going to have a boy "cuzzin" and "Aunt" Janna is due any time to give birth to her baby. The sex is still a mystery, I'm pulling for another boy "cuzzin". Anyway.....everything is pretty good in our neck of the woods. I got to spend some time with my buddies Sheppie and Hud today. It was so good to see them. Oh, mommy has been playing Christmas music all day to get us in the mood.

Hold your horses...

Ok, blog nazi....hold your horses I'm awaiting a photo before updating my blog.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I want my baby back ribs......Chili's baby back ribs BBQ Sauce....

Today, Luke and I went to G-town to do a little thrift store shopping because the one in Garland has Wed. 1/2 sale. I found lots of items to make purses. Yeah! Also, we swung by and picked up Granna and went to Chili's for lunch. It was a good visit and Luke was glad to see her, as was I. He put on quite a show at lunch: eating crayons, coloring on the table, throwing grill cheese sandwich wedges on the floor, trying to pull our salad forks off our plates. Never a dull moment with the Lukemeister. I was able to corral him with some saltine crackers. Always a good thing to have on hand. He also drank his juice which kept him occupied for 15 seconds. He's always on the run, gibber gabbering about something. We're so blessed to have him as a son. He's such a joy. Even when he gets cantankerous I am thankful to have him in our lives. So many people say to me, "He's such a good boy!" They're right. We are absolutely 300% blessed with a great temperment child. Sure he has a few fits when he doesn't get his way, but who doesn't. Well....I'm battling a stye in my left eye and it's starting to hurt keeping my eye open to type so I'm turning in early. Hope everyone is having a great day. Please pray for my friend Mary's son Elisha. He's in Children's Medical Center battling a mysterious stomach ailment that Dr's. cannot figure out. He needs your prayers. Thanks.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Nothing really big to blog today...

Nothing real big to blog about today. So, I'll just tell ya what we did today. Went to thrift store AGAIN. I'm addicted to that place. Found some good bargains. Ate at DQ Country. I dropped and broke my cell phone, had to go to Cingular tonight to buy a new one. Daddy got a new phone too because we had to switch plans because of the AT & T Wireless/Cingular merger. Crazy, how they always get ya some how. Nana and Poppa went to Dickey's for dinner with us we had a coupon. Gotta love those discounts. We rarely go anywhere these days without some sort of coupon or discount card. Shouldn't have too there's enough wheelin dealin places around who want your restaurant biz. We especially love the "kids eat free" establishments. Because I mean come on, no toddler eats more than 3-4 chicken nuggets and it shouldn't cost $4.99 for a kids meal. Anywho....nuff about me and my rants. How are you guys doing?

Monday, November 07, 2005

It's hammer time......and cake time!

Ok, I admit it I haven't figured out how NOT to scatter these photos. If anyone knows how to line em' up I welcome the tutorial. These pic's are from this weekend. While mommy was having her craft show Luke hung out with daddy. They went to the monthly Home Depot do-it-yourself workshop. This month they made a wooden fire truck. It is so cute. The workshops are free and they give the kids their own HD apron. Upon completion of the workshop they get a recognition certificate, get to keep the apron and on subsequent workshops they get a patch for their apron. It's pretty cool. They went with Dumah (Sheppie and Hud's grandma) and Cody. As you can see from the pic's they had a blast. Especially getting to stand in the paint buckets. Also, on Sat. it was Hud's 3rd birthday party. We went to Animal House Parties in McKinney. Rockin place by the way. It has inflatable slides, a toddler area and party room. As you can see Luke made quite a mess with his chocolate cupcake. In fact the guy who had to clean up after us said he'd never seen such a mess made there. Oh well....guess that's why they charge the big bucks to rent the place out. It was a great time had by all. Hope your weekend was equally fulfilling. This upcoming Sat. Luke, Grandee and I are flying to KY to see Aunt Brooke. She has surgery on Friday. Please pray for her quick recovery. Later taters. P.S. I just figured out that if you click on any pic in a blog it enlarges it so you can see it better. Just a tip.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

One down...two to go! first craft show of the season has come to a close. I'm tired too! Something about sitting/standing around in one place for 16 hrs. that starts to get to ya.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and those who purchased. It was great to see Julie, Lori, Misha, Harvey, Jan, Lauren, Pat, Sharon, Camden, Amber, Beau & Joni. I appreciate your support and well wishes.

Now... for the results of all the purse-making efforts. I sold 7 purses for a grand total of $330. I had made 45 purse to take and sold 7. I'm not complaining because I still have 2 more upcoming shows. I got some new ideas for the next show and I met some new friends-- Carla, Terri, Robin, Jan & Amy. All in all, it was a success in my book. Any craft show you do that you make enough to cover your entry fee is worth it.

I look forward to selling the rest at my upcoming shows. They'll be fun too. Well....I'm signing off to hit the hay. Oh, I almost forgot. Our house got shown 3 times this weekend. Hallelujah! Come on people, put a contract on it!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

St. Jude's Craft Show here I come...

I hope you can all make it to St. Jude's Catholic Churches Craft's Fair tomorrow and Sat. in Allen. Friday's hours are 9-5pm and Sat. 9-3pm. There are lots of great vendors this year. I set up tonight and was able to get a sneak peak at everyone's wares.

I promise you won't be disappointed if you come. Best part is it's free. No admission and they've got the best baked potato supper in town. So, come one come all. I'll be looking for ya.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ok...I had to add one more halloween pic!

Ok, I just had to add this last halloween picture. Poppa took it at his house. I thought it was cute of Luke pulling stuff out of his candy bucket. Can't say enough how adorable he was in his little Elmo "Gung uh" costume. These pic's will be great bribery photos later on in life say....when his future fiance' see's them. What a cutie patootie!

What a difference a year makes....

Oh what a difference a year makes! And YES, I'm wearing the same costume as last year. Go figure, I don't get out much to buy news clothes. I tend to stick to the tried and true soft and comfy one's.