Saturday, September 24, 2005

Exciting new business venture!

Today was filled with several exciting things. First, to start off the morning mom and I visited our 3rd annual Lost Creek Ranch Community garage sale. We got LOTS of bargains. The one I'm most proud of is the Coach purse I got for $2.50 that I'm going to resell on Ebay. Also, I found Lukey's next year Halloween costume (can't tell you what it is) I can tell you it was only $3.50.

After all our shopping we decided to hit up McKinney Square. In particular Chesarae Antiques where I was offered a great business opportunity. Originally the owner was interested in my denim blue jean purses/handbags (she still is) for the store. But...she offered me an additional opportunity to do some seamstress work for her on an hourly/per project basis.

Basically, she'll supply all of the materials to make table toppers, table runners and fancy embellished pillows. She will pay me WELL for my labor. I think this will be a very beneficial mutual business opportunity. She has been in the "biz" for well over 20 years and knows what sells and what doesn't and she already has all her wholesale contacts established. What could be better. I don't have to put up any capital to get this little joint venture off the ground. I've already done some work for her today. 2 table toppers, 2 table runners and a partial pillow.

I'm really excited because this is right up my alley. In talking with her she and I are pretty much creative free spirits. Neither is bound by patterns or parameters. So, we have the leeway to be creative and are only bound by our imaginations. I love this kind of proposition. She and I are likeminded and I think she'll be a great business partner. That's my exciting news for today. I'll keep ya'll posted on how everything progresses. I'm really looking forward to this joint venture. It's back to World Trade Mart I go. I love that place. Although, it does have a tendancy to tire out the ole' feet---lots of walking. Oh, I almost forgot to mention. Mom is going to be featuring some of her beautiful decorative glassware in the store too. We definitely killed two birds with one stone. Heck, if it wasn't for mom I would never have gotten this opportunity. She knows the other owner of the store. Thanks mom. Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

You have been very busy since I left this afternoon. I too am very excited about all the possibilities. I spent the evening painting. Got a few things completed. This is quite a venture for both of us and I hope we do well and make a few extra bucks.


Brooke said...

I am excited for both of you. How come I didn't get any "artsy" genes? Oh well
Good luck, make lots of $$ and buy me something nice with all your millions you will make :0)!

Heather said...

I don't know about millions, but thousands are definitely a possibility. Don't worry, we won't forget our "roots" when we make it big (wink).

Brooke said...

Get this blog updated. Where are my pictures of Gung Guh?