Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bop-ums, Dah zsa, Ap-wane, A-nen, Bye Cow, Fre-fries

Oh yes.....we're saying so many new words. (I credit the ear tubes for this milestone)

For those of you who are two year old challenged, please allow me to be your translator on this journey we call toddlerhood.

Dah zsa= Pizza
Buh Bye Ap-wane=Bye Bye Airplane
Bye Cow=Bye Cow
Fre-fries=French Fries
Uh Peez=Yes Please
Bye Ap-wane=Bye Airplane
Unk-you=Thank You
Poppa Car=Poppa's Car
Wuh Momma go= Where'd Momma Go
Hi Budee=Hi Buddy
Buh Bye Duh Duh= Bye Bye Daddy
Buh Bye Teef=Bye Bye Teeth
Cack Cack= Quack, Quack
Dee Ca=Grandee's car
Dei Ca= Daddy's car
Beau Bo=Beau

Luke loves to brush his teeth, take baths, ride in his wagon, swim, watch Elmo, climb on mommy and daddy's bed, hide in the sofa cushions, throw kleenex's in the trash can, cuddle with his pillow, play with cars, put on shoes and "cots", see airplanes and cows, read his Elmo and John Deere books, play the drum and piano, play in his kitchen, "serve coffee" from his kitchen, talk on the phone, Say Hi, Say Bye Bye.

Such a fun little stage. He's such a joy to be around. Although he's been spanked a couple times today for not listening. As a parent you have to pick your battles but these spanking's were warranted. Not getting in the street and not getting too close to the edge of the swimming pool are non-negotiable items that he will have to listen to on the first try or he gets swatted. He's learning. Slowly but surely.....

I am so thankful God blessed us with Luke. He brings such love and fun to our entire family and extended family.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day...Rock-n-roll...Kitchen Duty

As you can see we had quite a fun Memorial Day weekend. What I loved about this weekend is that we had no "official plans". I like flying by the seat of my pants. Spontaneity is the key. So at the last minute we called people and said hey can you come over and hang out. Sat. night we had our neighbors Karl, Cami, John & Matthew over for pizza. Uncle Jeff and Auntie dropped by too. Dylan and Staci didn't make it. Sun. we went to church then had lunch at home. Daddy helped uncle Jeff with some landscaping projects. Monday we hung out at home with Granna and had lunch. She wanted to see mom too so we invited her along. We wish we could have seen Poppa and Nana. They took a mini road trip to stake their wages at the horse races in Louisiana. I haven't talk to them yet to see if they won the big buckola's. I'm glad they got away for a weekend. They never really get to get away together. It's nice to spend some alone time with your spouse. I'm needing a vacation soon. It seems like we haven't taken one in a few years.

Anywho...can you tell that we have quite the aspiring rock stars from the pic's? With Luke on the guitar and Beau on the drums we might have to start our own little Rice band and take the show on the road. Be on the lookout, we could be coming to a living room near you. Yes, you can have their autographs.....

All in all, we had a nice little weekend not running ourselves ragged or taking ourselves too seriously.
It's back to work for most people tomorrow so hello traffic again.

I hope you have enjoyed todays picture montage. The boys loved playing in the kitchen. I have to say they're quite good chefs.

Luke has learned some new words this weekend. One of them is bi-kick-cul. (BICYCLE--it's so cute how he says it.) He loves Elmo more than any kid I've ever seen. Have you ever seen a kid in such a trance on his couch watching Elmo videos. I couldn't even get him to bat an eye at me to take these pic's. I guess I need to wear a furry red costume to get his attn. Next to saying the word Poppa every 2 seconds Elmo is running a close second in his vocabulary. At least he has a passion for people. I definitely believe he'll be a "people person". Hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Vote For Pedro...

I have two of the cutest boys in the entire world. They even have matching haircuts. Check out this picture I took today. I kept saying to Luke, "show me your teeth". This is what you get when you ask him to show you his teeth.

He's absolutely the cutest kid in the world. But I'm biased.

We've had fun this weekend just hanging out with Lukey, family and friends.

We hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day.

We are grateful for all veteran's and active military who defend our great country.

God Bless America!!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

The many faces of Lukey...

Well our little Lukester was in rare form tonight playing in the clean laundry on mommy and daddy's bed. See the many faces of Lukey. Also, check out the pic's Aunt Heather took of the boys last night as they played with her pots and pans. Lukey loves playing with his buddies. He calls Hud and Shep--Buddy....It's so funny. Today, Heather and I set out to lay out at Lifetime while the boys played in the kids area.

Well, our plans were thwarted when 30 minutes into our sunbathing the nursery lady came to get me saying, "Luke was crying hysterically". That's totally not like him so I rushed inside. Evidently, there were lots of kids crying and he got "spooked" into crying too. He did fine when he saw me. We left for McDonalds where him and his buddies played in the playland while mommies ate lunch.

Tonight Jason, Luke and I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. It was so cute to watch Luke eat his macaroni and cheese with his spoon.
He's getting to be a pro at using his eating utensils. He had his little Elmo at the table and I looked over he was trying to feed Elmo a roll and give him some drink from his sippy cup. It was precious. It's those moments you wish you could bottle up and keep forever. We have a busy weekend planned. Hope everyone enjoys their long holiday weekend. Thank you to all our veterans and active military who protect our country every day. What a sacrifice their families make. Love ya'll.

It's been a couple days....

It's been a couple days since I blogged. It seems like things have been so crazy. From one activity to another. I wanted to update you guys on the latest with Luke. He loves swimming. We went swimming at Lifetime Fitness yest. and he's a natural water baby. With his little lifevest on and no arm floaties he knew instinctively how to kick his legs to keep his head above water. He even wanted to go down the waterslide, but we didn't let him. He's too little still.
Here are some pic's I took of Winky yest. he was acting silly and crawling around on the floor and on me like I was a jungle gym. What a cutie patootie he is. He always makes me smile. He's also got some new words he's saying: Cow, Bye Bye Cow and he can tell you what a birdy says, "Tweet Tweet". He even said, "Bubby" (Uncle Mike) yest. Oh, and it's so funny when you ask him questions. Every answer is no and with a shake of his head. Do you love mommy? "No", Do you love daddy? "No"., etc.......

Today I think we're going to go swimming again so he can get his sea legs going again.

All is well....just busy busy.

Oh, I almost forgot....Luke LOVES brushing his teeth. He requests to do so at least 4-5 times per day. So, he's big on oral hygeine too.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sleep deprivation....'s something you can chuckle at. Here is Jason and I's conversation at 4am this morning.

Luke: "cough, cough, cough".
Heather: "Jason, can you please get up and give Luke some water?"
Jason: "Huh?"
Heather: "Could you please get up and give Luke a drink of water, he's coughing really bad."
Jason: (stumbling out of bed) Ohhhhhkay.....
Jason: "Where's the water?"
Heather: "'s in the faucet, you have to fill a sippy cup up!"
Jason: "Okay."

Sleep deprivation will do some crazy things to ya. I'm usually the one to get up and tend to Luke's bed time needs because Jason has to get up and go to work. I assume any nighttime medicine giving or water giving...However, I had just gotten to sleep after being up myself to take an allergy pill. I just couldn't do it last night. Jason did a fine job tending to little Winky.

Hey, at least I didn't ask him to look at my sunflower. (Sharon's blog a few weeks back--wink)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Reading at my new desk...

I am really enjoying the new desk mommy bought me on Sat. at a garage sale for $5. Great deal! I love to climb up and read my "Fun At The County Fair" book. My Aunt Brooke sent it to me because she know's I love "Poppa Car's". aka....John Deere tractors.

Today I also totally surprised mommy by climbing the ladder in the bathroom that she had set up to paint. She wasn't too happy with me because I was 3 stairs from the top of a 6 ft. ladder. Thankfully she came in and found me when she did because I didn't really know how I was going to get down.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Fun-filled busy weekend....

This weekend we had lots of things going. Friday we joined Lifetime Fitness. Daddy and mommy are going to start working out & swimming while I'll be playing in the kid's area.

Sat. morning Mommy went garage sale-ing with Tammy and she gots lots of good bargains, as always.

I got a new swimsuit as you can see me modeling it in the pic's above. I love it.
It looked great with my Elmo shades, water wings, ear plugs and sun hat. I was set. I am a water baby. I love it. And as you can see I'm quite the ladies man in my swimsuit and swim diaper.

Also, daddy got a hair cut Sun. it is really short. You don't have to salute him, he's NOT in the military.

My buddies Hud and Shep came over tonight (Sun.) to swim in our community pool because Lifetime Fitnesses swim hours are over at 6pm. Too early!!!

As you can see, I love my buddy Shep. He's so much fun to play with. Hudson loves my Daddy and always plays with him while I play with Shep. As you can see I gave Shep a little "sugars" on his cheek. Strictly platonic, don't worry.

That's pretty much it. Oh, daddy went to church by himself today because I had the green snotty nose and they won't let me in the nursery like that. Mommy stayed home with me. Grandee spent the whole day with me today. We read books, played in my kitchen & swam. Also, today mommy and Grandee painted the masterbath chocolate pudding brown. It's really pretty.

Well....that about wraps it up. Later taters.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mother's Day gift....and picture

See my cute magnet that Lukey made for Mother's Day. Also, this picture was taken of my mom and I on Mother's Day. I'm so lucky to be blessed with such a wonderful mother. She's so special to me. Notice my little magnet is Luke's finger prints. Too cute!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Quack, quack.....

Ok, don't look at my little bum (actually much bigger since my surgery 2 wk's. ago) .....Mommy just had to take another bath picture.

Mommy Here: I had a great mother's day yest. Jason and Luke bought me a beautiful necklace and earring set. I also rec'd a beautifully hand-painted flower pot for my porch from mom. Along with an adorable cookie monster card from Luke and a sentimental one from Jason. I got to spend the day with my mom and Jason's mom. It was a nice time. My most favorite gift was the refrig. magnet that Luke made me at church yest. with his finger prints. I will cherish it forever.

I also want to say hey to my sis who celebrated her first mother's day. She's officially 10 wk's. pregnant and feeling the nausea daily. Say a quick prayer for her if you think about it.

Thanks to Jesus for blessing Jason and I with great mother's. They both have sacrificed a lot over the years for us. As for me, I love being Lukey's mother. It's the best job in the whole wide world. I am so lucky to be blessed with my wonderful son. I do not take him for granted. He is the sunshine of my life. He is my everything. So is daddy. I love both of my sweet boys VERY MUCH.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Chicken bone, puppytime, new couch, friends...

As you can tell today's blog is filled with many subjects. First off my friends Aunt Janna and Cuzzin Robert came by to see me. Robert is getting so much bigger. He's so cute. He and I are going to be total chick magnets together one day. My Aunt Janna got her hair cut really cute. It's such a becoming style on her. Janna we love your new "do". It's simply adorable, just like you. Second, Mommy and I went to Trade Days of McKinney this morning. I got this nifty new couch/bed. Notice it has my favorite little Sesame Street characters. Really I could care less about most of them as long as it has Gung-oh (Elmo) on it. Which it DOES! My puppy and I snuggled up and watched my Elmo video together. Puppy is the one they gave me in the hospital after my surgery. He's my new bed buddy along with Kalepo the Monkey and the little beanie baby doggie that Jen my next door neighbor got me for being such a brave little patient. Now....for the chicken bone picture. Mommy finally found this stashed behind my toybox today. I swear they feed me. I just dig through the trash for scraps when they won't give me a snack.....Seriously...Mommy HERE: I can not tell you the last time we had chicken OR how long that bone has been in his room. Or WHY that bone was in his room. It's kind of scary for me to think about. I must reiterate WE DO FEED LUKE WELL. He does NOT go hungry. So, that better be the last chicken bone I find in his room. Hey, at least I didn't find a Playboy or anything. Then we'd have REAL problems.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ernie & Elmo Time... last I found something to keep Lukey occupied for longer than 2 seconds.

I remembered that we had the spare t.v. just sitting in the extra bedroom. So, I brought it out and played Luke's Elmo video.

Usually he only gets to watch his video's when we're in the car, but he'll now get a treat when we're in the house and mommy needs to get some chores done.

Lately, he's been needing lots of attn. and been my shadow ALL DAY LONG...making daily chores--even peeing a challenge.

Speaking of peeing (aka. tee tee-ing) there seems to be a little confusion on Luke's part on the word's teeth and tee tee. For potty training purposes the pediatrician suggested Luke watch when daddy goes tee tee so that he learns how boys do it. When Jason is going to the bathroom he says, "Luke daddy is going tee tee". That sounds pretty clear right??? Skip forward to the next day and mommy is helping Luke brush his teeth. When he's done we rinse off the toothbrush and put it in the drawer in the bathroom. We always say, "Bye bye" to whatever we're finishing/closing/leaving. So, I say close the drawer and say, "Bye Bye teeth". Luke say's, "BYE BYE TEE TEE!" with a smile as if he's just said the right word. I correct him and say, "It's bye bye TEETH Luke". He smiles and says, "Thank You Momma". It's so hilarious.

Oh, the little words they get confused on. His speech is getting much better since he got the tubes in his ears last week. It's like a different child. Today he said baby for the first time while we were looking at his picture book of objects.

Here are some of the words/phrases he says multiple times per day. Banana, App-um (apple), Jewz (juice), Poppa, Nana, Beau, My Poppa, My Nana, Thank You Momma, My Da Da, Poppa's ca (car), My Poppa's ca, Go Ca, Coutside (outside), Go Coutside, Cheese, Quack Quack, No, Da Da's Ca, ball, sock, twos (shoes), amen. He can identify his head, hair, belly, eyes, feet, hands, nose, ears & mouth. Every night and at meals we say, "We're going to pray to Jesus now". He will put his hands together and watch us pray. At the end he'll say Amen. It's really precious.

I cannot believe how quickly they learn and can mock you just by watching you do something ONCE. (yes, be very afraid if you are an underwear "picker outer".) The other day he was standing in the bathroom while I was peeing and after I flushed the toilet I noticed him repetiously mimicing me wiping. Nice huh! He also today decided to take his own shorts off something he's never done before. I hope this isn't the beginning of naked streaking episodes. Oh well...if it is it's just par for the course.

Our winkerbean is a smart boy with lots of energy and a smile that'll stop traffic. He's always happy and ready to play. We just love him so much and are constantly reminded of how blessed we are to have him in our lives.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Brushy, Brushy, BRUSHY!!!!

I'm doing really good at brushing my teeth. I love my koala pals toothpaste it tastes so yummy! When I'm finished brushing mommy rinses the toothbrush and puts it in the drawer in the bathroom. I say, "Bye Bye Teeth".

My first dental appt. will show no cavities. Auntie will be proud of me too.

Brushy, brushy, brushy!!!

Cutie Pie...Storm was a tornado last night.

In case you haven't heard my pictures last night were actually of the weather that preceeded a tornado approx. 15 miles from us. I knew there was quite a lightening storm going on. Jason thought I was crazy for standing out there trying to get some pictures of the lightening. Look at last nights blog pic's of the storm as it blew in. Believe it or not, we never even got a drop of rain from it.

Today, I got a cute pic of Luke. See....

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Tonight the skies grew dark and a storm front blew in. It was so cool to watch. I even caught this lightening shot. My buddy Jasmine came by to play tonight while her mommy and daddy took a tour of big sis Jade's new school next year for kindergarten. We had fun playing in the kitchen and she loves my big stuffed monkey.

Cheese, Ravioli's & Bathtime fun...

Today's blog will cover a couple items. First, notice Luke gets to take a real bath for the first time in a week. Remember, his surgery prohibited him from taking a bathtub bath until the stent fell out, which happened last night. So, as you can see he had fun in his first official bath (that wasn't a sponge bath) post-op. Second, I was shopping at WalMart today and bought some Old English Cheddar cheese spread and put it on celery when I got home . This reminded me of my dad. He always used to make this. It was just a little reminiscence for me. I miss you dad. It'll be 9 years since you went home to be with Jesus on May 21. You remain in my heart. Also, today Lukey ate ravioli and got it all over him. It's always so much fun. After the ravioli we hopped in the tub and had a splashing good time. He now likes to lay down and drink the bathwater. Much to my displeasure. Oh, one more when we left Walmart I noticed he'd been eyeing the Bert and Ernie "CA" that you put 50 cents in to ride by the front door. I put in the change and set him in the car. He was petrified. He climbed off so fast. I was laughing because he NEVER turns down a ride in a "CA".