Thursday, November 29, 2007


Remember my friend Allie who'd been hospitalized at Baylor for 3 wks. with complications from her bariatric surgery well........she's flown the coop my friends and she looks FABULOUS!
7 months out she's lost 130 lbs.
I'm SO proud of you Allie. YOU LOOK GREAT! Keep up the great work. It was great seeing you today, out of the confines of Baylor Medical Center.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What a difference 1 year can make...

Me one year ago Nov 27, 2006
Size 22/24
Me now, Nov 28, 2007 Size 14
with my hero, Dr. Joseph Kuhn

What a huge difference 1 year can make!
Today is my 1 year anniversary date of my weight loss surgery. Although, this year has been the hardest year of my life, due to all of the complications I've experienced as a result of my surgery I do not regret having it. I'm asked all the time, "Would you do it again?" To this I would have to answer a resounding YES. My whole reason for opting for the surgery in the first place was to get rid of diabetes. Mission Accomplished!

So... 1 year later, 1 lawsuit later, 9 surgeries later, 2.5 months in the hospital LOTS of pain pills later-- I'm alive. Thank you Jesus, I'm a walking miracle. It is a testimony to God's healing power. HE ALONE GETS ALL THE GLORY!

This journey has taken me through many ups and downs. Through it all, I'm stronger and God has taught me many things. As I reflected over the year a few lessons I've learned have come to the forefront of my mind.

1)There are people out there that are hurting WAY more than me.
2) Be sensitive and reach out with compassion to those who are hurting.
3) Encourage those who are without hope.
4) Be a light in this dark world!
5) Be thankful for every day you get to sleep in your own bed without the assistance of oxygen tanks, 11 i.v.s, catheters and round the clock narcotic pain pumps
6) Cherish every moment, as if it was your last with your child and your spouse.
7)Jesus heals!!!

Above are two pictures. One of them was done the day before my surgery last year. The other one was taken today at my 1 year followup appt. with the doctor who saved my life, Dr. Joseph Kuhn. He is a great doctor and he assembled the surgical team who helped me with my post op complications created by my cocaine-snorting previous weight loss surgeon (hence, the pending lawsuit)....I digress....

I've been asked by Dr. Kuhn to be involved in a research study, as well as allow them to use my before and after pictures for literature & websites. I gladly oblige. If I can give hope or help to someone who is in a similar situation that I was then that is what I want to do.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Great Thanksgiving in KY...

The Rice-Stone Family
Me and my sweet niece, Emery

Emery Baby
Me, Brooke, Luke & Em
Sister and I
Rice Trio
Me and my sweet boy, Luke

I LOVE this picture of my fav boys
Brooke, Luke and I
I love this boy with all my heart

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turkey Day #2

Still in KY, it's freezing. We're about to go and have Turkey Day #2 with some more friends.....see ya'll later. I'll be reporting about the great Doorbuster sales I got on Black Friday at 4am...


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day....

Gobble, gobble from FREEZING (said with teeth chattering) Kentucky. We had a great turkey day today with family and friends. Tomorrow we're off to see what kind of deals we can dig up for Black Friday. The plan will commence at Walmart in Stanford, KY followed by a trip to K-Mart, Gabriel Bros. and Goody's. Hoping to be a door-buster this year.

Hope everyone had a great day and didn't eat too much!


Monday, November 19, 2007

Got Purses??? Let's Make A Deal....

Price: $80
Brand: Coach
Size: Medium
Fabric:Coach Brown Signature fabric w/"C"'s on it and camel leather trim
Condition: Great, small scuffs on bottom from gentle use. Very minimal wear.
Color: Brown with camel leather accents and nickel hardware
Retails New: $175
NOTE: There is NO stain to the right of zippered pocket. Just the camera angle distorting the fabric.
Price: $80
Brand: Coach
Color: Black w/leather accents and nickel hardware
Size: Medium
Fabric: Coach signature fabric w/"C"'s on it
Condition: Excellent, gently used. Minimal wear
Retails New: $175
Brand: Kate Spade
Size: Medium
Fabric: Wool, w/black leather trim
Condition: Excellent, like new but gently used
Color: Greyish Khaki w/black leather trim
Retails New: $175
Price: $200
Brand: Louis Vuitton Petit Bucket
Size: Medium
Condition: Used, water stain on bottom (see right corner) and a few other minor stains on bottom. Straps darker from hand oils rubbing off while carrying. Normal wear. Still a lot of life left.
Retails new: $500+
Color: Brown/Camel trim
Price: $85
Size: Large
Condition: Excellent, like new, carried handful of times
Color: Light Pink
Fabric: DB signature fabric
Retails new: $180
Brand: Dooney & Burke
Condition: Excellent, like new, carried handful of times-if that
Color: Light Orange
Fabric: DB Signature fabric
Retails new:$125
Brand: Coach Wallet
Condition: Brand New, never used (still has part of tag ring)
Fabric: Coach signature fabric w/"C" on it
Color: White w/camel leather trim and nickel hardware
Retails New: $198
Price: $220
Brand: Coach Handbag & Wallet Set (does match pic angle just makes the purse look a different shade than the wallet but they are a set.
Condition: Excellent, very gently used includes dustbag
Fabric: Coach signature fabric w/"C" on it and suede accents/trim
Color:Deep Plum/Purplish
Retails New: Purse $250
Retails New: Wallet $198

Condition:Great, gently used, some wear on suede trimming
Color: Coral/Melon
Fabric:Coach Signature fabric w/suede accents and "C" on it
Retails New: Purse $400
Retails New: Wallet $198
Price: $150
Condition: Excellent, barely used (includes dustbag)
Size: Large
Color:Brown with Green suede accents and "C"'s on it
Retails New: $400
Condition:Very gently used
Size: Small
Fabric:Coach signature fabric w/"C"'s on it
Retails New: $148
Price:$ 85
Condition:Excellent, barely used
Color:Black/White with black leather accents, nickel hardware
Fabric:Coach signature fabric w/"C"'s on it
Retails New: $175
Brand:Brighton Travel Bag (nice compartment space inside
Size: Medium-Large
Condition:Excellent, like new, barely used
Fabric:Black Brighton "swirly"fabric with brown faux croc leather accents and silver hardware
Retails New:$ 210
Brand: Coach
Condition:Good, gently used
Retails New:$175
Brand: Coach
Condition:Good, gently used
Retails New:$175

So..... a group of girlfriend's and I were sitting around discussing Christmas and just how close it is .Then we all decided to figure out a way to make some extra bucks to spend on Christmas presents this year.

I suggested we all clean out our closets of designer purses and wallets that we didn't use anymore. The idea was a hit and I designated myself as the "point person" tell sell all of the items for everyone.

BEFORE I put them on Ebay, I wanted to give my blog reader's first dib's. So, here are all the pic's and description's and price's. I will accept cash (if local), check or Paypal for your purchases ($1 surcharge to cover Paypal fees, if you chose that payment method). Price's are firm. All purses/wallets are in great condition. Any minor scuffing or stains are noted. All of these hangbags belong to friends of mine and have been well taken care of or I wouldn't list them. Feel confident that you are getting authentic merchandise and they all come from a smoke free home. Some of the items come with the dust bag and one even still has the box incl.

If you are local, then you don't have to pay shipping. If your item's have to be mailed, I will ship via USPS Priority Mail. I'll let you know your total before you send payment. All items are avail. for shipping the Tues. after Thanksgiving. If you want it gift wrapped I'll even do that for no extra charge. Christmas shopping has never been easier. So, let's make a deal!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at



Sunday, November 18, 2007

Warring in prayer...

Two HUGE hit's this week both in our family and our church family.

My mother-in-law was diagnosed with colon cancer 2 weeks ago. She had surgery last Wed. where they removed a portion of the cancerous colon. Pathology reports came back today and we rec'd the news that she has cancer in her lymph nodes. She is in great spirits. She always has a positive attitude. We don't know yet what her therapy will be, but there is talk of radiation as the first option. We'll know more once she meets with an oncologist. Please pray for complete healing for Carolyn's body and for a quick recovery from her surgery. She should be released from the hospital tomorrow.

In our church family, my good friend Michele's son Brenton, age 8 was diagnosed with cancer as well this week. He'd been having some tummy issues and a CT Scan revealed a mass in his stomach, etc...Surgery revealed the cancer is in his liver and lung. They removed a golf ball sized mass in his lung on Friday. His pathology reports will be in tomorrow. A page has been set up to keep everyone abreast of the latest info:


Thank you,


Saturday, November 17, 2007

I promise I'm NOT lying...

Ok peeps, this is what I heard at Tar-gey (Target) tonight.

I'm standing in the Express 10 Items or Less line waiting for the young lady (20ish) in front of me to pay. The cashier was a 40-ish disabled man in a wheelchair, checking customers out.

Cashier: That was a cute look you just made.
Customer: (embarrassed grin) Thanks...
Cashier: Happy Holidays. You have a great day. Come back and see us.

Then I step up....
Me: Hi Nicolas (read nametag)
Nic: Hi, how are you?
Me: I'm fabulous.
Nic: (snickering) Well, I know THAT, but how are you???
Me: (forced laugh)...
Nic: Scan's a couple of my items. He notices that a couple of them are farther down the conveyor belt than he can reach and he asks me if I can move them down towards him.
Me: (Jovially) Oh sure, looks like you need an extra arm or maybe two more.
Nic: I need an extra two inches SOMEWHERE ELSE!
Me: I say nothing, but stand there kind of in awe of what has just transpired.
Me: Here's my check, I'll give you my driver's license.
Nic: Oh, great picture on your driver's license.
Me: Oh really, well it's 10 years old. Awaiting my renewal date next year to get new photo taken.

Ok, people is it ME or did he just sexually harass me?

Happy Jolly-day I guess. Can't wait to come back and see him, NOT!


Thursday, November 15, 2007

How do they stay in business?

Today, I was driving in my old "hood" in G-town and literally saw this.

West side of Centerville Rd. there was a Dollar General store. RIGHT next door an Everything's .99 store and RIGHT aross the street (east Centerville Rd.) .99 Only store.

How can these stores all stay in business? Just wondering...


Need translation.....Response needed!

Since, I'm on a roll this morning. Prolly, cuz it's not even 8am and I've already posted 3 blogs...and I popped a couple "corns" too (see below Oh no you didn' for THAT explanation).

I need YOUR help.

What does one wear to a huge Christmas party hosted by one's Weight Loss Surgery Surgeons when the invitation says:

Dress: Business Casual/Holiday Attire

What would you wear, if you were me? I'm being serious too. I don't want to be the one in khaki's when everyone else is in sequins...Ya dig!

All wardrobe comments welcome!

P.S. Am I the only one who finds it humorous that they'll be serving wine, cheese and hors D’oeuvres ONLY. Maybe that's because everyone's stomach is only small enough for a couple cubes of cheese. Go figure!



Ok, it's official....from this point forward thru Dec 31, I will be declining any/all invitations sent my way. How does this affect ME, you may ask??? Well... if YOU are hosting a:

Southern Living At Home Party
Pampered Chef Party
Beauticontrol Party
Mary Kay Party
Arbonne Party
Melaleuca Party
MonaAvi Party
Home Interiors Party
Birthday Party
CAbi Clothes Party
The Body Shop At Home Party
Tupperware Party
In Home Craft Fair
Tastefully Simple Party
Partylite Candle Party
Chicks & Chocolate Party
Passion Party
Holiday Cookie Exchange
Pre-Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner get-together
Post-Thankgiving Turkey Dinner get-together (you know the one's where everyone gets together to combine leftovers to "create" a "deliciously-edible" smorgasboard of delicacies that have already been consumed for 4 days in a row. Even if you think you can put an exciting "new" twist on grandma's giblet stuffing.....)
Baby Shower
Silpada Designs Jewelry Party
Christmas Party

PLEASE DON'T INVITE ME! I WILL DECLINE, PLAIN & SIMPLE. Don't test me either! My calender is currently booked thru year end. Thankyou for adherence. A zero tolerance policy is currently in effect until further notice.


Oh no you didn't? Oh yes...I DID

In an unprecedented early morning tantrum of the toddler variety, I succumbed to my son's multiple, DEMANDS.

YES, I let him eat candy corns for breakfast. Since it IS "corn" shouldn't this count as a vegetable?

Does this make me a bad mom? I makes me a "normal" (which is relative) mom hell bent on getting an extra 5 minutes of shut-eye.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

God is good all the time, all the time God is good!

Hello dear friends:
Thank you for your continued prayers for my mother-in-law, Carolyn. Surgery to remove the cancerous portion of her colon was a success today. We just returned from the hospital and she is resting well. Her stay will be approx. 4-5 days. Please continue to pray for her recovery.

In other news, my good friend Michele's 8 yr. old son Brenton was just diagnosed with cancer yesterday. The cancer is in his kidney, lung, stomach and lymph nodes. He will immediately begin chemotherapy. The Dr's. feel like he will respond well to the treatments, however they are concerned about how aggressively this cancer is spreading. If you would please keep Brenton and her family in your prayers, as she has other small children too. A website has been established to keep everyone updated with the latest info. We are praying for complete healing for Brenton's body. If you would like to leave a word of encouragement or a healing scripture please click on his site:

Praise report for my other friend Michelle in Houston. She's been officially placed on the translant list to receive her new kidneys and pancreas. This will be her 3rd organ transplant. Her previous organs failed. She has been told she will most likely receive her organs within the next 6 months. Praise the Lord for his sustainance for Michelle and her family. She's been through more than any human being I know.

Please continue to pray for my other friend Allie who is still hospitalized at Baylor recovering from bariatric surgery complications.

That's about it for one day. Oh, almost forgot. Please pray for me to get Luke into his ENT tomorrow. He's being crying that his ear is hurting. I have a feeling we'll be getting tubes again, as his first set have already fallen out.

Oh, and praise that daddy made it safely to Arizona on business and that GranDee made it safely to Kentucky to visit Brooke, Emery and Michael.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pondering thoughts....

Endo Office and Physic Therapy...strange combo, huh?

Well that's what I thought too today when I saw both of these signs as I drove along the streets of McKinney.

You see...the rest of the signs letter's were burned out so instead of Endodontist Office it was Endo Office and instead of Physical Therapy we had Physic Therapy...

Which brings me to my next ponderance....What type of service does the Endo Office provide? A couple things come to my mind: mary jane, reefer, weed, pot, marijuana, gonja. Just to name a few.

Furthermore, maybe the Physic Therapy office could co-exist in the same office complex as the Endo Office. The Therapist's could direct you to the Endo Office first where they'd "treat" you prior to sending you back for your therapy. Which would of course be administered by a trained Physicist...

Ok, I know you're lost by now Amber. Sorry!

On a serious note, please keep my mother in law in prayer tomorrow as she undergoes surgery again to remove the cancer on her colon. Surgery is scheduled between 1-2pm. Thanks so much

If you could also pray for my friend Allie who is still hospitalized at Baylor with complications from her bariatric surgery in April.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Thanksgiving Finger Feast

No I don't have on tons of blush, for some reason this photog just makes my cheeks look really rosey...Must be cuz I ate all my bread crusts Mom.

Luke's placemat

The 3 Amigos....Shep, Luke & Hudson

Luke's bestest buddy, Sheppie

Luke and his teacher Mrs. Peggi

Hudson and "MaMa" Pam....his Godmother

Luke and "Uncle" Cody

The Ross and Bailey family

Luke and his pumpkin he made

Luke and Mrs. Kelley

I'm almost positive that indians wore shorts back then, right?

The whole singing crew

Ya'll I had the pleasure of seeing my son "perform" on stage for the first time EVER. It was priceless. His school put's on an annual Thanksgiving "Finger Feast". They call it that because everyone brings "cubed meat", "cubed cheese" and all thing's "mini" for others to partake of.

The long banquet tables are decorated by the teachers of the classes and each child makes a craft for their parents. Luke's was a pumpkin made out of material, paper and fiberfill. He was dressed like an indian. Some kids were pilgrims some were indians.

He also had a handmade laminated placemat with his picture in it, from when they had the pumpkin patch at the school a few weeks back. It was SO adorable. I hope you enjoy the photos. I just love this creative boy.

Before I ever had a child, I thought about the fact that when/if I ever did mine would be the one grabbing his crotch or picking his nose during any type of school singing performance. Well...he didn't pull a Michael Jackson and do any crotch-grabbing but he did do this.

Song Leader: Ok kids, quiet and look at me!

Pitch silence and you could have heard a needle drop.

Luke: HI MOMMY! (big wave)

Me: HI BABY!!!!!!!

Immediate crowd seated around me: HEARTY LAUGHS!

We were in our own "moment". I love being a mom.

P.S. Somebody could have let me in on the "memo" that said we were supposed to dress our kids in jeans or pants today for the performance. Like a big nerd, my kid is the only one with shorts on. Ok peeps, it WAS 80F out today and I was thinking of my child's well-being not his performance attire. At least he wasn't like the little girl on stage, who had her hands down the back of her panties and was picking her hiney. Oh yeah, that'll be good bribery material for her future boyfriends. I know lots of people got it on video.


Friday, November 09, 2007

Look before you speak...

What went down at McD's today.

Friend and I having lunch near play area. Older couple walks up and says to the parents in playland. "We just found this little girl wandering around alone in the parking lot. Does she belong to one of ya'll in here?" Mom's act appauled and no one claims her.

People start whispering and finally the mother is identified by the restaurant mgr. Of course she's mortified that her daughter (who looked to be less than 2 yrs. old--no shoes and sagging diaper in tow) was able to "escape" from playland unnoticed and doddle around unsupervised in a busy parking lot in front of the drive thru lane. Yeah, scary isn't it!

Well, the mother evidently assumed that the grandmother was watching the little girl while Mom tended to her other child who was making his way through the plastic mazes/slides. Upon hearing her daughter was in the parking lot Mom briskly walks over to HER mother (who is leisurely reading a newspaper) and says, "Mom, did you not see that _____ was gone and these people found her alone in the parking lot". To which Grandma replies, "I had no idea she'd left". Mom is absolutely horrified and pissed at Grandma for not watching the infant. They promptly pack their bags and leave.

As my friend and I look on, we're having our own little conversation, about how in the world that mother could have allowed her child to slip so far out of her sight, as to end up alone in the parking lot. Then it hit's me. I hadn't seen Luke or Tristan (her son) in a long while. So, I say to her, "You know what I better go check where our boys are, because we could be sitting here talking about what a horrible mom that lady is when our two could be up to something".

I look in the mazes, slides...the video games EVERYWHERE! No Luke or Tristan. Then I hear giggling coming from the bathroom. I open the door and LOW AND BEHOLD, what do I see.........................I wish I'd had my camera. They had unrolled the entire roll of toilet paper all over the floor in the restroom. Luke had the water on and was "sprinkling" water all over the toilet paper on the floor. Tristan had wet hands with toilet paper on them and was drying them under the automatic dryer. They were both giggling like little school girls. I promptly took them both out and said, "We're going home now". I had to go back and clean up that "snow shower" of toilet paper that was now occupying the piss stained floors......It was so nasty, but I couldn't bare to just leave it the way our boys had made it.

Lesson # 298371 as a parent....Look before you speak (about someone ELSE'S kids)!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I'm so happy, I can hardly see straight....

Why??? You say. Well, because FINALLY after 7 years of having kitchen cabinets that are bare-topped I've now got all kinds of fun baubles adorning them. (Amber, "baubles" can be found in Webster's dictionary under "B" in case you were struggling with that word.) good friend who is an interior decorator is moving to California. So, she's was selling lots of stuff from her home which has just sold. Today, I got the email to come and "shop" the Cole Boutique (that's her last name)....I did and she gave me lots of good deals. It was like a "blue light" special over there.

See how perfect all the new stuff fits w/my current decor.

Thank you so much Mrs. Cole. Gone are those bare bones cabinets. I'm now so chic......


Drumroll please...

Was the craft show's successful one may ask?

And to that I must answer a resounding YES!!!

Personal Goal Amount Set: $1000

Exceed goal by $672

Grand Total made $1672 for all of you who are mathematically-challenged!

Thank you Jesus for providing for us, yet again. Thank you for blessing me with the talents to do what I do. I'm so thankful that I trusted you to provide. You far exceeded my expectations, as always.

There's the update Peeps & Posh.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

I cannot believe he said this...yah I can!

So, Jason and Luke and I were walking down the aisle at Wal-Mart tonight. There was a mom with 2 toddlers. She was trying to get the older one of the two to pick up his blanket off the floor and get in the cart. The smaller of the two she was trying to corral into the Wiggles Shopping Cart. He was screaming and throwing a tantrum like every mother has experienced at one time or another. When we passed I said, "You're not alone"...she grinned and said thanks to me.

We kept walking. Just as Jason pushed the cart past them Luke says AND I QUOTE, "Dat Boy needs a spankin". Jason and I did everything we could to not bust a lung. As we continued down the other aisles we happened upon a very unhappy infant that was wailing at the top of his lungs in the cart. Yep, you guessed it Luke chimes in again. This time he said, "SHHHHHHH, hush". I wonder where he learns this stuff.

The craft fair went awesome. I'm $144 dollars from my goal. I have another craft show on Tues/Wed. of this week. I'll let ya'll know if I meet my goal and what my goal was at that time.

Hope all is well. I'm really pooped out from the weekend show.

Oh, my sister in law cut off all her hair Fri. She now has Posh Spice's haircut and it looks adorable on her. Now that I've mentioned it on here, HOPEFULLY it will sufficiently apply enough pressure on her to post some "hair pic's" on HER BLOG....Whadya think?

Well...I'm tired so I'll be logging off now.


Friday, November 02, 2007

42 down, 181 to go....

Today's craft show was a big success for me. I sold 42 domino pendant/necklaces. Tomorrow, I have ONLY 181 left to sell...

We had good traffic, but not near what we usually get on a Friday (at this specific show). So, I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I'm praying to do as good if not better. I have a personal goal to meet. Will let you know tomorrow if I attained it.

Thanks Amber and Peggy for helping "man" my table and for modeling the creations.

Quick funny story, I sold 3 necklaces right off my neck. I put one pendant on a chain, then someone said, 'Oh, I love the one you're wearing'....I said, 'here it's your's"....Then I replenished TWICE because the same thing happened again. I'm quite the model, if I do say so myself (no I'm not bragging).

Here's to tomorrow (tipping my styrofoam cup of Tropical Tea).


P.S. I miss Winky already. He spent the night with GranDee
P.P.S. I'm sorry to all the people that have left me vm's. over the last week. Tammy (Panera Invitation) Cami (Matthews Strep Throat).....I've been eating, sleeping and breathing domino necklaces this past week. Will you still keep me as your friend? I hope so.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I'm FAMOUS....featured on Manic Mommy blog..

Here's the low-down. I won a little contest, hosted by Manic Mom (blog address below). Check it out and see my "Manic Moments". Officially, my 15 seconds of "fame".

And...if you're here for the domino necklace's, here's the current inventory. You know what to do. They are 1 for $12 or 2 for $20, unless you've visited Manic's site and know what to do to get the "Manic Special Deal". Thanks Manic Mommy for this most hilarious contest. She's so creative gals (and guys) AND FUNNY TOO!