Sunday, September 30, 2007

Beginning of ear infection season.

Well, 3rd Dr. appt. in 2 weeks. Luke now has an ear infection. He kept telling me last night he heard doggies in his ear and today a butterfly. So, to the Dr. we went after church. Sure enough, he has an ear infection, in the ear that the tube has fallen out of. Antibiotic's again....Gosh, I hope this isn't a repeat of last years ear "issues". He may end up having tubes put BACK in, if this continues.

That's it!


Friday, September 28, 2007

WHAT THE H.E.Double Hockey Sticks..

Let me preface my blog for today with a statement in my defense. I usually have the patience of a saint with Luke. He's done some minor things to peeve me in his 3+ years on this earth. Most being a matter of inconvenience. This takes the cake though. At my own admission when I saw this I wanted to fly into a fit of rage and pinch his little head off. Because for 3 days now he's gotten spankings for doing this....Today he sent me over the edge when I saw him hanging from the floatie, which was hanging from the chandelier in our dining room.
You see he decided to use the picnic table Nana and Poppa got him for his bday as a "step stool" to hang from the light fixture. Not only is the fixture bent, but where it is attached to the ceiling is coming out too. I don't think the mfg.'s designed it to hold a 37 lb three year old. This whole incident royally pisses me off, because I've told him 3 times in the last few days to STOP DOING THIS!
So, for now he's being punished in his room w/door closed until daddy get's home and we can talk about proper punishment for this "crime". I know he's definitely getting his cherished McQueen cars taken away all weekend. We were going to go to the mall tonight in Frisco for a family time together that Jason planned. We were going to take Luke to ride the carousel...Not now! I still think we'll go to the mall, but let him see what he's missing by NOT getting to ride it. Maybe that will be punishment enough! Sorry, but I HAD TO VENT!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Office...

Today Luke told me he needed to go to the office to do his job. Then as we were leaving the Target store we passed the customer service desk/line and he told me that was the Post Office..Plus today he's been noticing and identifying circles all day. They must be studying that in school. I'll have to ask his teacher.

Update on Jenny...she did pass a kidney stone and is doing MUCH better. Thx for your prayers for our sweet neighbor "Aunt Jenny".

That's it for today.....


Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Not too much happened today. We (Luke and I) went to Mom Time at church this morning. Luke did well playing with others. Last time he got in trouble for throwing toys and pushing down a little girl. We talked about "the rules" and what was expected of him.

In other news...Beau is sick w/croup. I feel bad because I feel like Luke gave it to him even though 2 Dr's. said he didn't HAVE croup. The barking seal cough is a dead give away to me though. Please pray for Beau to get better. Also please pray for Amber who passed out in the kitchen at 2am this morning. They don't know why, she just got nauseated and passed out. Jeff found her on the kitchen tile and Beau was sitting on the kitchen counter. He told Amber, "mommy you fell down right there". Wierd....

Also, please pray for Jenny our next door neighbor who was rushed to the ER where she is right now having tests run for possible kidney stones.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Great Compliment....Some Things Just Aren't Right...

Thank you all who prayed for Luke. He's feeling great today. So great, he got to go to big boy school since he was fever-free. Today, his teacher paid him a great compliment. She pulled me aside when I picked him up and said, "He has got the best manners." She elaborated with, "Every time we give him a snack he says, 'OHHHHH Thank you'!'" I was so proud of him. I remember one time my mom told me that I was a very thankful, appreciative child. In fact, she said that people in public places would comment on my manners. She recounted how proud she was of ME for saying please and thank-you. What a joy that is as a parent to see the fruits of your labor. A compliment is the highest form of flattery, to a job that often goes without recognition. So, Mom I know what you felt like now. It's a great feeling....

And....I digress to the 'Some Things Just Aren't Right' portion of today's blog. While Luke was in school I visited my favorite thrift store for 2 hours UNINTERRUPTED. I perused the aisles in peace without hearing, "I want this, I want that!" It was really nice. But, one thing that really disturbed me was an item I found hanging on the pegboard. The pegboard w/it's shiny metal hooks usually houses what-nots/items for resale that have been bagged up w/like items... i.e. hotel lotion and shampoo/conditioner samples, hair clips/scrunci's/barrettes, wallpaper borders, child-proofing fixtures, unused thank you cards/ catch my drift....
Today I found..............get ready.....A RECTAL THERMOMETER.

Okay, people if you have to purchase your rectal thermometer at a RESALE shop you must really be hurting...

I'll leave you w/that nice image this evening.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Doing better.

I guess the TLC given to Lukey today paid off. He's been doing well. However, we did take him to the Dr. again tonight (twice in 3 days) and they still said he looks fine. My response, "Well..he doesn't sound fine!"

Dr. diagnosed it as a common cold, ears clear, throat clear, chest clear. Dr. did prescribe 5 days of a liquid steroid to reduce swelling in the bronchial area. Thanks for your prayers.

If no fever Doc says he can go to school tomorrow. He's still hoarse, but is acting fine.

So, we'll see. In other news, my niece Emery turned 1 yesterday. Check out Brooke's blog for the pic's. Word on the street is she was elbow deep in cake frosting...Wish we could have been there to witness it all first-hand. Maybe next year huh!


Sicky Sickerson...

Well...little Winky is under the weather. We took him to the Dr. and they listened to his chest, breathing, checked his ears (for doggies) and he came through with a clean bill of health.

However for the "strange" cough (that he didn't hear while we were in the office) the Doc recommended I get him on Robitussin Night Cough and Cold. That was Friday...Sat. he ran a temperature and was very fatigued. The biggest thing is his cough. He's officially the "barking seal" mom's know what that means...CROUP...That's my personal diagnosis and one the Dr. said could be a possibility, however his age dictates that he's at the end of the spectrum for getting croup.

The cough is unmistakable... so, Sun. when the Dr's. office open's we'll be returning hopefully this time to get an antibiotic or steroid or something....He's miserable and has thrashed around in bed all night.

How do I know??? Because he's sleeping w/me, as daddy is at Uncle Jeff's house tonight because of an early morning return from Austin's UT game. Which I might add, UT pummelled RICE. Hook Em' Horns....Luke kept telling me that Daddy and Kunkle Jeff were at the Hook Em Horn's HOUSE.

Please pray for our sick boy and that an official diagnosis will be made and an appropriate treatment administered. I HATE to see him like this. I would take his place in a long as they didn't make me stay in any hospitals.....Thanks.


Thursday, September 20, 2007


Today is my sweet hubby's 36th birthday. I can hardly believe that when we met we were both 25. Seem's like we were such young pups then. So much has happened in 10 years.

I hope that this year brings you much happiness, fullfillment, joy and love.

We love you so much.

Winky and Mommy

The ice cream kids...can you say Messy Messerson

Am I brave or what! Maybe just a little insane. What do you get when you mix a 2 & 3 yr. old, a car, 2 icecream cones and a hot day.....You guessed it a pair of Messy Messerson's. Here was the dialogue between the two of them in the back seat.

Luke: "Beau, you wan ice ream cone?"

Beau: "Yeah, ice ream"

Luke: "Thank you mommy SO much"

Beau: "Thanks Heh-burr"

Beau: "Uh, Oh"

Luke: "Whats wong Beau, you got ice ream on your whips (lips)?"

Beau: "Yeah (wiping himself w/napkin) Dare dat's better".

Luke: "It's ok Beau, we'll fix it".

Beau: "Heh have ice ream cone?

Aunt Heather: "Sure do, eat your's it's melting."

Beau: (licking cone) "Yummy ice ream cone". "It's messy".

Aunt Heather: "That's ok, we'll clean it up".

Luke: "Yeah, Beau dat's ok, we'll clean it up."

Too cute huh!!! Hey, my theory it's not fun until someone's covered in dairy products...They had a blast giggling in the back seat...can't get those times back...You can always clean em' up!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to big boy school we go....

For those of you wondering how today went...
Luke was so excited to go to big boy school. I said, "You're such a big boy Luke". He said, "No mommy, I'm Luke Elijah Rice". He loved his first day of school. He walked right in met his teacher's Miss Peggi and Miss Kelly and began "flaying"(playing) with PlayDoh. He had no pee pee accidents and had fun in chapel sitting by his buddy Sheppie.
Now for Mommy..............I'M FREE!!!!!!
No, I did NOT shed any tears. I did feel a bit wierd eating an ice cream cone sans 3 yr. old at 9:30AM at Mickey D's w/o a little one screaming "ICE REAM, mommy Ice Ream". It was refreshing.....I also got to pee without someone staring at my crotch saying, "Mommy, you go tee tee"? I also got to go to WalMart alone, in and out in 10 minutes....That's never happened. I usually hear, "Go dat way mommy, no go dat way" & "I want pumpkin mommy". I also, got all the clothes folded w/o interruptions and bed sheets changed, a couple loads of laundry done and the dishwasher loaded. I pretty much felt as free as a highschooler whose parents left town for the weekend. I didn't know what to do with myself, but I promise I'll figure something out. I'll enjoy the solitude two days a week. I love my son with all my heart and enjoy being a stay at home mommy, but today I realized just how little ME time I've had for 3 years. It's quite refreshing I must admit. Hope you like his 1st day of school pic's.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fun pics...

Sweet hubby and I before we went to celebrate our 10 yr. anniversary with dinner at Buca di Beppo's. I love you sweetie. I'm so blessed to be your wife. Thanks GranDee for watching Lukey-poo for us.

Lukey and I with our "cheese" grins

My sweet mom

Luke loves his GranDee

Luke and GranDee modeling HIS costume this year. Yes, you can come inside his clubhouse.

Luke modeled the costume I'm Ebaying

Spiderman, nobody knows who you are?

Friday, September 14, 2007

Lunch with Carroll...Mall time...

Today Luke and I ventured out to meet my friend Carroll for lunch at Willowbend Mall. They have a play area that is a bit juvenile for Luke, but we could watch him from all angles and still chat.
Carroll is my sweet friend, that I met at Northwest Bible church, approx. 12+ years ago through the Women's Heart 2 Heart ministry. We were paired up and she was my mentor. She has 4 boys: John (builds custom homes) , David (just got married and is a lawyer/teacher), Andy (think he's selling cars) and Luke who is a highschooler at Highland Park highschool.
She and her husband Scott, own T Bar M Ranch in New Braunfels, as well as a camp on Lake Travis in Austin. We've kept in touch all these years. We've shared many good times and bad times over the years. She watched Luke for us while I was hospitalized. She's taken me to the Dr. when I was so sick earlier this year. She would visit me in the hospital, etc. Carroll is a beautiful person both inside and out. The wisdom I have gleened from her over the years is invaluable. She's always so joyful and is such an encouragement to me.
I love you sweet Carroll. Let's get together again soon. Thanks for the anniversary gift and lunch. Hey Carroll, beautiful "Joy" pendant, whereever did you find such a beautiful work of art???(wink)
Here are the pic's from our day at the Mall.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Angel Allie The Pumpkin....a Tribute

I don't know if you guys remember 3 years ago when WFAA 8 featured a family in Allen with a very critically ill daughter, named Allison Leigh Scott. She had leukemia and earned her angel wings Sept 13, 2004 after her brave 5 mo. battle w/cancer.
Although, Allie did not live long here on earth (just 8 1/2 short months) but...the legacy she has left is amazing. Her mother, Jenny Scott (a former teacher) co-founded Heroes For Children after Allie's passing.

The need for an organization of this type became more evident to Jenny Scott after witnessing the devastating effects of childhood cancer. During her daughter’s treatments (stem cell transplant & chemo), she witnessed first hand the blessings of the community. However, she saw even more families struggling without the aid and care of others. Families were losing their homes, having their electricity shut off, and struggling to make everyday payments.

Allie loved her giraffe Sophie. She loved to blow "raspberry" (bubbles) from her mouth and she had the most beautiful smile. Please check out Andrew, Jenny & Maggie Scott's blog (click on my link "Jenny & Andrew"). You might be able to help Heroes For Children in some way. They have lots of volunteer opportunities. You can also see their newest little miracle that God blessed them with, Miss Maggie.
In honor of Angel Allie day, we decided since Luke loves pumpkins so much, that we'd purchase another pumpkin friend for Salsa and name her Allie. She's beautiful, but not as beautiful as Angel Allie was. She is very well accessorized if I may say so myself. She has long eyelashes, a beautiful smile (thanks to parts on loan from Mr. Potato head) and has beautiful pink angel wings and a golden halo....
After Allie went to heaven her family noticed that whereever they went butterflies would surround them. So, for them the butterfly is very special because to them it's Allie watching over them. So, it was ironic to me tonight that when I put the wings on Angel Allie Pumpkin Luke said, "She's a butterfly mommy" (and he flapped his wings) I got cold chills. Because of copyright legalities I cannot post any pic's of Allie but you can read her story and see tons of pic's at
Hope you like the picture of Luke, Angel Allie Pumpkin and Cheyenne Giraffe.
And a special HAPPY 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY to my sweet hubby. I love you more and more every day. You complete me and I'm proud to call myself your wife. Thanks for putting up with me for all these years. XOXOXOXO


Monday, September 10, 2007

Ever had a day like this....

My good friend and neighbor, Cami is going back to work after 4 years of being stay-at-home mommy. So, as one last hoorah we decided last week that we'd take our 2 boys to Peter Piper Pizza today to eat and play games.

It turned into a hellacious (UNDERSTATEMENT) time of Luke not obeying, crying and screaming, Luke not eating his pizza and only wanting to drink his lemonade and stare at the games I wouldn't allow him to play until he ate that ONE piece of pizza. He fought me every step of the way.

We made two trips to the bathroom to whip his bare little butt and 2 times he was put in timeout. Once for not listening, the other for hitting Matthew. He tried and tested me at every opportunity. It was a battle of the wills and I was not backing down.

No pizza, no games--plain and simple! It was NON-NEGOTIABLE. Finally, after 1 hour of staring at, fingering and picking off the pineapple Luke ate his pizza and was then allowed to play.

Ok, let me just tell you how incredibly frustrated I was. I seriously wanted to knock his head off. Had I not been the one who drove us all I would have left 15 minutes into our visit. Luke was just awful. He was being stubborn, deliberately disobedient, strong-willed. I was so frustrated that I spent the majority of the visit sitting at the table telling Luke, "eat that pizza now, or we're going back into the bathroom for another spanking, because you are not listening to me and not making a good choice". Oh, he'd want to eat the pizza--AFTER I'd threaten him with a spanking.

If you know me though, I'm all about follow through. If I tell him to do something and he chooses to make a poor choice he get's the consequences. I just hate it though, because it really does hurt the parent more than it does the kid. I felt bad for Cami and Matthew because it was suppose to be a fun last hoorah day. Instead I feel like we ruined it. Although, sweet Cami was always reassuring me that Matthew has his days like this too....Well...I still felt bad.

In the car ride home Luke didn't listen again and talked back to me. Zero tolerance policy (my new name for discipline) dictated another spanking when we got home. I warned him, he disobeyed and so as we drove up in the driveway Luke said this: "Mommy I good boy, no need spanking". I said, "Nope you weren't good at all and you will be getting a spanking when we get inside." He got to visit with Mr. No No (the wooden spoon) right before taking his nap.

It's been a long day. Thankfully tonight is my girls night out Pokeno game. Maybe the little monster will wake up an angel tomorrow. I sure hope so. Thanks for listening to me vent.
P.S. In the skeeball shot, notice which lane Luke's ball's in.


Saturday, September 08, 2007

Random thing challenge (Here you go Holly)...

Ok, I've decided to take the challenge my friend Holly gave me. It was to post 8 random things about myself. I've been thinking for a couple days, so here goes. Just added #9 & #10 (see below)

1. I absolutely loathe all of the tags that you have to cut off brassiere's when they're brand new. There's the mfg. tag, the size tag, the "how to wash tag", the "made w/spandex-lycra" tag....blah, blah...blah.

2. I would rather shop at thrift stores/garage sales than major dept. stores. Then sell all my "treasures" on Ebay. I love the challenge of finding a bargain. Coupon clipping, love it too!

3. If the Lord had not blessed us with Luke, we were going to adopt from China.

4. I usually use this "technique" to justify $$$ spent to Jason, when I've spent a little too much while shopping. (I know I'm blowing my cover, but you asked for random Holly). Here's the scenario I come home from shopping and here's how the conversation goes:
Jason: So, (sigh, pause) How much DID you spend?
Heather: Oh, only $173 (mind you I really spent much less than that but that kinda get's him rialed up so that when I hit him with the actual amt. it seems SO MUCH LESS and "acceptable".)
Jason: You're kidding me right? We didn't really have the money for you to spend that much, but I guess we'll just have to make due. I hope you got some good deals for that $173. Heather, that's a lot of money to spend at TJ Maxx.
Heather: But honey, I got such great deals....and look I even got YOU a new shirt for work.
Jason: That's nice.
Heather: Just kidding sweetie, I only spent $52....
Jason: Oh, well that's WAY better.
Heather: I know, I'm such a frugal shopper, aren't I?
Jason: Yeah, whatever. I'm just glad you didn't REALLY spend the $173.
Heather: You know me, I would NEVER spend that much without telling you first.
Jason: Good, keep it that way.
And that's how it works. See, now doesn't that kinda smooth things over.

5. I write things down on my calendar AFTER I've done them sometimes, just to be able to scratch it off. Such a sense of accomplishment.

6. If I could spend a zillion dollars I would spend it at Nordstrom's (I know, I said I'd rather shop at thrift stores more than dept. stores but.....if I had a zillion dollars).

7. I use to eat "doodle bugs" when I was a little girl.....Ok, don't ask me why--maybe I was aware even then of the importance of protein.

8. I eat every thing on my plate one course at a time....i.e. all the meat THEN all the veggies...THEN the bread. Don't know why, but just can't mix the food in my mouth. I know it mixes in my belly anyway.

9. Cannot stand it when people give you a "dead fish" handshake. No weak firm and confident people.

10. Secretly (until now) addicted to Cheez It's. I know Aunt Jenny is going to be disappointed in me. I'm sorry Aunt J. I had to switch over from NIPS. These just taste better to me now.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Funny things heard round these parts....

Driving home from the mall, car pulls out in front of us, slams on brakes and then turns into entrance of shopping center.

Heather: I say nothing, but am thinking #$%^&*.....
Luke: "Gosh, get outta the road, you're wearing me out!"
Heather: I laugh.

At Luke's 3 yr. well child visit yesterday. The Dr. is looking in his ear's looking for "puppy dogs".

Dr: Luke, be still while Ms. Tara looks in your ears, to see if there are any puppy dogs in there.
Luke: "There are no doggies in there, and their ain't no cows either!"
Dr./Heather: We laugh.

Combing Luke's hair to leave the house and meet our friends for a playdate. Mommy brushes and hairsprays.

Heather: Come here Luke, let me fix your hair. (Brush, spray)
Luke: "I'm cute mommy".
Heather: "Yeah, you're cute".

Me talking to Luke about who taught him "fist pop's".(you know when you bang fists with someone, think: '"Wonder Twins activate from the 80's"

Heather: Luke, tell me who taught you how to do fist pops?
Luke: "Kunkle Bwhy-hen in Cow-Uh-Wad-Oh" (Uncle Brian in CO).

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Little Monkeys....Eggs....Trains...THE Doctor..Gardners...MacNCheese

Luke's buddy Matthew is over to play today. This is what the two little monkeys have done thus far: eaten bananas, eaten eggs and played trains....stay tuned I'm sure I'll have more pic's by days end. Oh, I almost forgot...Luke just came to me and asked for a "hop-stickle" (popsicle) and some Chuck E. Cheese cheese. I guess he has a hollow leg this morning. I didn't give him the popsicle or the cheese. Gosh, lunch isn't too far away from now. I promise, I DO feed this boy.
Here's more...they were "indoor gardners", and mac-n-cheese eaters. They had a good time together. Come over again soon Matthew.
Then it was off to the Dr. for Luke's 3 year well child visit. As we pulled in the parking lot Luke started whining and I said, "what's wrong?" He said, "Me no wanna go to doctor". I bribed him with, "if you are a big, brave boy mommy has a special treat for you after we leave the dr's. an ice cream cone". It worked. Although, he hated being poked, prodded and given 2 shots he made it through fine. He even told the Dr. that he was "perfect". Never heard him use that word before. It was also quite hilarious when she had to check his ears (ya'll know how he hates anyone touching his ears) She told him she had to look inside to see if there were any puppy dogs in there. He promptly told her, "There are no dog in there-AND THERE ARE NO COWS EITHER". I busted out laughing. Then later he told me that he wanted me to check for pigs, horses and giraffe's to make sure there were none of those animals in there. Aren't they innocent. Since he was such a big boy and mommy was SO proud of him he got a sticker, sucker and got to pick a prize from the toy chest. Then it was off to Ben & Jerry's for an ice cream cone. He had strawberry icecream in a chocolate covered sprinkly cone and mommy had coconut, chocolate, almond in a cup.
Daddy is out of town on business in Nashville until tomorrow. So, tonight when mommy couldn't get the DVD player to come on Luke told me, "It's ok, daddy fix it when he get's home".
We miss you daddy, you would have been so proud of your big boy today.
Oh, how could I forget we also met Beau, Auntie (who Luke calls Pantie), Nana & Poppa at Peter Piper Pizza for dinner. The boys had a blast riding rides, throwing skee-balls (in the lanes next to them) and retrieving tickets. Luke had 149 accumulated and Beau 129. They both can thank Poppa for the game tokens. Thanks for the food and fun Poppa.'s off to bed for both of us. My day started way too early this morning with my 4 am insomnia.
We love you daddy. Hey Aunt Brooke, check out my Jay Jay birthday jammies you sent me. This is my first night to wear them.
I had to come in and add this. I just tucked Luke in to bed. This was his prayer tonight. "Dear Jesus, thank you for Daddy and Mickey Mouse, Amen". Too cute, huh!

Heather & Luke

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New Bike....Raisins....

Tonight we played outside and Luke practiced riding his new big boy bike. This morning as you can see, he snuck the bag of raisins out of the pantry. Mommy didn't notice until he was on box #5. Ya'll ever eaten too many prunes??? Yeah,same's been a colorful (mostly brown) FUN day! Tomorrow Luke gets to play with his buddy Matthew and go to his 3 yr. well-child visit. Glad he doesn't know he's getting shots. I just hate holding him down while they prep the needles and band-aids. He's old enough now that when they call his name in the lobby, he run's in the opposite direction. Hopefully, bribery with a sucker and getting a toy out of the toy chest at the end will work. We'll see....Enjoy today's pic's. Heather