Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Please don't send the police...

Hello friends. Well, I haven't blogged in a couple days. Ebay is keeping me busy as is Faith Creations, LLC. Today I scored another business opportunity with putting my denim purses in a store on the square in McKinney. This makes two in one week. Now, I just have to get busy and make some purses. I have all the supplies, just need the time to whip em' out.

Luke's keeping me busy also. He's getting into EVERYTHING. Today, I was at the jewelry store getting my wedding ring prongs checked and my ring steam cleaned when I set him down for a "SECOND". I look down and he's gone. I panic and do that scary "Where's my son" that every mother dreads and the clerk says, "Oh, there he is behind the counter". Little winkerbean decided that he'd play with the glass cleaner bottles they had tucked away. Then right as I got over to pry his little fingers on one hand off the windex bottles I noticed the other hand was about to push the jewelry stores "HOLD UP" alarm. Lovely, wouldn't that have been nice to have the police show up in full swat garb all because my 14 mo. old decides it's time to "see what this button does". It's never a dull moment let me tell ya.

Now, a gripe....I hate insurance companies. Yeah, you heard me correctly. They drive me nuts. All the red tape, sorry we declined your prescription refills but we'll be happy to raise the rates on your plan. Long story, won't go into the details. Just pray for me tomorrow as I duke it out on the phone with a mgr. at First Health. Evidently, I've exceeded my annual refill allowance on a certain prescription so we had to pay full price for it. There is no way I've exceeded my annual allowance. I've only gotten the prescription 1 time prior to this. Ugh! Like I said, they drive me bananas.

Speaking of bananas...This morning Lukey was sitting in his high chair while I peeled his banana for breakfast. An almost daily ritual. I said, "Luke what is this?" And dangled the banana in front of him. He smiled and said "A Nana". It was so cute. I was so proud. I grinned from ear to ear. I was even happier when I handed it to him and he immediately said, "Ank ewe". He's learning. Soaking up everything. We should call him Mr. Sponge. Jason and I have to be really careful what we talk about, words we use, etc....(you catch my drift). I still haven't had a chance to take a picture of Luke in his Gung Uh costume (that's Elmo to you and me). Aunt Brooke, don't give up on me. He's a very busy boy these days.

Speaking of Aunt Brooke, we love you and are praying for you tomorrow.

Well...it's about time to hit the sack. I was up early this morning. If any of ya'll know someone needing to sell a dinette set or bedroom suit Kenya (my hurricane Katrina evacuee friend) is in need of one. Later taters.

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Amber said...

Well I'm exhausted hearing about your day yesterday. I even worked and came home and took care of a baby and still did not adventure the things you did. Go Heather!! Girl- I don't know how you do it, but I guess I'll be there someday with Beau Bo into everything and trying to get things done!! Hang in there. I'm excited about your business opportunities. I think it is great and if I can help out with anything let me know, like cutting stuff or whatever.