Monday, July 30, 2007

It made me VERY sad today...

As you all know from my post yesterday that "Aunt" Janna was delivering her little girl, Laurie Jane via c-section at Baylor Hospital Dallas this morning.

So, Luke and I trekked down there around 12:30pm. ish...Had to give her a little time for the anesthesia to wear off before we bombarded her with hugs and kisses.

As I drove up to take my parking ticket to park at the underground parking lot at Baylor, Luke began crying hysterically. I immediately turned around and said, "What's wrong sweetie, why are you crying?". He just kept screaming. It dawned on me...he thought Mommy was going back into the hospital. It's amazing how perceptive he was at where we were. He associated the parking and the big hospital building with Mommy's going to be gone for another 8 wks. I wanted to cry myself. I assured him that Mommy was NOT going into the hospital to stay and that we would park in the outside lot. I backed up and found a place that was not underground.

After our visit to Aunt Janna we raced back to McKinney to mommies Hematologist appt. We were held up on 75 for over 45 minutes, in an enormous traffic jam, due to a freaking police chase which turned out to be a man trying to get his sick and dying cat to the vet (so he says) He just kept going, hoping the cops would stop following him, as he weaved in and out of traffic at speeds in excess of 80+ mph. Yeah right! They eventually spiked his tires.

Now for the even sadder news. When we went in to see the Dr. I was telling him about my hospital and surgery debacle, since I'd last been to see him. Upon the utterance of the word, "HOSPITAL" Luke again began to cry, clutched my arm, buried his head in my shoulder and said, "Mommy, no hospital--I sad!" I almost lost it. The boy was only 2 when I went through all of the crazy surgery stuff, but it left an indelible impact. I'm so sorry sweet boy that mommy had to leave you for 8 weeks. I would never have planned things the way they turned out. You are my sweetie pie and I love you with every fiber of my being. Mommy is here to stay. Don't be sad and don't worry, I'm not leaving you.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

VBS week week's busy schedule

Ok, once you hear how crazy this weeks been for the Rice household you'll know why I haven't blogged. (okay Brooke!) ;o)

Last Sun.-Church, decorate the craft room for VBS, run to Luke's bday party which got totally rained out...but the fun did go on. No, I never figured out how to shrink down the 85 zillion gig of pic's that Gary took to share w/ya'll. Still on the "to do" list..Rec'v call Sun. evening asking if I could forego helping w/crafts in order to be a crew leader on Mon. at VBS for someone who wasn't able to be there. I oblige.

Monday-Up at 6am (because that's what time Luke gets up now) get both of us ready for VBS. Arrive at VBS at 8 am. No teacher there to watch Luke's age kids until 8:30. Waste 30 minutes of time standing in the hallway w/10 three year old's until teacher arrives. Precious time that was suppose to be used rounding up my "crew" for VBS. Late on that, have 9 kids to be in charge of today. Monday afternoon was asked if I would now forego crafts altogether to learn 4 skits to do each of the next 4 days. I oblige...Flexibility is the name of the game I'm learning, hence no meltdown when Luke's party was a wash the previous day. Monday proves to be challenging as I practice a skit for 2 hours in the evening on top of round up gear to wear FOR the skits. Oh, I almost forgot....I had a Dr's. appt. that I accidently slept through that I was suppose to go to today at 2pm. Had to reschedule for next Mon.

Tuesday-Arrive 8 am again to VBS....same song teacher not there on time...Wait, wait. Drop Luke off and go practice skit. Perform skit a bit later and then I'm called to be a "floater" helping out in the 1 yr old room and then in the 2 year old room. Where all the kids were peeing on themselves. Even the one's who'd been potty trained for 6 mos. Luke was the major culprit peeing on the play bridge and a puddle on the floor which 2 kids slipped and fell in. Isn't toddlerhood fun. After VBS we went home to take naps. Boy did we BOTH need em'.

Wednesday-Luke wakes up in the middle of the night barfing his brains out. No VBS for either of us. I stay home with him and call and ask last minute if someone can quickly learn my skit and perform it for today. Belinda obliges. All day spent catering to cranky Winkerbean. I think he'll be better for Thurs. No such luck, sick again tonight. Daddy makes plans to stay home early morning while I go to VBS to perform skit and then come straight home so he can go on to work. That's what we do.

Thursday-Daddy plays Mr. Mom a couple hours so I can go do my skit. I return home afterwards and daddy leaves for work. I start practicing for Fri. skit. and taking care of a still ill Winkerbean who keeps telling me "mommy I sick" every 5 minutes.

Friday--Arrive at VBS 8 am....drop off Luke....teacher there, classroom locked. Leave w/friend to drop him off once the room is opened. Head to practice Friday's skit. Perform skit. Start writing (for the next 2 hours) the VBS Friday night Finale's skit to be performed tonight. Delana and I wrote it from scratch. We had to recap all 5 days skits in one 10 minute skit. You should've seen us. We were a hoot, let me tell ya. After VBS we went through Chickfila with Auntie and Beau then to our house to eat it. 2pm was our appt. at UHaul to get a trailer hitch installed for our trip to CO next week. We'll be towing 100,000 postcards up to our friends the Dunn's for The Revelation Church in Co Spgs. Auntie drops us off at UHaul and then takes us home. Mom comes over after work, takes Jason to pick up our car at UHaul now that the hitch is installed. I have to be back up at the church at 6pm for skit practice and final run through. Jason gets stuck up at the UHaul place behind like 10 people--30 minutes later he gets our vehicle. Luke had to go with mom and I up to the church since Jason wasn't home in time. We drive through the Wendy's drivethru to grab dinner. Mom watches Luke while I do skit practice and while Jason head's up to our church to pick up Luke. The handoff is made, skit is performed. Finale is over. Stay until 9:30pm to help with the cleanup and teardown of VBS props, etc.

Saturday-Up at Poppa and Nana for lunch...bday party for Luke's friend Hope at 5pm... Baby shower for my other friend Hope (just couldn't make it) home to go to bed early.

Sunday-Asked to work early service in the 2 year olds room to back up lead teacher. We oblige. Home directly after lunch at Taco Bell.

Monday-Attend rescheduled appt. that I missed last week at 1:45pm, Go to Baylor Downtown (MY FAVORITE PLACE) to visit my friend Janna who is having her daughter Laurie Jane via c-section at 7:30am., Call UHaul to arrange trailer pickup on Tuesday. Call guy to arrange pickup of 100,000 postcards on Tuesday.
Tuesday-Pack and last minute errand running, Get trailer, get postcards, pick up my contacts at optical place, to bed early.
Wednesday-Leave for Colorado Springs. Finally vacation!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A total barf-o-rama...

Oh yes, you read correctly. Tonight, Winkerbean turned our trip to Walmart into a TOTAL barf-o-rama. It started at the McD's counter and proceeded through the restaurant. Jason took him outside to the car to change his clothes and clean up. When he got to the car he realized we'd forgotten Luke's bag. So, no clothes just the barfed on one's. Jason, "wipeed" him off, brought him back into Walmart. He was acting like he got it all out and was feeling better.

He ate some fries and drank an entire juice box (too fast, mind you). Jason kept saying, "Heather, I think he drank that juice to fast." I didn't respond because I didn't think he did drink it too fast. Well...Jason was right. We were sitting there in an aisle talking to a friend from our old church when the barf-o-rama began again. I wish you would've been there Tammy to help me clean up.

We promptly paid for our items, asked for a mop on aisle 6 and got to the car where he proceeded to barf again on the way home. Poor little guy. I don't know if it was something he ate or if he picked up a little virus today. This morning he pooped in his pullups before we left for VBS. When I went to change his bed sheets he said, "Oh Gosh Mommy, I pooped on Spiderman!" I said, "that's ok, we'll clean your Spiderman sheets up." To which he replied, "Yeah mommy WE'LL clean him up". Then the fun continued at VBS where Luke pee peed twice in his big boy underwear. Once on the bridge/castle play slide and then once in a puddle on the floor where two other unsuspecting toddlers slipped and fell into his urine puddle.

So, to say the least today was not a good day for either of Luke's "end's". Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. We're staying home from VBS, just to make sure. Pray for him if you would. Thanks.

Heather the pee pee, poo poo and barf cleaner-upper...aka MOM

Monday, July 23, 2007

Frustrated w/pic uploads...

Ok ya'll, I know everyone wants to see the bday pic's from yesterdays celebration. However, I've got to figure out a better way to download the 85 zillion gig of pic's my father in law took to a photo sharing site. Photobucket and Flickr were taking FOREVER. So, you're just going to have to hang tight. I'll try and have them done by the weekend. For your viewing pleasure, let me share with you my most favorite picture of all of them from yest. Notice how sweetly Luke's little hands are clasped to pray as others sang happy birthday to him. The innocence of a child is precious. This image will be forever inbedded in my memory....rain-schmain....the praying hands is what I'LL remember. I love you sweet boy.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy 3rd birthday sweet boy...

Ok, it's been too long a day to even begin to post on blogger tonight. So, I tell you what. Check back tomorrow after I've had a chance to sort through the more than 200+ pic's that we took at the party. For now, I'll leave you with this cute pic of our big boy. We love you Lukey. Mommy and Daddy are SO proud of you. Hope you had a great "dirthday".

Saturday, July 21, 2007


I titled today's blog, "Anticipation" for two reasons. One, because Luke has been looking so forward to his "dirthday" party tomorrow. He's literally told me 3 times tonight that his party is going to be "pun" (fun). He keeps talking about cupcakes and playing in the water at the park. He also told me that his penis is a "body part" and that he "can't eat his penis or take it off because it will hurt you".

The other reason I titled this blog anticipation is because 3 years ago tonight I spent the night in the hospital anticipating a c-section at noon July 22, 2004. I still remember it like it was yesterday. They gave me a sleeping pill, so that I could get good rest and I still couldn't sleep. Why? Because I was anticipating the arrival of my sweet baby boy Luke Elijah.

So much has happened in the 3 years since his arrival. I could never have imagined how much excitement and joy this little boy could bring to my life. He's my everything. I live every day awaiting what new and exciting thing is going to happen with him. Every day is a new miracle that God blesses me with. I won't senti-mentate (my own word) too much today...will save it for the birthday blog tomorrow.

See ya'll at the big DIRTHday party tomorrow!


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Get out of my bed...

Tonight it was so cute as we tucked Luke in to bed he said the following: "Elmo, get up that's my bed". I laughed so hard. So his Elmo stuffed animal is in the doghouse tonight. Sorry, no pictures to share tonight.

Luke's still doing well with potty training. I am thinking he'll get the #2 part down SOON!

He's so excited about his "Dirthday" party. He's been talking all day about his cupcakes, dirthday presents, dirthday party, etc...It's finally starting to sink in that he is having his party this Sunday.

He's a hoot and a half though. We made some cupcakes as a dry run today and he was SO excited about getting to eat a cupcake. They were yummy.

We got to see Nana and Poppa today too.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wiggly Water Fun...Cuzzin Beau..."Dirthday" Party

I forgot to post these pic's yest. of Luke's Wiggly Water fun hose that GranDee bought him as part of an early bday gift. As you can see, he had a blast playing in it.
Speaking the his birthday Luke's been talking ALL DAY about his McQueen "Dirthday" Party and how he wants cupcakes. Beau came over to play today and he even got Beau reciting the mantra of Dirthday Party...only Beau said HE wanted, "Cake-cups" Too cute huh!
The two of them play so well together. Amber went with me to run an errand and while in the car Luke informed Beau that we were not watching the MO MO (Elmo) video, but rather the Wiggles video. It's funny to hear them banter back and forth. Everything Luke does Beau has to do. If Luke takes his shoes off, Beau has too...etc. The other day when he came over Luke had just his underwear on so we could potty train. Beau immediately said, "Want pant's off!" Too cute.
Speaking of potty training it's going awesome. Today he poo pooed in the BIG potty. He pushed the stool over and got up there all by himself. We're very proud of our big boy.
Dana-Your necklace order is being shipped tomorrow. You should get it by the end of the week. Enjoy. Thanks Aunt Jenny for helping me make the necklaces tonight.
That's it, heading off to bed WITH TYLENOL PM tonight.

Some funnies...

First let me start by saying yes it's almost 1am. and I'm up. That's because I ran out of Tylenol PM's YESTERDAY.

So, this morning I'm going to cover a broad gammet of funnies that have occured in the last couple days.

By the way, potty training is going awesome. We're officially a diaper-free zone. Why didn't I stick with potty training sooner? It's SO NICE not to have to change diapers all day. Luke tells me when he needs to potty and we go. He's still not got going #2 in the potty, but I hear that's normal. He's literally accident free where going #1 is concerned. It took 3 straight days of cleaning pee pee underwear and then something just "clicked" with him. I'm sure dangling fruit snack treats every time he went tinkle in the potty helped a lot too. I bought those happy face fruit snacks from Walmart, put them in an airtight container on the bathroom vanity (you germaphob's stop worrying). Every time he tee tee's in the potty, washes his hands and pulls up his own pants he gets ONE fruit snack. This boy is the most pottying fool, I've ever seen. He has great bladder control though as he even held it in the car after he told me he needed to go tee tee. Way to go Luke, mommy and daddy are SO proud of you.

Today, we prepared to go to Walmart. As I gathered my key's and we were standing at the back door I said to Luke, "you ready to go?" He said, "Ready to go G.I. Joe". If I'm lying, I'm dying....I laughed so hard. He got that from me because some times I say, "Ready to go G.I. Joe". Boy, they pick up on everything.

Once at Walmart we'd pass aisles where he'd see something he wanted and he'd say, "Mommy I want raisins". To which I would usually reply, "No, we already have raisins at home honey, remember". So, today he would answer his OWN question. Conversation went something like this, "Mommy, I want raisins--no we have some of thoses at home right mommy". This age is so precious.

Also, while at Wally World we got his Lightning McQueen pinata and party favors for his 3 year old birthday party on Sunday. He's so funny as we were checking out I said, "Say Hi to our checkout lady". He said, "Hi Birthday Party lady". I said, "tell her how old you'll be on your birthday Sunday". He held up three fingers and said, "Six". It was too cute for words. Guess we still have to work on numbers.

Also, yest. morning he informed me at 9 am. that he, "Want a sucker mommy". I said, "No honey we can't have a sucker for breakfast". To which he replied, "Tell GranDee to go to store and get some". I just laughed.

Over the weekend Luke was wandering around our house talking on his pretend phone saying, Abby (my inlaws poodle) where are you??? You know you're in the technological age when your 2 year old points his pretend phone at you and says, "Say cheese" to take your picture. That's just what he did last week to me. His pretend phone even has a fake picture taking sound on it. Too much.

We're gearing up for vacation bible school at church next week. I'm heading up crafts this year with my friend Heather, she's H1, I'm H2 and Amber DRIVES an H3. How clever huh.

Oh, I had to laugh when I got in bed earlier this evening before I got up to blog. I was adjusting the volume on the monitor when I noticed a hot dog sitting on my windowseat in the bedroom. Albeit, it was a plastic hotdog from Luke's old play kitchen. It just took me off guard and made me laugh. That boy can dig up some of the craziest stuff. Oh, his Elmo sunglasses were tucked into the bed sheets on daddy's side too. What a little goober.

As you can tell, life is a laugh a minute round these parts. That's what makes being a mom so much fun for me. Kids don't care how dirty they are or how un-cooth they are. It's the innocent part of being young. I was reminded of that in the car today as Luke slurped, burped and drizzled my diet Dr. Pepper down the front of his shirt. When I tried to take it back he would say, "I'm tirsty momma". Oh, and when he sits on the potty and only toots he looks up and me and smiles and says, "I toot momma." I just say, "that's okay".

Well...I think that's about all the funnies for now. Stay tuned for more crazy Luke antics.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Penis story...yes, I did say PENIS!

Ok, it's here. The infamous "PENIS story". My girlfriend Tammy (BlueEyes) made me feel convicted at Pokeno Monday night about my need to potty train Luke. After all, he does turn 3 next Sunday. I've tried several times previously and he just didn't show any interest. It was frustrating to say the least. But, Monday Tammy said, "How's potty training going?" I said, "It's not". Then I got to thinking on Tues. why NOT try again. So, here goes.

I put Elmo big boy underwear on Luke and said, "Tell mommy when you need to go potty or poo poo and we'll go in your big boy potty", "don't tee tee in your underwear, you're a big boy now and big boys go in the potty, not in diapers.". Well...he peed and pooped all day in his underwear, just like he was wearing a diaper. Each time I told him it was ok, and that accidents happen, but I kept reminding him to tell me when he needed to go. He never did. Wednesday, same scenario different day. Thursday we seemed to turn a corner. Thank God because I almost gave up again.

Thursday morning he was sitting on his big boy potty and mommy was sitting on the big girl potty. I pulled down his underwear and he has to take them ALL THE WAY off. I said, "Point your penis down towards the potty and go tee tee. Mommy is going to read you the potty book while you do that." To my amazement he reached down and pointed his penis downward but looked up and me and said as if amazed, "MY PEEENIS". I said, "Yes, that is your penis and you use it to go potty like a big boy in the potty." To which he replied, "Yummy, good penis!" as if he was admiring a tasty icecream cone or apple juice. He always says, "Yummy ___and whatever it is he likes". I tried not to laugh and said, "No honey we can't eat our penis, it's a body part, we use it to tee tee in the potty." To which HE said, "Yeah, no eat penis!" I thought I would lose a lung laughing. He DID pee pee successfully in the potty and had no accidents at all yest. Even slept through his nap without peeing in his pull up. Today, no accident's either except he does still poop in his underwear. We haven't quite gotten that down yet.

But...the funny part is now EVERY time he sits down he points his penis downward into the potty, looks up at me and says: "My eat penis!".

God, I hope he doesn't tell anyone, "Look, I no eat penis!". They'll definitely wonder what we're teaching this boy.

It's really cute to watch him though. I make a BIG deal out of it when he pee's in the potty. We even have a congratulatory "pee pee dance" that we do. He also get's McQueen fruit snacks when he does it.

Isn't parenting fun....all except the poopy underwear.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fun water play for a HOT, HOT day...Mommies Nightie...

See what happens when you leave the clean laundry on the love seat. Your cross-dressing son takes over.

When I wear this nightie it's by far way less risque'.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Chalk....Storms...Streaker....Talking to ants...Potty Training

There's a streaker on the loose in our neighborhood...

And the thunder rolls, AGAIN!

It's gonna rain I can feel it...

Pretty self explanatory!

Cute lil buns!

Talking to ant's...Luke said, "Hi bugs!"

Ice cream cone shaped chalk...ain't it good! As Luke says: "Nummy Nummy". But it sure doesn't taste like lime. Ick!

Monday, July 09, 2007

On second thought...what was I thinking????

Yeah, maybe the markers thing wasn't such a great idea after all.
Ok, you busy mom's will understand where I'm coming from on this one. I've been putting off getting all my "stuff" bills, info. etc. together for our atty. to pursue the lawsuit against my wt. loss Dr. for his gross negligence that almost ended my life. Pretty important stuff right? It requires UNINTERRUPTED time to pull things together and journal my notes of all the going's-on that took place related to my multiple surgeries and extended 2 month hospital stay at the cozy Baylor "hotel".
Anyway...I thought it would be a nice time for Luke to draw in his coloring book with markers. A break from the traditional crayons he usually draws with. Boy, was I mistaken. This series of artistic "drawings" literally took place in a matter of 5 minutes. Proving that much damage can be done in a very little amt. of time.
All I could do was laugh and Hail Hitler.
Hey, at least he's creative!
Those of you who know Jason's "clean streak" know that he would have had a stroke if he had seen this first hand.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Along with the sun...

Along with the sun, came energy-zapping heat. We swam at cousin Beau's today for hours. Don't worry Luke wore his ear plugs and swim vest. But....the sun just zapped everyone's energy. See!!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

There's an 80% chance...

Well....I'm so excited because tomorrow, Sat. there's an 80% chance of sunshine!

Can we all sing in unison the Hallelujah Chorus!!


Thursday, July 05, 2007

New Doggie...(not a real one)

As you can's adventure's took us to Stonebriar Mall to get a playmate for Kalepo the Monkey.
So, off to Build-A-Bear workshop we went. Luke picked out this precious little pup, stuffed him, bathed him and picked out this Spiderman shirt for him. He even named him, "Doggie". He's so original huh!
It's been raining here FOREVER and we just had to get out of the house. Luke seems to be feeling a bit better today. Although, he is hoarse.
How do you like our newest family member, Doggie Rice?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

All sparkled out...

Well, today we were going to spend part of the day with Nana and part of the day with Uncle Scott and Aunt Jenny.

However, Luke decided to wake up with a worse eye infection, snotty nose and general crankiness. So, we ended up just doing lunch w/Nana, taking naps and then eating catfish for dinner. Then, it was time to come home and go night night.

Luke's tuckered out, Mommy is tuckered out from hearing, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" all day long. Luke kept asking where Poppa was and we kept telling him, "Remember he flew on an airplane to Amsterdam". He didn't quite get it. He'd say, "Ok" then turn right about and say:" Have you seen Poppa?" So, Poppa if you're reading this blog Lukey misses you something awful.

The weather here was nicer than I've ever seen July in TX. It didn't rain finally and was cool for this time of year. Too bad Lukey wasn't feeling better so we could have done some 4th of July stuff. I wasn't really into doing the whole big crowds/fireworks thing anyway.

So, it's early to bed for us. Jason is playing poker tonight and I'm about to go examine the inside of my eyelids. Happy 4th of July everyone. I still cannot believe it's already July. Luke's going to be 3 years old on the 22nd. It seems just like yest. that I was pregnant. Wierd how I'm 100 lbs. lighter than I was this time 3 years ago. Never thought I'd say that.

Later taters...Be safe with your sparklers!

Monday, July 02, 2007

"Ban-Aid's"...Easter in July...PBJ Facial...

As you can see Luke has discovered that there are never enough "Ban-Aid's" (as he calls them) to cover his boo-boo's. Too cute huh!
Who said Easter can't come in July? (Don't worry Daddy I already made him clean it up)
Peanut Butter and Jelly make for a great facial. You should try it. Very nourishing to the skin.