Saturday, September 24, 2005

God story if I've ever heard one....

As you know if you read my blog from yesterday. My best friend Heather's father Charles passed away on Thursday. I just have to tell you this God story that has come out of "Pop's" passing on to be with Jesus.

9 a.m. Thurs. morning Heather took Hudson (her 2 1/2 yr. old) to mother's day out at the church. As she dropped him off he was very clingy and wanted to be picked up and loved on some more before she left, she obliged. When she put him down he looked up at the sky and waved and said, "Hi Chucky". She didn't think anything of it and left him in at his classroom and was on her way to see her dad.

When she got to her dad's house he was in grave condition. So she, loved on him, talked to him about who all he'd get to see in heaven and showed him pictures of her boys. He was unresponsive, but was still alive at this point. Shortly after 11 a.m. he took his final breath surrounded by his wife JJ and Heather. The day went on and Heather picked Hud up at mother's day out at 2pm. and went about making arrangements with her mother per her father's wishes. Later that evening they were back at home and sitting around as a family discussing the days events. Out of nowhere, once again Hudson spontaneously looks up at the sky and waves and says, "Hi Chucky". Instantly, Heather and Cody looked and each other and put two and two together. As the tears welled up in their eye's they were realizing that Hudson was seeing something in the heavenly realms that they were not. For, he knew nothing of heaven and knew nothing of Pop's going to heaven that day.'s the clencher...."Chucky" was the pet name that Heather's mother always used when she would say endearing things to Charles like...."My Sweet Chucky" back in their dating days.

Now, you tell me God doesn't send angels!!!!

To top it off, exactly 2 weeks ago Pops was over and sitting out on the back patio talking to Heather. He told her that when he dies and goes to heaven he is going to find a way to come back to them to let them know that he's alright. I believe he did on that day! Isn't that a tear jerker. Everyone I've told that story to so far has ended up in tears as I did. I took Heather's family a meal last night and she said to Hudson while I was there. "Where's Pop's Hudson?" He just smiled and pointed to the sky. This story absolutely amazes me and assures me that God sends little messengers to reveal his Glory.

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Brooke said...

That is amazing! Kinda like when dad said I love you and waited until we got there before passing on! God works in mysterious ways!