Friday, February 29, 2008

Midnight medicine run...prayers

The 8pm dose of Theraflu has worn off so I'm up to take some more. I am feeling better than Wed, but still need prayer as my coughing is really hurting the area where I had lung surgery last year. Brings back too many "not so good" memories from respiratory therapy post-op. Blech!

God has layed it on my heart to request prayer for a few friends. If you could stand in faith with me for healing as well as pray specifically for these things I would greatly appreciate it.

"L" surgery to remove a cyst on Mon. yielded unfavorable results. A cancer diagnosis. Unsure of how things will proceed from here. Please pray for God's healing.

"N" had back surgery and needs praying for healing. She will go to inpatient rehab for the next 3 wks. in Dallas.

"C" still participating in cancer medicine trial. Please pray for complete healing from her lung cancer.

"A" back in the hospital, Dr's trying to figure out how to control pain. Misses her kids, please pray for some resolution in this ongoing post op battle.

"A" and "B" healing from the crud that is going around.

"B" is undergoing chemo and is in need of healing. Please pray for energy, no side effects, blood count levels to be up.

"J" lost his life on Tues., to meningitis he'd acquired while on vacation in MX. Please pray for his widow and that funeral arrangements in OH will go smoothly.

"P" mom still on the mend from a fall in Jan. Continue to give her strength and healing.

My sister, Brooke. Please pray for her to get rid of the crud.

"H" lost her job on Monday, please pray for clarity and for what direction God would have her take in her life.

"C" as she undergoes chemo/radiation for colon cancer.

"H" quick sale of house and ease of moving to new one.

"E" that she will continue to grow inside her mommies belly and that she will be born alive, even given the Trisomy 18 diagnosis.

You guys there are so many people out there who are hurting. Ask God to show you how You can be of encouragement to them. He will direct your path on how He wants you to minister to them. Love one another, for this is a great command.

Off to Theraflu,

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yes, it's new post

That's because I've been Thera-flu-ing it over here. Fever, chills, cough, headache, lots of snot and congestion. Sorry, if that's too much info.

So, I've been laying low, watching lots of movies with Luke while we play in our "Blanket tent". New name I came up with yest. for my down comforter. He thinks it's fun and mommie doesn't have to shiver as much.

Jason, husband-extraordinaire that he is (love you honey) stopped by CVS on his way home and picked up 2 boxes of kleenex and TheraFlu. I have to say, I'm definitely feeling 100% better than I was yest. at this time when I was dragging my slipper-clad feet from the bed to the bathroom to get more kleenex's. Even Luke was kissing my "boo boo's". He'd say, "Ah Mommy, what's the matter, you hurt?" I would say, "Yes, mommy doesn't feel good." He'd promptly kiss my nose, tummy and head. He's such a sweet and sensitive little boy. I hope he always stays that way.

If you could please keep my friend "C's" family in your prayers. Her uncle passed away in Miami, FL, after being airlifted from MX after contracting meningitis during a vacation there. He was 53. So sad. It was so sudden.



Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chuck, we have a Love Connection...

Beam me up Scotty...Houston, we have NO problem...We'll be back in two and two (Chuck Woolery-style) Seems that Jason and I have facilitated a successful pairage. Last year, we introduced our next door neighbor Jenny (Aunt Jenny) to our across the street neighbor Scott (Uncle Scotty Boy). The two hit it off on our front porch, after many late nights "porchin" as we like to call it (really it's just hanging out on the porch, drinking wine & chattin' with neighbors). Fortune cookie in hand, Scotty Boy got down on bended knee Sat. night and asked Jenny (from the block) to be his bride. She said, "Yes"! We couldn't be more excited about celebrating their pending nuptuals-- Oct 11, 2008. Both Scott and Jenny mean the world to us and Luke thinks they hung the moon. Congratulations you guys, you'll be great life partners. This union also brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, "the girl next door". We're so excited for you guys. Now, I just hope your kitty's (Max and Bailey) like each at least half as much as you guys love each other. Additionally, score two points for Jason and Heather in the match-making dept. I'm pretty proud of our skills. Now, I know the satisfaction our friend Russell feels from setting Jason and I up on our blind date 12 years ago. We'll have been married 11 years this year.
We love you Scott and Jenny and couldn't be happier to hear your news. When we told Luke today that Uncle Scott and Aunt Jenny were getting married he said, "Yeah, they're crazy!". I laughed hysterically. If you would like to submit your application to be our new next door neighbor I will fax you an application. Jenny's selling her house and moving in to Scott's. We're hoping our future neighbors still let us come pick peaches off of the peach tree in Jenny''re back yard. On second thought, Jenny why don't you just dig that tree up and move it over 5 ft. to OUR back yard.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Puzzle-ing time w/cuzzin Beau....Lil Pink Bunny Foo Foo (cookies)

Having too much fun
Beau has some very serious puzzle-ing going on.

Making bunny cookies under the direct supervision of Lightning McQueen.

I see you

Photos of the unsuspecting "puzzle-ers"

"T" stands for Too many pieces, not enough time.

Cuzzin Beau's killer blue eyes and long lashes.
Today was fun, 2 kids (as I was watching my nephew Beau). First of all, you people out there with more than one chittlen,I don't know how you do it. Our Walmart experience was just experience. Forget the fact that our local Super Walmart removed the cool, Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder and Wiggles shopping CARt's. I had promised the boys they could drive the Thomas the train cart, only to find that they'd been pulled from the stores. So, what do you do when you've promised at 2 and 3 year old something you cannot deliver. Plan B, take them to the in-store McDonald's for some happy meal "fun" (and I use that term VERY loosely). You see, today was "senior citizens" day at our local WalMart. Which means the local retirement home's van brought every Sr. Citizen in the county (seemed like) to WalMart. Guess what, they all decide to have their lunch at "10am"at where else...Mickey D's. Let's just say McD's has a long way to go before they have enough handicap accessible tables. There were more wheelchairs per capita in the 50 sq. ft. dining area than there are Little Debbie snack cakes in Rosie O'Donnell's pantry (stole that one from Larry the Cable Guy) sorry Rosie.
After the two boys charmed the pants off all of the oxygen taken wielding, missing false-teeth wearin' Centurian's we were off to "shop". Well, at least try to any way. It seemed like the idea of shopping with 2 toddlers was great, IN MY HEAD. In reality, not so much. As we mounted up and buckled in to the shopping cart extraordiaire I was immediately told by BOTH BOYS that we needed to, and I quote: "Go see the Wobsters". We made our way to the seafood counter to check on the most aggressive "Wobsters" I've ever seen. It had to be mating season or something, if these "Wobsters" hadn't had their claws rubberbanded together it would have meant major bloodshed in their livewell. We spent what seemed like an inordinate amt. of time watching the "wobsters" play, sleep and take out their frustrations on each other's head. About that time I ran into an old friend from church. Why is it one always run's into friends when they look their worst. Well, Murphy's Law prevailed and we both laughed about how "great" we looked. Thankfully, her 3 year old was happy to get in on some "Wobster-action" with my 2 munchkins. It was great to see her and to catch up, as much as can been done in a busy Walmart aisle. Then it was off to shop for groceries. I had to seperate Luke and Beau, because in true Dukes of Hazzard fashion, the cuzzin's were fighting, picking and prodding at each other. Luke stayed in the kiddie seat and Beau was relegated to sitting in the actual basket, as we perused the many shopping aisle's at Wally World. I could be a millionaire if I had a dollar for everytime the 2 boys combined said, "I wanna ice-cream cone" while making our way down the frozen novelties aisle. I only had to threaten them once with, "Do I need to call the Walmart Police?". I said, "They don't like it when little boys yell in their store". They both promptly settled down quickly. And you thought Policemen were your friends....We made our way to the toy aisle as I told them they could each pick out one thing to purchase for themselves. Luke chose a new Lightening McQueen car, go figure and Beau chose a DoraThe Explorer book. If I'd have known that those 2 small items would have kept them quiet, as well as they did I would have made a b-line to the to aisle, immediately upon entrance foregoing McD's altogether. Oh well, hindsight's 20/2o right?
All in all, the boys did very well for 2 toddlers being cooped up in a shopping basket. I'm sure the chicken nuggets and french fries helped a bit too.
The boys enjoyed doing puzzles together, a "Duke Cuzzin" tradition. They're getting the hang (finally) of teamwork.
Beau was picked up by Nana around 1:30 and Luke and I made pink Easter bunny sugar cookies. Nestle' rocks when it comes to their break n' bake cookie selection. Nestle' makes the very best, I have to be loyal to my old employer.
I do have 2 prayer requests. The first one is for my fellow bariatric surgery friend, Allie. She is having nausea and increased pain in her abdomen. She called me to let me know that they'll be re-admitting her to Baylor soon and she'll probably be there for weeks they said. They've got to figure out the source of her pain. Please pray for her healing as well as for her hubby as he will be taking care of their 4 kids while she is hospitalized.
Second, if you will pray for my sister Brooke. She has the flu. Ick! Love you sis and hope you get to feeling better soon.

Finally, Julie (my anonymous poster) from a couple days back. I am trying to reach you via email to give you jewelry ordering information. If/when you read this blog entry let me know on here whether you rec'd my two emails. Thanks.
That's all folks!
Heather Rice

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My little bundle of energy...New creation...

Pretty much says it latest creation. Inspired by God

Mr. L was up to mischief this morning when he informed me that he'd drawn on our new leather couches. I was like, "WHAT!!!" Thankfully, he used a Capri-Sun straw instead of a marker or crayon. The indentions can easily removed with leather cleaner. Hopefully.

He also got his first haircut at a real Barbershop on the square in downtown McKinney. Set us back a whole ten bucks. He had fun sitting in the big barber's chair.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Roundup....Rice-a-roni-style...

On the "shovel" guitar we have Lukey Sambora, and singing lead vocals on the "flashlight" microphone we have BeauJovi. (Please notice the t.v. in the background shows them singing Bon Jovi's hit "Bad Medicine". They were jamming to the 80's music channel.)
After the musician's put down their instruments they decided that they would sing, Two Little Monkies jumping on the bed.....accapella. They actually sang the song while they jumped on the airmattress. And who said males couldn't multitask....not I!

Donuts and Disney....Too many donuts and chocolate milk lead to the above vocal performances. But wouldn't Mickey Mouse be proud of his protege's...

Weekend roundup! Low-key family time. Cuzzin Beau and Auntie spent the night on Friday and we had a fun time together. The boys got to play puzzles, ride rocking horses, sleep in the Lightening McQueen tent (for about 30 minutes), eat donuts, jump on the airmattress and sing a few music sets with their "instruments". Auntie got to get caught up on scrapbooking and I got to "create" some pendants. Oh, I almost forgot it stormed here really bad on Sat. morning. Hail at 6:30AM jolted us out of bed, so much fun getting up that early on a Sat. morning. You peeps out there reading my blog without munchkins have no idea how spoiled you are getting to sleep past 7am. on weekends...oh the good ole' days.

Hope everyone has a great week and that my dear friends Tammy and Cami have great birthdays. Love you both.

Carol Ann, got your email and am glad the "acne fairy" necklace is such a hit.

Off to design....

Heather Rice

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My favorite valentines...

Happy Valentine's to my sweetie pie's. You both are the best thing's that have ever happened to me. To my family and friends near and far, hope you had a happy V-day. Take a look at the picture that Luke drew of Spiderman. He's quite the artist, isn't he?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Keep your eyes on the prize...

THE PRIZE (top picture)

Greetings Friends,
Here are some weekend creations. All between $20-$30 bucks. Just let me know which necklace you are interested and I'll be happy to tell you the price. These would make fabulous Valentine's gifts...hint hint!
I also have designed a pendant that you can add your own photo, scripture, etc. inside. You just slide it in the side of the pendant. They're adorable and guaranteed to be a hit.
My good friend Michelle over at My Semblance of Sanity (click on her blog from my favorites) is sponsoring a "Random Act Of Kindness" contest. I have designed the prize for the winner. It's a fun contest and all you have to do is a random act of kindess, submit a description of your random act on her blog comments and her bloggers will vote at the end of the week for "best act". The winner gets THE PRIZE pendant/necklace above.
God put this on my heart and I'm being obedient to His calling.
From this day forward 10% of all profits from the sale of my jewelry will go directly to help an orphanage in Haiti, that I'm directly involved with. You can check them out at Not only will you be getting a beautiful piece of jewelry when you buy from me, but also will be helping out the orphans in Haiti.'s back to designing for me.
Designing for a Purpose,
Heather Rice

Will be updating blog today....

Be patient peeps. I will be back later today, to update the blog with pic's, etc. Been busy designing jewelry.


Thursday, February 07, 2008

25 Cloth....Luggage Reading...Fleur de Fabulous...

Fleur De Fabulous...Inset with Austrian Crystals-FOR SALE
Suitcase reading

Look what I found in my foyer this morning. None other than my favorite little reader, Lukey. He was enthralled with "reading" his dinosaur coloring book IN HIS SUITCASE. Quite a sight. Hey, at least he's original. He could be sitting on the toilet.
Hope you like today's featured creation, I've named it Fleur De Fabulous. It is inset with Austrian Crystals and the glass is beveled. If you're interested in purchasing it, email me. I've decided not to list prices on here anymore. I do have a very valid reason. Thanks for understanding. If you want it or any of my other wearable art creations I will be happy to provide you with any specifics you may need.
Finally, hop on over to my friends company 25 Cloth and purchase a shirt. For every shirt sold one person in Rwanda gets clean drinking water for life. So, buy a shirt/save a life. Support a very worthy cause. Every quarter there will be a newly designed shirt for sale and a new charitable organization that will benefit from the proceeds.
Designing for a Purpose,
Heather Rice

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Some weekend creations...

This piece is absolutely stunning. Yes, it's for sale $85
Features: 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 beveled glass
Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone cross inset
Background colors: Turquoise/Browns
16" necklace is comprised of semi-precious turquoise stones.
Pendant is decoratively, hand-soldered and
features Romans 8:28, on the back (see below pic).
If you love "chunky" this is the necklace for you.
Let me know if you are interested in purchasing it.
If you want some other color scheme or scripture I can create one
especially for you for the same price.

Here are the latest and greatest creations. Valentine's Day is coming up, place your orders early!
Designing with a Purpose,
Heather Rice

Monday, February 04, 2008

AN ANNIVERSARY....No new creations today...

Today marks exactly one year since I was discharged from my 2 1/2 month hospital stay resulting from my weight loss surgery complications. How far I've come in a year with God's help. You couldn't pay me a BILLION dollars to go back to the way I felt this time last year. Thank you Jesus for healing me. See my Then (Nov 06) and Now (Dec 07) pic's. Big difference. If only you could see all the scars underneath. I'm one big road map. Oh well, I'm alive.

On the Faith Creations front, I didn't create anything new and didn't get any pic's taken of the stuff I created over the weekend. Check back tomorrow and I'll have some new pic's up. Thanks.

Designing with a Purpose,
Heather Rice

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Weekend Roundup...Texas Style

You know the old saying, "Everything is BIGGER in Texas"....well it's true! Luke built a train track for his trains during the "Super Voel" as he called it. Let's just say he had no boundaries when it came to where the train stopped and the kitchen table began...No boundaries=Bigger track. Hence, the phrase: "Everything's bigger in Texas".

Yesterday, Luke and daddy headed out to Home Depot for their monthly Father/Son work project. If your family hasn't done this you need to check into it--IT'S FREE. Home Depot sponsors a "do it yourself" fun project for kids and their parents. They provide all the supplies, an orange Home Depot for the kids to wear and little "accomplishment" pin's to attach to their aprons for finishing that project (kinda like Boy Scout merit badges). It's a great time for your little one to bond with Daddy OR Mommy. This months project was making a football Super Bowl step stool. Oh, I forgot to mention they also get a certificate of recognition after completing the project too. Luke always has a blast. He likes to hammer, nail and stick stickers on stuff. This kills many birds with one stone and Daddy and him get to have some male bonding time. It's really a cool thing to take your kids to. You pay nothing, like I said it's FREE. Free=Zero Buckos. Luke was so excited that he got to use the hammer like "Handy Manny". (tv show for you non-kid folks)

I did take a little time off this weekend from creating any jewelry, but I have a full jewelry- making schedule ahead for this week. I just love creating..well, ya'll already know that. Check back tomorrow for more "creations" pictures.

Hope ya'll all had a great weekend, we sure did. Oh, and it was 75F here today. I was in a tank top and shorts...Sorry to all your Northerner's that are braving blizzards right now.