Friday, September 09, 2005


Today my cuz Beau came over for a little while and mommy took some pic's. (as usual) Here is a cute one of him sucking his thumb.

Then while daddy and the rest of the clan went to the Allen Eagles game, mommy and I played. I even went topless...shh! don't tell anyone. My pec's are very muscular these days. I'm working out. I lift a banana to my mouth every morning. Them nanner's are quite heavy, you know!

Any you can see I can't seem to put Uncle Mike's phone down. I always carry it around. It rings incessantly. Most of the time it's my agent. This boy stays pretty busy these days. We just hung out around the house today. Refrigerator repair guy came, FINALLY. But, he didn't have the part to fix it. So, guess what! We get a whole new fridge. Headed to Best Buy tomorrow to pick it out. Boy am I sure glad we paid for the extended warrantly 4 years ago. Note to self...never buy Maytag again. At least that's what daddy says. Well...gotta run. It's way past my bedtime AND mommies. She got up early this morning to work on some Faith Creations projects. Her business is really buzzing. Several opportunities upcoming. Yeah! Extra spending money. Maybe they'll take me back to Gatti Town (wink, wink). P.S. I almost got lost in my toybox today.


Brooke said...

Mom and I could not stop laughing at the one of him digging in his box. I would have bought the toy box again, just to see that picture! Glad to hear about your fridge! That is cool.
Glad your biz is buzzin too, what a blessing. Beau Beau (that is my nick name for him) sure is adorable isn't he. Looks like his daddy and mama these days. What a little cutie. Tell Lukey Uncle Mike will call him soon (wink)!

Eileen said...

He is so cute. I can't believe how big Luke is getting.