Monday, April 30, 2007

Uh oh....starting to see a resemblance!

Uh oh...I'm starting to see a resemblance to the naked cowboy in NYC....
All Luke needs are the boots and the hat.
Daddy left for Boston this morning on a big airplane. We'll miss him, but he'll be back on Wed.
We love you daddy and miss you already. Come back soon.
Heather & Lukey

Friday, April 27, 2007

PBJ Buddy..

Today Luke's buddy Matthew came over to play. They ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cheetos for lunch out on the patio. They always have such a fun time together.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

To Do List....

My friend Tim had a cool blog today where he listed the top things he wanted to do before dirt was kicked on his casket. It made me think of what things I want to do before I meet my Maker. Here are mine. I thought of 10, but feel free to tell me as many or as little of YOUR to-do's.

In no particular order:
1.Travel to Europe and New England
2.Have my sister move back to TX so I can babysit my niece.
3.Win the lawsuit against my bariatric surgeon, so I can pay off my $400K+ medical bills.
4. See my son come to know the Lord at a young age and watch him grow up to serve the Lord mightily.
5.Go back to San Diego, CA to lay on the beach on Coronado island.
6.Get down to my goal weight of 150lbs.
7.Pay off house and cars
8.Make a difference in someone's life either through word or deed.
9.Be able to help those in need monetarily.
10. Teach Luke to call me, "Mommy" instead of, "Heather".

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Today was full of fun things....I highlighted my best friend Heather's hair today. She's going to be in a wedding this weekend and she wanted it blonder. I think it turned out beautiful. What do you think?
Also, Luke and Sheppie went on a rock hunt in the back yard because I told them the only place they could throw rocks was at the fence. Amazing what will keep a couple two year old's busy. Isn't it cute how they're holding hands. We did have to pose them for this picture. Cute though huh!
Finally, Luke insisted on eating tons of "rapes" (grapes) today. As you can see he's learning to sit at the big boy table instead of his highchair.
All in all, it's been a great day. The weather is perfect and no more rain. It rained torrentially last night. I thought for a second we'd have to don our rain boots and bust out the canoe and lifejackets.
Only a couple more weeks until Aunt Brooke and cousin Emery come to visit. We can't wait.
That's all folks.

Monday, April 23, 2007 sweetie

Just wanted to post a quick pic of my Lukeypie.
Isn't he a cutie!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Luke's new hairdo....and "Pomas" of course...

Today has been interesting...To start off I've been having a severe reaction to my antibiotic to include almost passing out at the store. So, I'm working with my Dr. to get some new drugs called in to the pharmacy to rid my left lung of this fluid.
As you can see Luke looks cute as ever with his new hairdo. He also wanted you to see his "Pomas" (Thomas) the train He loves his train. You'd think we gave him a ferrari. Oh the little things. Anyway...Luke's cough seems to be getting better for day 3 of antibiotics.
Let me rant a minute about something I find ironic. As most of you know Jason's company recently merged with CVS pharmacy. Funny how I had to get 2 prescriptions filled at WALGREEN'S today because CVS didn't have the avail. drugs. As long as I don't end up in the hospital with another lung surgery I'll be happy.
Update on my friend Kjrsti's twins delivery. She is still pregnant and the Dr.'s are trying to keep the babies in there a little longer. She's 34 wks and they would like her to keep em' cooking one more week. One of the babies currently weighs 5lbs. and the other 4lbs. I know that they'll be fine. She's hoping that when she has them that she will be able to leave the hospital with both babies and forego the NICU altogether. That is my prayer for her. Please keep the Latham family in your prayers.

That's it folks!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another sicko in the house...

I made my trip to the Dr. today. Chest xray reveals a little fluid on my left lung (the one they did surgery on that had collapsed) My Dr. prescribed a strong antibiotic $4 per pill and an antihistamine. Please pray it will irradicate the lung fluid. I do NOT want to go back to the hospital for anymore surgeries.

Luke got a haircut tonight and it looks so cute. I'll take some pic's tomorrow and post them.

Also, my sweet hubby surprised me tonight with a new purse. I very rarely get surprised because I ask enough questions to get the answers but he totally surprised me. Thank you baby. I love the purse. You are so thoughtful.

Tomorrow is Friday and there is a good chance that my friend Kjrsti will be delivering her twins. She was having heavy contractions today and is in the hospital tonight. Please pray with me for Kylie and Tyler to make a smooth entrance into this world. Kjrsti has been bed ridden for like 12 + weeks with this pregnancy. I am so excited for her and Kyle.

That's all folks!


Boogers in here...

Luke made a visit to the Dr. today because he has a deep chest cough, runny nose and green boogers. He told me today when I asked him to blow his nose that there was a booger in the kleenex after he blew. It was funny. His left ear's tube has fallen out and he has an ear infection in that ear along with an upper respiratory infection. He's on antibiotics now and hopefully that'll nip it in the bud.

That's all for now.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Loving "Pomas" and the "Bike-kick-cle" trailer...

Well, little Winkerbean is LOVING his new "Pomas" (Thomas) the train. He played with it and the tracks ALL DAY LONG yesterday. In fact, at one point I heard him talking to the tracks and he said, "Hey guys, there's a train up ear"....It was too precious for words.

He also bombarded Daddy the minute he walked in the door from work with this request, "Wanna ride bike-kick-cle". So they went for about a 30 minute ride through our neighborhood. They look so cute out there doing the male bonding thing as they ride.

Nothing new to report other than we enjoyed the pretty weather today. Tuesday it's supposed to be rainy. Imagine that, a totally opposite weather pattern just one day apart from a beautiful day. It's Texas, what else can ya say.

Oh, both Luke and I are trying to fight off a cough. We better **not** have caught what Poppa and Beau Bo had.

**denotes** shaking of fists!!!

Later taters,

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Busy weekend...

We had a busy weekend. We went to our good friend Becky's wedding. She is Jason's old college roommate's sis. We saw some old friends. The wedding was beautiful and a fun time was had by all.

Daddy put together Luke's new "Pomas" the train set and he loves it. Also, daddy got the new bike trailer put together and the two had fun riding around the neighborhood. GranDee stayed over the weekend and played trains with Luke. He loves his GranDee.

Well, enjoy the pic's....

Thursday, April 12, 2007!

We had a good dinner tonite with Miss Tammy.

We were serenaded by Luke's chopstix drum solo on the table. Yes, always an adventure traveling with a 2 yr. old. It was so great to see Blueeyes and get to catch up. See ya. Sat. girlie.

LukeJaya....Beseme Mucho..

Okay, NO MORE VOTES for Sanjaya. Our newest contestant is LukeJaya....
He's quite the singer and I promise he won't wear hot pants or sing like Michael Jackson.
To vote dial 1-888-VOTE-LUKE.
Thank you for doing your part to oust Sanjaya.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tools glorious tools...

Lukey helped Daddy fix his "bi-kick-le" tonite. See...he was a whiz with the screwdriver. Must be all those episodes of Handy Manny he's watched.

Dental maintenance...

Old pic...too cute to not paste (no pun intended)
The boy loves to brush his "teef" as he calls them.
He now has a new and improved "Mater" toothbrush from the Cars movie. I guess that and the fact that he gets to stand on his stool and play in the water is what motivates him to keep brushing.
He has straight baby teeth so I'm hoping when his permanents come in they wil be straight too. That would save a lot on ortho bills....
P.S. I don't want to hear any comments from Auntie regarding dentists, dental cleanings, going to the dentist, frequency of visits. You know I HATE going. I'm aware of it's necessity though.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Got Endoscopy???

I did yesterday. The results, no more stomach holes, stent came out and I'm feeling much better other than a sore throat and jaw.

Thank you Jesus for your healing in my body. I pray that you will continue to making eating an easier process.

Also, thank you to my sweet husband who was there when they wheeled me in to surgery and was there when I got out. It was very reassuring to see your sweet face.

I believe I'm officially done with all my surgeries now. No more visits scheduled for Baylor Hospital. Praise The LORD!!!

Thank you to all of you who've been praying for me. I was very anxious about this procedure since it was the 5th time I've had it done. God is faithful and I just kept reciting that verse in Ephesians that says: "whatever is good, pure, etc..think on these things".

Love ya'll,

Monday, April 02, 2007


Today was full of challenges for me with Luke. Daddy was in Boston on a business trip and Luke had his little "mommy is alone" radar on which he proceeded to use to his advantage.

He wouldn't listen to anything I said today unless I said it 5 times. This morning he squirted my expensive Arbonne skin lotion all over the bath tub. He proceeded to drool/spit water all over his new polo Easter shirt. He proudly then told me, "I spit", "I spit". To which I respond, "I spank", "I spank".

Then, this evening after his "baff" (bath) after I'd told him 3 times to stop jumping up and down and even gave him a spanking while he was in the tub he jumped up hit my bottom lip which went up into my front tooth, so now I have a busted lip and a blood mark where the blood has come to the surface. Lovely huh!

Needless to say, I put him to bed promptly at 8 p.m. We did not pass GO and we did not collect $200. I'm sure some of you mom's will understand my dilemma from today. Do you keep yelling and spanking your kid for the same thing over and over or is there a point where they finally get it and just do as their told.

Calgon...take me away. I'm tired and ready for Daddy to be home. His plane has landed and he's on his way, thank the Lord. Tomorrow is mom time at church where we'll be making an Easter craft and Luke can play with his church friends as he calls them. I need a kid break. How did Jason do this for 8 wks. by himself....I'm starting to wonder how he still has his sanity. No pic's to share today as I couldn't get monkey to slow down for even a minute to snap any.