Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Pitching Tents...I had to steal this Brett

Okay, I cannot claim this as my own. I stole it from my friend Brett Perkins website. This little "ditty" is from a church in Denver. You have to hear this absolutely hilarious Freudian slip. Click on this link and watch. It's only a minute or so long.

In other Luke helped mommy bake some banana bread. Well...not really he basically sat on the floor with his bowl and spatula and banged it like a drum. Uncle Mike you better watch out, we've got a lil drummer in the making.

Also, this morning when I pulled out a banana from the fridge for Luke's breakfast. I dangled it in front of him and he said, "Nana" and grinned. Our boy is so smart. He is really starting to understand things. I say, "go get your ball" or "go get your water" and he knows what to do. Recently, he also has started this new little technique for when he's into something he's not suppose to be. I'll spot him...pulling the baby monitor off the nightstand. He acts all startled when I say, "Luke, NO NO" and he calmly hands it to me as if he was giving it to me all along rather than fiddling with it like he's not suppose to.

Every day is a new adventure with him. He's such a joy. Oh, he also said Poppa for the first time last night. We were over at Jason's parents to celebrate Jason's 34th birthday yest. (Sorry for not posting that yest. Stacey-wink) I said to Luke, "Where's Poppa?" He pointed at Gary and said, "Bop Bop". That's Lukey for Poppa. He's such a sweet little winkerbean.

Today cuzzin Beau Bo came over to play with Luke for a little while, while Nana went to get a perm. After giving Beau his bottle, I was burping him. I had him propped up on my knee and I was patting his back. Luke came over and started patting his back with me. It was so cute. So observant that boy of mine. Well...that's about it. Jason's work is stressful as they continue towards meeting end of the year deadlines AND train new people. But...we're just glad he has a job. Blessings to all my friends. Stacey I will get in touch with you soon.

Later taters.....


Brooke said...

I liked the other blog better. Just my opinion.
That is hilarious. That guy is red as red can be. how embarrasing.

Heather said...

I needed a change, plus I lost all my links and had to recode so you'll have to just be happy with this one for awhile. (wink)