Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mother's Day order I finished today...

I finally got caught up on all my Mother's Day jewelry orders. Here is one of the "beauties" I designed today. It's NOT to late to place a jewelry order to arrive by Mother's Day. Just drop me an email at casaderice@att.net
Designing for a Purpose,
Heather Rice

What's all the Buzz about....

What's all the Buzz all about this time, you may ask??? Hmmm.
Well...at this time, Daddy is sick. He must have caught mommies "germie's" from a weekend of fighting off fever's. It's my turn now to run to Wally World and buy HIM a box of Theraflu because tonight.....
He will not sleep good in a box
He will not sleep good with a fox
He will shiver, he will spew
Oh what is a sick boy to do
Without his lemon Theraflu...

So let me roar on outta here and get my motor runnin', head out on the highway....Lookin' for some action, or whatever comes my way....Like a true nature child....I am bound for the painreliever aisle.....so my husband doesn't DIE...Born to fix my OTHER child.......(daddy).

Later peeps!

Signing off from Sick-a-saurus Rex-ville

Nurse Heather

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A gift for sweet ANGEL EVA'S mommy....

God recently put it on my heart to design a pendant for a very special lady, Chrissy. She recently delivered baby Eva Janette. Eva's is special because of the impact she made here on earth in the short time she was here. God wanted His angel to come home. While it was way too soon to say goodbye, Eva will live on in her families hearts forever.
I designed this special necklace for Chrissy, Eva's mom to wear. My hope is that it brings smiles to her face every time she wears it, and that she is able to keep Eva close to her heart. Eva leaves behind big sis Mya and big bro Dominic, as well as daddy and mommy (& lots of friends). Her story is so touching. Their faith as a family is unshakable.
Our GOD is mighty to save, conquer the grave and give us hope. Thank you Chrissy for being so transparent with your life and the struggles your family is enduring at this time. May the peace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ guard your hearts and minds. Please check out Eva's story (you will be blessed and encouraged)at: http://evajanette.blogspot.com/
Her story is touching.
Chrissy, I'm so glad you like the necklace. That brings a smile to my face to know that it will be cherished. Chrissy posted a link to my blog from her's. If you've happened upon my blog, or if you've come from Chrissy's blog, welcome.
A website is currently in the works for Faith Creations, LLC (my biz). In the interim, please email me at casaderice@att.net if you would be interested in purchasing something from me. I will email you back promptly with pictures of my work, pricing, etc.
I feel strongly about the talents the Lord has blessed me with. The talent to create. I give Him alone, all the glory. As my way to give back I donate 10% of all my sales to an orphanage in Haiti that I work with. Thank you for stopping by.
God Bless. Designing for a Purpose,
Heather Rice

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Update**Wed, Apr 23 @ 8am
They were able to locate Rachel at Baylor Hospital downtown Dallas. They visited and she is going to be fine. Not a scratch and that is a God thing as glass was everywhere. You can continue to pray for the girls as inevitably they'll be sore for a few days. Thank you so much for being part of the prayer "chain".
Hello Praying Friends:
If you could please remember my friend Amorette's family in your prayers. Her sister, Selena was in a serious car accident tonight here in McKinney. Selena was driving, and her friend Rachel was in the passenger's seat. Selena is mildly banged up, very shaken up (obviously) but her friend had to be Careflighted to Baylor Hospital. No word on the extent of Rachel's injuries, as the medic's were not allowed to give them any info. on the scene. Please pray for Rachel's recovery, and for Selena as well. The car is totalled. Thank you so much.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fun with the Lee boys...

Luke got to hang with his buddies Shep and Hud this evening. As you can see they had lots of fun being boys.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is there ever a dull moment?

Just returned from the ER where we spent the evening waiting for the ENT specialist to retrieve this object out of Luke's nose. He got the bright idea to break off this plastic piece from his toy front loader dump truck thingy and shove it up his nose. Guess it beats a battery, huh Mimi!
We waited 2 hours before being seen by the ENT specialist. Doc came in the ER room and examined Luke. He concluded that another instrument, other than the metal tweezer-like nostril spreader instrument he had, was needed to do the extraction. It would take him 5 minutes to run up to his office in another part of the hospital and he'd be right back.
During this time, Jason, myself and Nana were just sitting there talking and waiting for the Dr. to return. Oh, I forgot to tell you he left the tweezer-ish instrument with Luke to "get use to it". We hear a loud shocking sound and Luke scream. Yes, you guessed it. He decided that the tweezers fit perfectly into the ELECTRICAL SOCKET. Holy Hell broke loose, Luke screamed and cried. He had a black finger and electrical burns on his pointer finger. Yeah, lovely huh!
Moral of the story...NEVER stick any objects into your nose or into electrical sockets. They WILL hurt you. Hey, at least we WERE in the ER, right!
I'm exhausted and Luke is sleeping like a baby. Shocking I know (pun intended).
He told me tonight, "Mommy I not put stuff up my nose again". Good idea son.
He kept telling the ER Doc's that he stuck a dump truck up his nose. I had to keep explaining that it was a part from his dump truck. We left dump truck in the trash at the ER. I told Luke we couldn't keep toys that were broken and that hurt him. He got the honors of throwing it away. He was sad but he waved goodbye.
I'm just glad he wasn't hurt seriously. I doubt he'll be sticking things up his nose any time soon. I think this one scarred him for awhile (at least a week).
P.S. On the way to the ER, Luke said, "Mommy, we need to fray (pray) for my nose to get better". And HE said a prayer. I think it's so sweet how he knows to ask God for help and that HE will help him.

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