Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hook Em' Horns!

I do believe this picture speaks for itself! Hook Em' Horns. UT's biggest (yet smallest) fans. No big news to report today.

Oh, we DID pick out our new fridge. It'll be delivered on Monday. Yippee! Thanks Lee's for loaning, then giving us a loaner. We love you guys.

Brooke's yard sale to benefit the Hurricane Survivors was a smashing success. $1200 raised and a local bank is matching it so in total $2400. What a difference we can make when we all pull together as a community. I'm so proud of my sis, for all she did to put this thing together. GranDee comes back from KY tomorrow. Lukey sure misses her (as do we). We'll have more to share tomorrow, but for tonight we're all tuckered out and on our way to beddie bye. Night, night!


Brooke said...

Hook Em!
Yes, it was a success thanks so much for the support!
We are exhausted, but know that it was well worth it!
Every little bit helps, God can turn 5 fish into thousands!!!

Heather said...

Amen sista!