Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Well I can officially tell everyone the news! I'm going to be an aunt again. Yep, my sister Brooke and her husband Michael are expecting. She found out the wonderful news yesterday. We're so excited Luke will have another little cousin. Maybe they'll name her Daisy (if they have a girl!) That's the BIG NEWS of today.

In other blogging news...we're still searching for my friend Kenya's family. We spent the majority of the day searching the internet and calling various "relief agencies". I have to say they aren't very organized and volunteers have tons of wrong info. We kept being given phone numbers by the Red Cross that had been disconnected or could not even help us. It was frustrating to say the least. So, we gave up for today and decided to try again later. Kenya is still staying at the shelter in McKinney and we haven't seen or talked to Larry today. Oh, I also took Kenya to the clothes closet in McKinney that our church helped sponsor. AWESOME facility. Very organized with helpful volunteers. She got a whole grocery basket full of stuff. They've really got that place spic n span and in tip top shape. There was a WIDE variety of things to choose from and she got a lot of the stuff she needed. Praise God. I'm storing it at my house until she gets her apt. because at the shelter in McKinney she said if they don't have room around their bed to store it stuff get's thrown in the trash. Sad huh!

Tomorrow is another day. I have to wait around for our black fridge to be delivered then I have an appt. in McKinney at Kid To Kid to see if they want to put some of my creations in their store. So we'll see. Keep praying we find Kenya's family and pray for my friend whose father is dying of cancer. Thanks and nightie night! Sorry no pic to post today.

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Amber said...

Congratulations to Brooke!! I'm so very excited for her. Also- hopefully you will be able to find some info for Kenya!!