Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Trickoween....

Cowboy Beau & BB
Mickey & GranDee

Mommy & Mickey

Family Foto

Nana & Luke

Uncle Jeff & Cowboy Beau

Daddy Mouse

Mommy Mouse

Nana & GranDee

GranDee & Jason

Me & Mom

Yard Spooks

Casper and his friendly ghosts

Mickey would ring the doorbells and then immediately peek in people's windows.

Luke was scared of this lady. But, I went up with him. She was real nice, gave him some candy. Instead of saying, "Thank You" he looked at her with big wide eyes and said, "Sorry"...

An adorable lil Strawberry we passed on our trick or treating venture.
Luke was very intrigued by this skeleton. He played with it's feet and hands.

Trick or Treater of the Year pose.

Hay bailin' it with Mickey

Ohhhhhhhh....creepy spider!
GranDee, Mickey and the Scarecrow

Cowboy Beau's reaction when he saw "Polyester Poppa".

First stop on the trick or treat route: Poppa & Nana's. Nana had special treats for the boys.

We're just getting started

Scary...Somebody quick, get the straight jacket.

Cowboy Beau, "Polyester Poppa"& Mickey
Most frightening sight of the night. "Polyester Poppa" really use to wear those pants 35+ years ago. Nana even remembers the shirt he wore with them. Pretty impressive that they still fit him. He owes that svelte physique to clean livin'.

Off to the next house....

Don't mess with me partner...

The fun is about to begin....
Daddy & Mickey

"Happy Trickoween", were Luke's words to the first person who opened their door tonight to give him candy. Right before he walked right into their house... Hope you enjoy the pic's of Mickey and his Cowboy Cuzzin. Oh, and beware of the scary guy in the plaid pants, we like to call him "Polyester Poppa".

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We prayed for wisdom...

We (Luke & I) just returned from the hospital. Before we left, the surgeon came out to discuss how Carolyn's procedure went. He was NOT able to remove the cancerous area in the colon. It's about 10cm up inside and because of the angles he was not comfortable with being able to fully reach the area. Because this is cancer we're dealing with he erred on the side of caution and did NOT want to cut into her, if he couldn't fully remove the cancerous portion. It would risk some cancer cells "spilling" out into her body and lodging elsewhere. He worked over an hour probing, trying different instruments, different angles to no avail.

So, when she gets out of recovery Gary is going to have to pass on the news that they weren't able to do anything and that further more invasive surgery is a high probability. We prayed before she went into the OR that the Lord would grant the Dr's. wisdom when he got in there. I feel like HE heard our prayers by giving the Dr. insight to stop when he did. She will not have to spend the night in the hospital tonight. Once she's feeling better from anesthesia they will discharge her. Further appt's. will be scheduled for later on in the week. As they want to be expedient about the cancer being removed.

Please continue to pray for Carolyn, as I'm sure this is going to be a HUGE disappointment when she awakens. Pray for Gary to deliver the words to Carolyn in a supporting, loving way with emphasis on the positives. As her Dr. put it so well..."we cannot risk cutting in and spreading the cancer". "If we go with the other surgical options there is a high probability that she will NOT have to undergo any radiation therapy post-op." May HIS will be done and may HE be glorified through this trial.

Thanks to our friends Pete and Marsha who came up to the hospital and stayed the entire time with Gary, Luke and I. I personally appreciate all your help with keeping Luke occupied. Where would we be without friends? Thank you for your continued prayers. Heather & Family

UPDATE: Thankfully the surgeon relayed the news to Carolyn about his inability to remove the cancer today with this procedure, before she even left the OR. So, Gary didn't have to be the bearer of not so good news. Thank you God for small (and LARGE) blessings.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Prayers Needed...

Please keep Jason's mother, Carolyn in your prayers tomorrow as she undergoes surgery to remove cancer in her colon. The Dr's. feel like they've caught it at an early stage and that they'll be able to remove it during the surgery.
However, they will not know until they get in there. She will have an overnight stay post-op and radiation treatments. Our family covets your prayers for a swift recovery and that the Dr's. have the wisdom to get all the cancer out. Thank you so much. Heather