Thursday, January 31, 2008

You know you're a mom when....More Creations...

Yes, Andie these are your's...
You know you're a mom when you find a Mini- Mr. Potato head in your purse. And....when you find yourself eating Winnie The Pooh shaped pasta on an Elmo plate. Such was the case with both of these for me today.
I've been designing today, see above pictures. I also designed 25 other adorable pendants which I will feature tomorrow. Check back then.
Please continue to pray for my dear friend Carol Ann who is valiantly battling lung cancer. She's been accepted into a research study and the med's she's been given cause acne-IF THEY'RE WORKING THE WAY THEY'RE SUPPOSE TO. So, pray for her to get lot's and lots of acne. I designed the "Acne Fairy" pendant for her today. Maybe she'll take a picture of herself wearing it once she receives it so that I can post her picture.
Designing with a Purpose,
Heather Rice

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Creations....Answered Prayers...

Latest creations....and answered prayer: Hudson is about 90% better. Pneumonia in right lung only. They are home and he's feeling much better. Please continue to pray that his breathing treatments and oral antibiotics will do their trick.
Designing with a Purpose,
Heather Rice

Monday, January 28, 2008

URGENT Prayers...Creations....Getting Tagged

A pretty floral design...well, I think it's pretty!'s your crown! Wink

Renee--Ok, you know me (too excited not to photograph for ya) At least you don't know the verse I chose for the back of Frank's keychain. I mailed your order today.

Update as of 11:35pm, Tuesday Jan 29, 2008. Hudson was discharged from the hospital today. He's resting comfortably at home. Still has pneumonia in his right lung, but is on breathing treatments from home. Thank you for your prayers, please continue to pray. Thanks. Heather

I would like to ask all of my blog-reading praying friends if you would please pray for my best friend Heather's son, Hudson (age 5) He was admitted to the hospital this morning via the ER. He tested positive for Influenza B last week. He's been running a fever of 102F- 104F and has become dehydrated. Tests at the hospital also revealed double pneumonia. He will be in the hospital (for a couple days) being re-hydrated via i.v. and will have constant breathing treatments. I went up to the hospital earlier today to pray with Heather and Hudson and the poor little guy is so scared because he doesn't understand all that is going on. PLEASE PRAY for God's healing. Give them all peace and rest. Thanks in advance.

Now for the latest "creations". Here they are. Renee-Your order shipped today. Lisa-Your's didn't get out today, but will tomorrow. Pam-I'll be back with you on the proposal for you. Lori-I hope you enjoy "Jesus' Girl". You inspire me. Yvonne-Glad you loved "Drama Momma"....P.S. No more handsanitizer for you. Cream Puff Trio-Thanks for lunch today, love ya'll.

Since I've had two friends tag me in the last 2 days I will respond to their little challenge. Even though I hate filling these things out. Since I love you both, I'll reciprocate.

5 random things about yourself:
1. I was involved in a bank robbery in 1991 (I was the bank teller)
2. I've been to Moscow, Russia
3. I once flew from Dallas, TX to Frankfort, Germany (9 hours) without getting up to use the lavatory. Actually, I never even got out of my seat the entire flight.
4. I lost 85 lbs. in one year (last year)
5. I had 9 surgeries in one year (last year)

5 places you'd like to go, or re-visit:
1. Hawaii, never been
2. Europe....would love to go back
3. San Diego/Coronado, CA. Specifically the beach out in front of the Hotel Del Coronado. Love that place.
4. New England area in the fall when the trees are changing colors
5. I'd love to go back to Montana to visit my father's grave.

There ya'll happy little "tagger friends"....wink!


Drama Momma....late night creation

Ya'll all know inspiration strikes me at strange hours sometimes. Last night was one of "those" nights. This idea popped in my head and I went to creating. It's a gift for my friend Yvonne from church. She always keeps me laughing and her humor is contagious. There always seems to be a zillion thing going on in her life and she knows how to laugh at herself. Two words....Drama Momma. Her 15 year old daughter in out in CA on the verge of signing with a major recording label. She's an incredibly gifted singer. She's already done some songs on Billy Blanks (of Tae Bo fame) exercise DVD's. God has a plan for Lauren and it's gonna be HUGE. Please pray for God's hand to direct their paths as they begin signing contracts, etc...Love you Yvonne, see ya at lunch. Can't wait to give you your necklace....It's SO YOU!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

More new creations...


Friends, Roman's, Countrymen: (lend me your ear)
Here are some of Saturday's creations...filling orders and creating new things! Hope ya'll enjoy. Renee, I am purposedly NOT showing your pendant until you get it! (Hee hee) But you CAN see your bracelet. Kenzie, your treasure is coming. Thanks for the email. Lisa--your keychain order will be on it's way on Monday.
Please continue to pray for Tricia, Nate & Gwyneth (Confessions of a CF Husband blog)--Nate sleep, Tricia sleep, Gwynie poop

Please continue to pray for The Stanfields (The Stanfields blog)-Son Maddox went to be with Jesus this week

Please continue to pray for the Avery family (Juju's clan) as they are also grieving the loss of their angel this week.

Thank you Jesus for allowing my dear friend sweet Carol Ann to be involved with the cancer research study that she's been trying to get in to.

Thank you Jesus for giving us peace, even amidst tragedy. Thank you for answering prayers and we stand in faith knowing you will continue to hear our prayers.

I've had a blast designing today.

Designing for a Purpose,

Heather Rice

Friday, January 25, 2008

Collaboration honoring JuJu...

Well, it was going to be a surprise but ya'll know me. I'm the one giving family member's Christmas gifts in March, because I'm just so excited I cannot wait.

My buddy Michelle (My Semblance of Sanity) collaborated on this pendant to send to Mimi along with the one I designed yest. I asked Michelle if she would draw some type of treasure chest with sentimentalities of JuJu. My artwork arrived today. Just fantastic. I know she let the Lord lead her in her masterpiece. Combined with the verse the Lord layed on my heart to feature and a key to the treasure chest......voila'....another Juju pendant extraordinaire.

I wasn't able to make it to the post office today so Mimi (if you're reading THIS) both beauties will be on their way to you tomorrow.

Thank you Jesus for allowing Michelle and I to use the talents you've blessed us with to honor such a brave boy.

Designing with a Purpose,

Heather Rice

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Honoring sweet Julian "JuJu"....

Most of you that know me well (and for those who don't) I always pray for God to lead my hand when I'm creating my jewelry. Hence, the name Faith Creations, LLC. Today, was one of those days where HE brought it all together for me in a special way.
If you've been reading my blog for any length of time you know that a very special 4 year old boy with brain cancer went to be with Jesus this week. His family is a very inspiring to me because they have fought the good fight of faith where Julian is concerned. Mimi, his mother stood along side her sweet boy and unselfishly prayed God's will be done.
God chose to call one of his special angels home. Julian is now disease free and is perfect in all ways. He watches over his family and his brothers from above. He runs on streets of gold and all his friends are angels. Around Christmas time my good friend Michelle featured Julian's story on her blog (My Semblance Of Sanity) and she raised $2000+ for Julian to have a miracle Christmas this year. She did it by auctioning off a piece of cheese in the shape of a cross that "appeared" at the bottom of her pan one morning while making cheesy eggs for her kiddos.
You can read more about his story and more comments from Mimi on Michelle's blog (My Semblance Of Sanity). The family is grieving over the loss of their sweet boy, but they rejoice knowing that God is in control and that he has healed Julian.
God put it on my heart to create a very special piece for Mimi. HE helped me design this today 100% of the way. Let me explain. There is such significance in this necklace/pendant.
  • Julian's picture shows his beautiful face-The face of an angel, God's angel.
  • Back of the pendant has Matthew 6:21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. At Julian's funeral someone commented that Julian looked like he was in a treasure box in the casket. God lead me straight to this scripture. Julian is God and Mimi's treasure. No wonder why he looked like he was in a treasure box. Also, the verse is symbolic because Mimi's treasure (Julian) is now in heaven, where HER heart is also.
  • The pendant is 2 x 2 inches....2 +2=4. Four is the age Julian was.
  • The silver heart that dangles from the bottom of the pendant says: "I am loved". Oh, how true this is. Julian is so loved by so many.
  • The pendant is strung on a strand of semi-precious turquoise stones, which comprise the necklace. Julian is PRECIOUS in God's sight and his families.

It was my honor to create such a beautiful rememberance piece for Mimi. I will be mailing it out to her tomorrow. If you will join with me in prayer for the Avery family. Their loss is great at this time. It is my sincere prayer that God will give them comfort during this difficult time.

Although, I've never met Mimi I admire her reliance on God for all of life's twists and turns. She has strengthened my faith and encouraged me in my walk.

Thank you Mimi!

Fly high, sweet Angel JuJu...

MORE Charming Pendants....charm-a-licious!

Some of the latest and greatest creations.
Designing with a Purpose,

Heather Rice

Monday, January 21, 2008

More 'creations'...

This is what I've been 'creating' lately. I'm loving designing these pendants. They're a HUGE hit! Also, I felt the Lord was speaking to me telling me to lower my prices. So, I've heard Him and I'm re-examining my pricing matrix. Enjoy viewing today's pretty little things.
Designing with a purpose,

Heather Rice
Faith Creations, LLC.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy 50th Jill...

Front of the pendant
Back of the pendant.

Today we had a surprise 50th birthday brunch for my good friend Jill. This is the gift I designed for and gave her. She loved it. Although, I didn't mean to make her cry. I guess I should've thrown in some kleenex as a bonus gift. Jill, you are a special part of all our lives. Thank you for what you bring to our group. We love you. Happy 50th. Remember, it's better to be Over the Hill, than Under it! Hope your day was really special.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Julian is now with Jesus...

from Mimi (Julian's Mom):
"Time of Death ,11:22am ... Never thought I would ever hear these words about my 4 1/2 year old son. But this morning , those words got engraved in my mind and my heart forever.
Julian fought until the last painful breath. Again NOTHING peaceful about this process until , until he stopped gasping for air. Julian looked like a fish out of the water, trying so hard to fill those lungs, but nothing. You could see the normal breathing motions his body made, but nothing got past his throat. Finally he stopped fighting.
When he started having a hard time breathing I went to get Ken . He stood on one side of the bed and I was on it with Julian. We talked him thru his transition. We told him it would be ok. We told him we were proud of him. I told him to say Hi to Jesus for me. I told him that Cody and Jacob were waiting for him . I told him that we would be ok. I told him he wouldn't hurt anymore. I told him good night. I told him I loved him. I told him to play and run.
The nurse took his shirt off and told us to touch him, that he could feel us and we needed to feel him . I put my hand on his chest. I could feel his heart beat. Then it slowed down . Then I could not feel it anymore. I heard his first heartbeat and felt his last one. I was texting Debra right before, texted her Julian was gone, she called and got in her car and came. I got Mamie, she told Ju bye. And Papy. We got the boys and told them . Sam asked if we were sure he was gone. Then he said it was wierd because he didnt feel like crying. Then he asked to hold him. I needed to clean and dress Ju first.
Debra got here, helped me a little, cried a lot... They are not supposed to get attached, how can you not get attached to Ju? I held Julian. Debra gave him a bed bath, as she had been doing for the past few weeks, put lotion all over him, loved and kissed on him. 1 month ago , she didnt even know him, now she is grieving just as we are. That is what Julian is all about. LOVE, unconditional love... He touched Debra, she touched my heart... Ken , Debra, Mamie, Sam, Gma and I held Julian. Maybe others did, I am not sure.
Dana and Jessi came. Pastor Kevin and Vicki, Zach and Sam.Diane came by, Pastor Blair and Pat. Vickie and Gerald. Nanny. It is now 6 something pm. Dana and her family are still here with us . I love those guys! Thank you ... Funeral home men came to get him this afternoon. Ken carried him to the van, with his blankie (his Christmas blankie he would share with every one) one of his mimis and one of his dinosaurs. We don't know any details on viewing and funeral yet. We will let you know, just make sure you have your YELLOW SHIRTS HANDY !!!!
FLY HIGH MUNCHKIN ... I love you all the way to China, you are the best, you know that? I love your smell too baby... Your mama ..."
Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there;
I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow, I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there;
I did not die.
For cards and flowers, feel free to send to: Ken, Mimi, Sam, Alex and William Avery ........111 Aviator Dr. Fort Worth, TX 76179
My heart goes out to the Avery family. Rest in peace sweet Julian. You've touched our lives. Heaven has another precious angel today.

Cuz that's how'z I roll....

It seems that the naked scooter rider has hit our neighborhood yet again! Ya better watch out, or he'll run you over.