Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Suntan Lotion...Isn't it yummy!

Okay, I'd like to say that the past two days have been uneventful but that would be a farce. As you can see from the photo's yesterdays fall left quite a shiner on my chinny chin chin. It's more like a fabric/carpet burn from when I hit the ottoman on the way down. Then this morning while mommy was putting a load of clothes in the washer I snuck in the laundry room and grabbed the suntan lotion. Since I'm getting so good a figuring out how to open and clothes things I realized I had mastered opening the bottle. And...since I'm thoroughly acqainted with bottles I decided I'd try out the flavor in THIS bottle. Luckily, mommy caught me just before I hoisted the bottle to take a drink. I was only able to lick the contents of the bottle off my finger. If you look real close this picture will reveal my suntan lotion mustache on the left side of my upper lip. After a call to poison control to make sure I was ok, mommy said I didn't need to worry about sunburn on my tongue and that I don't need to play with the suntan lotion bottle. Oh, I almost forgot. Today I also squashed my fingers in my chaser bead box. Yeah, I screamed and cried. But...mommy soothed me like she always does. Tonight we went to my buddies Shep and Hud's house to visit and pray with their grandpa "Pops". He leaves for MD Anderson in Houston at 5 am. in the morning. Please stand in faith with us and pray for God to heal his cancer ridden body. We know the Lord can/will work a miracle. Thank you for your prayers. Night, night.

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Brooke said...

You are such a little monkey. You are such a curious george!
We will certainly pray for Pops and the whole family! God is faithful!