Thursday, March 29, 2007

Major milestone reached today....

Okay, I did debate on whether to post this information and thought what the heck go ahead. Today I visited my weight loss Dr. for a check up. I have reached a major milestone that I would like to share with you because it really is incredible. Are you ready?

For the first time in 13-14 years I am below 200 lbs. I will not say exactly how far below but as of today I have officially lost 70 lbs. post op. This is a huge accomplishment for me which has come at a great cost. I am happy nonetheless (is that a word).

I was also blessed with 3 trash bags full of clothes that my good friend has outgrown now that she's lost 25 lbs. For those of you who know me know that I'm not a big clothes shopper. Partly because when I used to shop for clothes nothing would ever fit me and I'd get frustrated. That's probably why I like shoes and purses, they always fit. Needless to say when you go down 4 sizes it does present a problem. Jason has been bugging me to get some new clothes because nothing fits me in my closet. I've picked up a few new pieces here and there, but thanks to my friend I have a whole new wardrobe. Thanks LaNae.

I'm getting so excited to see my sis and my niece in May. I can hardly wait to hold my sweet Emery baby for the first time. If you'll remember the hospital wouldn't let me go in to the NICU when she was there. Only parents and grandparents were allowed, oh AND their pastor (I'm still a little bitter about that one since I think I should have been let in too--Oh well rules are rules and they're there to protect the babies so I understand).

In other news Luke informed me this morning that he wanted chips for breakfast. Where he got that I don't know it was so random. Also, yest. he had his shirt off and he was playing with his boobies. I said, "What are you doing playing with your boobies?" He said, "Doofies". So, his man breasts are officially called "Doofies". How masculine huh. Too funny.

Trina....get those shower pic's posted on your blog...I will cut you some slack since you're still on vacation.

Tammy--Let's make some plans for a get together next week some time. I miss you so much.

In other I have confirmed my appt. to have my stomach stent removed on April 9. Please pray that the hole that was in my stomach is healed so that the removal is possible. I'm suffering severe acid reflux from this darn thing being in here.

That's about it. We're getting rain which is much needed. Thank you Jesus for the rain.

I also want to thank Jesus for all of the great friends he's blessed me with. I have an abundance of true prayer warrior friends. You know who you are and I love you immensely.

Tah Tah For Now,

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Doodlebop watching with McQueen...

Ok, I don't need to be reminded of how much of a blogger disgrace I've been lately. I am going to try and be more regular ok Tammy, Trina, Brooke and Patty! Cut an invalid a little slack. I can't sit very long at my stool where my laptop is on the bar that's why I've been negligent. But I'll stop making excuses now.

Here is a picture of Luke from this mornings Doodlebop watching with his "choc milk" and Lightening McQueen toy from the movie Cars.

We're all doing well here. I'm recouping slowly but surely. Please continue to pray as the pain is tolerable, but still exists. I really want to see the day when I don't think about it at all. I know it's coming.

Patty--Brooke's looking fwd. to meeting you when she arrives in May.

Tammy--Sorry I've been a sucky friend by not posting or calling lately. I miss you too.

Trina--You looked so great on Sun. I've never wanted to go to a baby shower more than yours. I love you.

Well...gonna run and get some breakfast made and take all my pills.

Will post again soon...maybe tomorrow!