Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Worldwide Fast Day Wednesday

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time you'll know that I have a heart for the down-and-outter's. It's been my pleasure to help many people in need over the year's. I find the most pleasure in helping others.

I remember as a grade-schooler watching those "Feed The Children" specials on t.v. I would beg my mom to give me an "advance" on my allowance, so I could send it to those starving children.

Over the years I've had the pleasure of serving meals to the homeless under the I-45 bridge in Downtown Dallas, Participated in AngelTree at the local mall, Sorted toys at the Toys For Tots distribution center for Christmas, Volunteered with Clothe-A-Child to clothe needy schoolchildren with school clothes, Fed Christmas meals to the homeless at Union Gospel Mission in Dallas, Texas, coordinated help for a family whose house had burned down and were left with nothing, given to the needy, shopped at Salvation Army and Goodwill, donated clothes to Burma refugees, & helped a hurricane Katrina victim find her family. These are just some of the many opportunites God led me to be involved with.

Whenever I give to others I feel the Lord blessing my soul. It nourishes me and makes me whole. Giving is one of the best things you can do for YOURSELF. It takes the focus off of YOU and puts it on the circumstances around you. There will always be someone worse off that you are. So, many people are hurting out there. It is my conviction that God has made us be HIS arms, hands, legs, feet. We have an obligation to love one another. To pay it forward, so to speak. A lot of time we don't even slow down enough to notice the downtrodden of this world. We pass the man on the corner with his cardboard sign that says: "Will Work For Food" and think someone else will drop some money in his bucket. What we can all do is PRAY. Pray for those who you know are hurting, suffering who are all alone.

I've been challenged by my friend Michelle Kemper-Brownlow (My Semblance Of Sanity blog) to fast and pray for a sweet little 4 yr old boy named Julian. She ebay auctioned off her cheesy cross with all proceeds going to him. See her blog for those details as there's a little less than 24 hrs. to go. She's raised $1200+ already to create a special Christmas miracle for Julian. I have auctioned off my hand-painted pink leopard boots on Ebay. All proceeds from that auction are going to my friend Brenton Roberts who is 8 years old (attends my church) as is also battling cancer.

The Lord has layed it on my heart to fast from sugar starting tomorrow and going through the end of this year. This is what the Lord has told me to do. But...fasting doesn't have to only be about giving up a food item. It can be giving up anything that requires sacrifice on your part. If it's not hard for you to give up, then in my opinion it's not really a sacrifice. Now, I must add this disclaimer that certain people need to be careful when fasting such as those on certain medications, etc...If the effects of the fast will harm your body/health don't fast that item. Choose something else like, tv watching, cell phone talking, internet surfing. My challenge to you is to "fast" something tomorrow for Worldwide Fasting Day for Julian.

I'm also fasting for 3 more very special people in my life. Brenton Roberts who I've previously mentioned, my sweet mother in law, Carolyn who finds out tomorrow from her oncologists when her colon cancer treatments start and for my dear friend Carol Ann who is suffering from lung cancer. During the times when I want to eat sugary treats I WON'T but will rather pray for these 4 people: Julian, Brenton, Carolyn & Carol Ann.

Will you join me in fasting tomorrow? You pick the item you'll fast? You pick how long you'll fast? I'd love to hear your stories. Please pray for these dear people. Thank you.

Heather Rice


My Semblance of Sanity said...

Thank you for being so beautiful!
I feel so blessed to have you as a friend!!!

coffespaz said...

Beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had read this yesterday, I missed out on the fasting...but I will fast for 1 whole week for Julian, since I missed yesterday. I'm giving up Dr. Peppers for 1 whole week. Thanks for the blog Heather...you really are a great person.