Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fabulous CHRISTMAS Party....not a "HOLIDAY" party..

Allie (has lost 143 lbs.) & Me
Allie, Tree & Me
Jason and Me
Dr. Kuhn & Me
Hubby & I (I've lost 85)
Dr. Kuhn & Laura (She's lost 95 lbs.)

Saturday evening my weight loss surgeon, Dr. Joseph Kuhn, hosted a Christmas Party in honor of all of his bariatric surgery patients. It was held at the Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas, TX.

There was food, wine, fun & friendship. I met many people who could totally relate to my surgical experience. It was a great time had by all. Everyone looked so festive. My girlfriend Allie and I were laughing on the way there about how it seems that at Christmas parties usually there's always ONE person who totally overdresses for the occasion. I said to her, "Guaranteed we'll see someone decked out in sequins". She said, "I'm betting on lots of velvet". Not 10 minutes into it we were BOTH right. Too funny huh!

The invitations clearly stated: "BUSINESS CASUAL holiday attire". I don't know how these people dress at work on business casual day. But... I can tell you when I was working in Corporate America, that meant starched khaki's and a button down. Anywho...I digress!

My suggestion to Dr. Kuhn is that we have a karaoke party next year. He said, "that's a fantastic idea--there WILL be a karaoke party". As the annual WLS Christmas Party tradition has begun with this year's 1st Annual Weight Loss Surgery Christmas party. It was fun. Here are the pic's.

P.S. I failed you guys on the sugar fast. I only made it 3 1/2 days. The Gingerbread cookie's kept calling me. THERE WERE MORE OF THEM THAN ME. I succumbed to peer pressure. What does this mean??? I am still TOTALLY committed to praying for all of my friends battling cancer. Please don't think that my failure at reaching my goal of "sugar free thru year end" diminishes my responsibility to pray for my friends. If anything, my success at 3 1/2 day sugar fast really reitterated to me how important my prayers are for my friends. As I battled non-sugar thoughts quite often and am praying quite often. We did raise $35 for Brenton with the Ebay sale of the pink leopard boots and my friend Michelle raised almost $2000 for Julian. Please keep your prayers coming, whether your fasts are successful or not. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

It is not to late to start again on the sugar fast. Pray for yourself to have strength to get you through the year end. We all have failed but we must always try again, not trying again sometimes is more wrong than fail many times.

Love, Greta

Anonymous said...

Found your blog through another. Congrats on the weight loss. You look great!!

Allie said...

Yeah so I'm late on reading your blog. Gosh, who are those two hot chics in those first two pics?? He he!! Love ya girl!! We've GOT to get together soon!!