Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where God Is NOT, Anything Is Permissible...

These were the words I saw on a bumper sticker today while out and about. SO TRUE!

I want to report a successful fast from sugar today. Thanks to God's help, I was able to refrain from the blueberry muffin's whistling at me from the pantry, the hand-decorated Christmas sugar cookies that Luke made yesterday, the watermelon-flavored candy cane (my fav) that eyed me from the top of the fridge.

I was even blessed by running into Brenton and Michele while out and about shopping. Michele told me she was fasting from Vanilla Coke's. Brenton was proud to show off the bracelets he's making for people to raise money for himself. I ordered 5 the other day. He's got quite the orders in already (95 to make he said). He's doing well and looked fabulous too. Please continue to pray for his healing from cancer.

Please pray for Julian, Carolyn & Carol Ann.

My mother in law, Carolyn met with her oncologist today and is going to be starting 5 days straight of chemo this upcoming Monday. My father in law leaves for an Int'l business trip on Sat. so please pray that she will be ok on her own after treatments. Of course, I've told her if there's anything WE can do, we're here for her.

I know that the Lord is going to protect her and keep her strong as she begins her treatments. She's a strong lady with a very upbeat attitude. She's taking it in strides and I know that she'll do great. She's not a complainer, even when faced with scary circumstances. It's great to see her testimony of how the Lord is giving her peace. She's already been through 2 surgeries and lots of tests. I pray for her daily and ask that you do too.

Hopefully, by now Blueeyes migraine headaches are gone. I hope so sweet friend. I'm sorry you've had to go through all of this crazy headache stuff. be of encouragement I've heard that people who have migraines this close to Christmas usually get more presents delivered from Santa Claus. I hope that's the case for you.

Finally, my sweet neighbor Jenny has been under the weather too. Evidently, her beau brought it back to her from his cruise recently. Glad both of them are on the mend.

Christmas is getting closer and I've only got a few shopping days left. I only have a couple more items to get.

That's about it for now. Oh, one more thing. It was so funny today I was watching Luke play and he told his Lightening McQueen car this: "What on earth are you doing?" It was hilarious.

Wonder where he ever heard that before?



Blueeyes said...

I am officially on the mend....No migraine yesterday! I just love extra gifts...Bring them on!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Where God is not, anything is permisible."

If this were true then Athiests would be over represented in prison, right?

This is the opposite of all U.S. census data on this topic. About 8-16% of America’s population are atheists, but only 0.21% of the prison population are The religion that makes up the majority of prison percentages in the US is Christian. A better question to ask yourself is: Why are there so many christians in prison? When it comes down to facts, your statement is totally wrong and offensive.

Crime is the offspring of superstition and ignorance.