Monday, December 03, 2007

Got Ornaments???

Luke is so proud of his Christmas tree he decorated.
Can you really ever have TOO many ornaments?

The BIG Christmas tree. 1st time we've put up in our new house. Remember, I was in the hospital this time last year. in Rice-a-roni-ville we're slowly but surely getting in the holiday spirit. Daddy put up the tree for us on Sat. while we ran errands. This is our first time to have it up in our new house. This time last year I was in the hospital. So, the only tree Lukey got was at Nana and Poppa's house.
He LOVES all things Christmas. Some of his fav's are: Christmas Trees, GIANT Candy Canes and Gingerbread men.
I can't wait to show him the Gingerbread house we're going to make tomorrow as a fun craft. Stay tuned for those pic's. Luke's so cute he calls Gingerbread men....Gingey The Bread Man.
He's such a sweetie pie! I just love that boy.


Blueeyes said...

Cute Pics of the Boy! He's starting to look more and more like his Daddy!!

Andie said...

your tree is beautiful! I need to post mine!

Lynn-Ashton and John's mom said...

Ah, yes, you CAN have too many ornaments. We learned this first hand last year after we had TONS of ornaments and 900 lights on our tree. We were all done, watching Desperate Housewives, and the tree fell. Luckily we only broke a couple of ornaments. Unfortunately, one was Ashton's porcelain Barbie ornament that is selling for $50. on ebay. OOPS!

Jim & Jami said...

love Luke's little tree.....the hat he is wearing is cute too.....oh wait, you can't see his hat? Check out the Circus' Blog...

kristi said...

Beautiful tree!