Monday, December 31, 2007

New round of prayer requests

New Year= New Prayer Requests=New Praises
(some ongoing, some new)
  • NEW My friend Stacey's sister, Misty was in a glider plane crash on Christmas Eve in Arkansas. She is lucky to be alive. She underwent back and spinal cord surgery Friday. Intensive rehab to begin this week. If you could pray for healing and strength. Also, for Stacey who will be taking care of her.
  • NEW My niece Emery Kate has been really sick with a double ear infection. Please pray for her healing and also for my sister to have strength to take care of her as necessary. It's never fun to watch your child struggle.
  • Ongoing Please pray for my dear friend Carol Ann, who is valiantly battling lung cancer. Pray for healing for her body and that she will be able to be part of a new upcoming research study.
  • NEW My 8 yr old friend Brenton has had a 'dramatic' response to chemotherapy. The tumor has shrunk from a large canteloupe size all the way down to an orange size. The lymph nodes in his abdomen and chest that were swollen are no longer swollen. The spots in his lungs are almost all the way gone.
    Since the lung spots are not completely gone, Brenton will have to have radiation. They go first thing on Monday morning (12-31) to meet the doctor and find out more. He will study the CT scans and prepare a plan. They go back to Children's on Wednesday (1-2) for all of the pre-op business. Thursday (1-3) he will have surgery to remove the tumor. The same doctor who installed the port and did the biopsy will be performing the surgery. Brenton has responded VERY well to his chemo treatments. The last CT scan revealed no tumors in his lungs or lymph nodes. Thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers.
  • Ongoing My mother-in-law, Carolyn has responded tremendously well to her chemo treatments for colon cancer. God has graciously allowed her to have NO SIDE EFFECTS WHATSOEVER! Praise God. More treatments begin Jan 14, 2008.

Ongoing 4 yr old Julian is still battling brain cancer. Please pray for his healing and strength and for his mother Mimi who is caring for him.

If I have missed some the Lord knows what they are. These are the one's that come to my mind at this time. Please pray with me for these above requests and Praise the Lord for answered prayers. Thanks. Heather


Brooke said...

Glad to hear things are going well with the praises and we will certinaly pray for the immediate needs. Thanks for the prayers! Emery is struggling, along with it all, she is teething.

Anonymous said...

I will make sure to remember these in my prayers and ask our Sunday School group to pray as well.
happy new year!