Monday, September 11, 2006

Officially overcommitted....need to be committed

Ok, I'm officially overcommitted. And I may need to be an insane asylum that is. Here's what I have on my plate for the rest of this week. Clean my house as I'm hosting Pokeno at my house tomorrow night for 14+ people, go to store and buy snacks for Pokeno, stop by thrift store as they now have Halloween costumes out (The Purple Bldg. one), List about 5 items on Ebay, watch friends kids in the morning, iron clothes and tag clothes for consignment show to be dropped off Wed., take friends kid to Mother's Day out, tag items for neighborhood garage sale Sat., Poker party at Jason's bosses Sat. night, stop and get anniversary card at Hallmark, Wed. is my 9 year anniversary so we're going out for anniversary dinner. Whew.....lots going on. So many things to little sedatives on the market. Thank you honey for folding all the clothes tonight and for bathing and reading to Lukey.

I'm now going to bed. Oh, one last thing. Please pray for my sister as her ob/gyn put her on bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy...high blood pressure is the cause. She's due on Dec 11 probably will be a c-section. Should be fun sitting around eating bon bon's till then...(just kidding sis). I love you and am praying for you and Emery.

To the rest of ya'll...later taters.


Blueeyes said...

I will definitely pray for Brooke!
As far as your schedule, take it one step at a time......and go buy some wine....everything is better with wine.

3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

Yikes to you and Brooke!

I will be praying for both of you!

Trina said...

I will be praying for you and your sweet sis! You know, it is ok to say no every once in awhile, but what am I saying, I completely understand. Take it one step it a time girl.

I understand praying for a sister with a baby to come. My sister is expecting in Nov. and is on bedrest too. Early contractions is what she is dealing with and high blood pressure with precious three year old running around the house. I now understand also how hard it is to be away from our sisters. :( I will be praying for you and Brooke!
Hang in there!!!