Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Full day with buddies....one BIG mishap

As you can see I had a blast with my buddies Hud and Shep today.

Their mommy went to get her hair done and my mommy watched us all. We had so much fun eating popcorn, watching the Wiggles and playing
on my new big boy bed. We even tried to all nap together, but that didn't work too well.
So mommy separated us into diff. rooms for nap time.

As you can see the blanket bull game was a hit!!!! Aunt Heather came up with that one...very creative I might add.

Out of all of today's activites none of us got hurt. Well almost no one.

Actually, mommy was in a rush to run some errands and she cleaned her contacts and popped one in her eye. As it began to burn she noticed that she had not washed her contact with saline solution but rather NASAL SPRAY. The bottles looked similiar. Needless to say her one eye has been burning ever since, but it's wide open and seeing well. Anywho....gotta run...Later taters.


Blueeyes said...

I can not believe you had 3 little boys in your home most of the day, and it looked beautiful when Pokeno started! The boys looked liked they had way too much fun!

Heather Lee-Your Boys are adorable!

I love Pokeno! I am going to try to make it a point to start coming more! Everyone is so sweet!

Brooke said...

Such cute boys. They are all so big. I am so glad Lukey has such wonderful friends that God has blessed him with and that the 2 Heathers are so blessed with each other's friendships.
Wish I could have been there to play too. Love yall!

3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

It looks like they had a BIG time at your house. I hope mom could see well enough not to trip over all of those toys!

Trina said...

Hi sweet thing! Oh what a fun day! I too wish I could have been there with both the Heathers who I love so much! All three of the boys are getting so big and handsome! It is great to see their pictures! Be sure to grab the saline solution tonight! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...too cute for words. Love our boys, we are so blessed to have each one of them. THANK YOU LORD!....H2