Thursday, September 07, 2006

Big Boy Bed...Trying 2 yr old...No "iggles book"...'s official Luke got his big boy bed today at IKEA. It's so cute and he looks so little in it. Much like he did in his old crib the day we brought him home from the hospital.

He seems to like it...and no he's not sleeping in the living room tonight. I just assembled it in there while he was napping today. Tonight daddy took apart the old furniture and moved it out of his room. (We're selling it on Ebay tomorrow when the auction ends)

We moved the new bed and night stand in with a matching armoire to be put together this weekend. So far, he's been in there for 10 minutes and hasn't come walking out of the room. Please keep your fingers crossed.

Jason and I are worn out. Today has been a VERY TRYING day with a 2 year old. It started with the meltdown at IKEA because we left his "iggles book" (wiggles book) in the car. You would have thought someone had told him he could never watch Elmo again. I ended up having to spank him in the store to get him to be quiet. If I hear "iggles book" one more time I'm going to hang myself.

From there we melted down about the fact that I wouldn't let HIM push the flat bed cart with all the furniture pieces on it. Mind you... I was pushing HIM in a regular cart AND pushing a flat bed cart with a bed, foundation slats, mattress, night stand, armoire and several sheet sets for his new bed. How the heck I did all that is beyond me. I guess my Super Mommy powers kicked in around 10am. They ran out very quickly. To say the least my patience was running thin with all the drama. I should have waited until Jason got home to go with me to do all this. Lesson learned...the hard way.

Then tonight Jason and I both were having to deal with "Mr. Whiny" which had us both at our wits end. It's night night time for us too...I'm sorry honey for being impatient. I have no excuse. I hope tomorrow I wake up refreshed and don't have a 2 year old standing beside my bed looking me in the eye at 5am.

We love our sweet boy dearly, but some days are just hard. Terrible 2's is NOT just a's REAL and it's a nightmare! Sharon, Heather, Jenny--I'm sure you'll vouch for me on this. What was I thinking hoping that maybe...just maybe Luke would bypass this stage with little to no drama....huh, yeah right!

That's about all I can handle for one day! Later


Amber said...

I prayed for you today! I will continue to pray that every day will be better!! My time is coming just around the corner. I'm sure you will here me going nutso in about 5 months or so.

Amber said...

I meant to say "I'm sure you will HEAR me going nutso......"

Blueeyes said...

On days like yesterday, just casually stop by Sharon's or Heather's house, ring the door bell, toss Luke into their arms, and run to the car screaming and drive away quickly! I am pretty sure they will know what's going on! I pray your days get better!