Sunday, September 17, 2006

Believing for a miracle....Please Pray for Brooke

Hello Friends and family. Here's the latest on Brooke and Emery Kate. Brooke will be 28 wks pregnant tomorrow. The Dr. told her today that keeping Emery in utero is what they are wishing for and that he will be back tomorrow, Mon. to further evaluate the situation. Meanwhile, the pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure) remains, protein in Brooke's urine which means Emery is not getting the nutrients she needs, she is measuring on the small side for her gestational age and she's moving less than she was, also Brooke's liver counts are still up because of the pre-eclampsia. I believe she said the amniotic fluid is looking better. Either way, they're taking it day by day, hour by hour. Monitoring the baby 6 times a day. Giving Brooke steroid shots to mature Emery's lungs and also giving Brooke a high protein diet. Needless to say, the situation is critical. The hospital she is currently at does not deliver babies 30 wks and under which would mean they'd transfer Brooke to UK hospital and she'd get a whole new set of Dr's. which is something she's not looking forward to because she's got awesome rapport with her current high risk Dr's. It's quite possible that my niece might be born some time this week at 28 wks. gestation. If you could please pray that the Lord give my sister and Michael comfort as the week ahead and the next few months ahead will be life-changing. Please pray that Brooke gets good Dr's. if she has to be transferred to UK Hospital. It's more of a teaching hospital so there could be a lot of medical students "studying" her case. Which technically means she's a guinea pig, or at least that's what she feels like. Pray for Emery to be ok and that she will not have any complications. She would be extremely premature but her Dr's feel like she will survive. She'll just be in the NICU for a couple months. Either way, both of them are where they need to be, it's just hard to imagine getting to go home before your baby does. This is definitely not the way her and Michael saw this whole thing playing out. She'll know more tomorrow, so until then we're in a holding pattern. I might be flying to KY mid week if things progess to the point of Brooke having to give birth. We all appreciate your prayers for safety, health and peace of mind. Love to all. Aunt Heather

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Blueeyes said...

I am praying for Brooke and Emery. Please let me know if I can do anything for you.
My Love goes out to you guys!