Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Latest and greatest in Rice-a-roni-ville...

We had a nice long Labor Day weekend. Spent family time and just had a relaxing time. We got to eat lunch with Granna, play in the rain, read books with family, play with our cuzzin, watch the Wiggles. Luke even got caught jumpin on mommy and daddy's bed. Bad more monkey's jumping on the bed.
We got lots of rain, which we needed desperately. Everything is green now and much cooler. It's starting to feel like Fall. Oh, I almost forgot "Aunt" Brenda (mom's old Nestle' boss) came to visit. She brought me the coolest puzzle's from Pottery Barn. One has animals on it that make noise when I put the puzzle pieces in their slot. So cool! Mom's been Ebay'ing...her favorite pasttime these days. She does pretty good at it though. My crib is now up on Ebay, we're hoping we sell it so I can get a new bedroom suite. Well..that's about it....I've not seen buddies (Hud, Shep & Greyson) lately...I'm missing them. We'll have to play this week some time. Later taters.

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