Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy 9 Year Anniversary....


Nine could the time have gone so fast. As I reflect on the last decade (that's how long we've been together) it's amazing to think of all the things we've enjoyed together. Even during times when life has handed us a few lemons we've always managed to make lemonade. I guess that mean's we're good cooks together.

I cannot think of anyone else who I would have wanted to spend the last 9 years married to. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful husband in you. You are strong, courageous, funny, talented, smart, CLEAN/TIDY (Lord knows that's right!) and most of all you have a heart that is turned towards God. I'm thankful that you allow HIM to lead your life and that you listen to HIS direction.

As I said before, we've had our share of lemons handed to us just to name a few: lost jobs, ER visits, broken bones, hospitalizations, deaths of loved one's, a long pregnancy, 600+ Lovenox injections, lots of moves, too many car's to mention (although none of them were truly lemons-except maybe the Jeep) not so smart decisions--we've made a few of them in our day....etc.

None have been too big for God and us to handle together. If we did not have the foundation of God in our marriage I do not know how we would have managed to make it through it all. You have been by my side in times of joy and sadness. We've experienced the greatest experience in life together--the birth of Luke. You are a great father to our son. He loves you so much, as do I.

I look to the future and am excited about what the next 10+ years hold for us. You are my best friend, biggest fan and confidante. No one knows me like you do and accepts me anyway. Your love is unconditional and that makes me very secure. What a blessing it is to be able to say I'm your wife. I love you with all of my heart and then some baby.


Trina said...

Happy Anniversary, friends!! Enjoy your day and weekend! I am so glad God blessed you with each other!

Brooke said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!
I can't believe it has been that long! I still remember going to the mall to meet Jason for the first time!
Congrats on 9 years and here's to many more!
Jason-thanks for being such a great daddy to my sweet Lukey and a wonderful husband to my sister!

3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

Happy 9th Anniversary. I remember your wedding day and how beautiful you were in your dress. Jason is a very lucky man.

Enjoy your day!

Blueeyes said...

Happy Anniversary! I am truly blessed to have met you guys (Thanks Sharon for introducing us). I value our friendship! I pray you guys have many, many more happy years together. I love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! I hope you have a great day and many more happy years together.

Did you get my e-mail? Not sure I have the correct address?
Grandma Sally

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple! God truely blessed each of you with your perfect soul mate. Many hugs, kisses and happiness for the next 90 years! God Bless....H1