Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I was looking back at some old pic's of Lukey and I ran across this one that I think is so cute. The boy is growing up too fast. He's 18 mos. old now and on the move. His vocabulary is really developing. He can say many things. Among his newest phrases are: "Oh Wow!", "Oh-Yeah!", "No-No" and he can identify his ears, hair, nose, belly and hands. He's quite the mimic-machine. Anything you say or do is liable to be duplicated. He's so much fun. What a sweet little guy. We just love him to pieces.

Thank you Jesus for blessing us with such a wonderful son, Luke Elijah!


Jason Rice said...


I just figured out where he learned "Open...Close".

His lil toy play house, when you open and close the door, it says "Open" and "Close".

Too smart for his britches...

luv u,

Brooke said...

Our boy sure has grown up!
Love him!!!