Thursday, January 05, 2006

Is this a long week to anyone else?


Everyone-- I got my issue's fixed that I blogged about yest. I have all new id's and passwords for EVERYTHING! So hackers....don't even mess with me again! I'm warning ya! Since, I'm not putting my email out there anymore if you didn't get my email stating what my new email address was then comment on this blog and I'll email it to YOU! Sorry, not posting it on this blog for every Tom, Dick and Harry to see!

All is well, spent the day with my buddy Janna and her 4 week old little sweetie pie Robert. Such a good little baby. Him and Luke cooed and "talked" to each other in their little baby language. It was cute. Also, today Luke very clearly said the word "No". Not in response to anything I asked him to do, he just spontaneously said, "No, No." I'm sure I'll be sorry he learned that word so quickly.

He seems to be feeling better these days. Hopefully his earache and ear infection has subsided. I haven't had to suck any snot in the last couple days and the green boogers have subsided. Aren't you glad you know all the graphic info.....

Well...we're about to put winky bean down for the night and watch a great 80's movie. Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Danke Shon, darling Danke Shon.....I recall Central Park in you tore your dress...what a mess....I confess!

Nightie night.


Brooke said...

My brothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, mother saw Ferris -they think he's gonna die.
Glad to know you got everything fixed and I am glady Winkie is feeling better!!!

Anonymous said...

The two of you could probably recite the entire movie. You guys just crack me up.