Tuesday, March 25, 2008

VOTE for ME, I want to win this contest...

"Like I told ya Mom, Britney just left my crib, but the Pooparazzi decided to stay".

My blog readers have spoken and I have listened. Last week, I put a poll on this blog and asked my blog readers to chose which captioned picture was the funniest (of the 5 I had listed). The results are in, 11 out of 29 votes were for the above "Pooparazzi Pic". So much to my father-in-law's dismay (Sorry, Poppa but majority rules) THIS is the one that's my entry into the contest. So, to help me win a beautiful bracelet PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!!

Here's all I need YOU to do:

CLICK on the highlighted blue link below, SCROLL to the bottom of her "It's Me....remember me?I'm Back"post, and in her comments section leave this message: I vote for Heather's Pooperazzi Pic. That will be your vote My Semblance of Sanity: It's Me...remember me? I'm BAAACCCKKKK... You can ONLY vote once.




Angela said...

Hey Heather! I voted for your pic. :)

Anonymous said...

You know he is really going to love this when he gets older!
Got love being a mom!


Manic Mom said...

Hey, not sure if you won at semblance, but stop on over at Manic's for a little surprise video...