Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter weekend "festivities"...

Santiago, Tristan's lil bro

Love Santi's lil cheekies! I could kiss em' right off.
Not ME?.....
Luke & GranDee on the carousel
Luke & Tristan building their bears, Patches (Luke's) & Fluffy (Tristan's)
Hermit Crab Mountain
Rubbing bears new heart on their ears so that their bears will always LISTEN.

Luke pressing the "stuffing" machine for Patches
Look Tristan a whole crab village. Who needs a crabby village though, right?

The two school bus drivers. Tristan kept telling Luke, "back of the bus"...
Then the argument ensued on whether it was a bus or car. Luke kept saying car, Tristan said, "It's a bus Luke".... Finally, we agreed it was a car bus.
Easter eggs from the Easter egg hunt at Sprouts Farmers Market

Luke's handsome buddy Tristan

Tristan and Mr. Bunny (it's what his name tag said)

Luke and Mr. Bunny. Gotta love Mr. Bunny's nose. This year we decided to go where bunny pic's were free. The Sprouts farmers market. I wasn't in the mood to do the whole mall 2 hr. line and $13 for a 5 x 7. Call me cheap, I don't care.
It took a little coaxing, but they finally held Mr. Bunny's hands. Luke was a bit "stranger danger-ish" with Mr. Bunny, but after mommy held his hand he saw it was alright. Tristan he was a pro, just grabbed right on.The two egg hunters heading into the egg hunt.
Live bunnies at the mall. This picture was before the store owner told me, "No photographs ma'am". I was like, "It's a freakin bunny for goodness sake, I don't work for The Enquirer or anything, geesh!" Kind of p*ss*d me off.
Jason being silly on the carousel
Patches and Fluffy and their guitars occupied the school car bus while the boys rode the carousel.

Tristan would wave at Fluffy every time he came around and would say, "Hi Fluffy".
The 3 carousel-riding amigos.
Bathing and brushing Patches and Fluffy at the Bear Beauty Parlor
See why Luke named him Patches
This weekend was full of fun Easter activites. From an easter egg hunt with Luke's buddy Tristan, to a build-a-bear session at the mall where they both picked out their favorite bears and stuffed and named them, to a carousel ride. Then we visited Tristan's grandma's house where we got to hang with Tristan's lil bro, Santiago (Santi). Luke's GranDee went along with Jason, Luke, Tristan, and I to the egg hunt and the mall. It was fun, and the boys had a blast. Hope you enjoy the pictures from our adventure.
Happy Easter everyone!!!

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