Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More eggs....Luke's class Easter Egg Hunt/Party

Coloring Easter Eggs
How do you like my egg and my cross tattoo?
This is what you get when you say, "Luke, hold up your easter egg for the camera". I guess I should have been more specific and just said, "Hold it OUT for the camera".
Let the dyeing begin...
Veggie Tale Bingo
Noah being the flag holder for the Pledge Of Allegiance
Coloring their cross pictures and easter egg popsicle sticks.
Alexander. I just love his hair.
Abby Kate--such a sweet smile
Logan #1
Hailey...ready for her pizza.
Logan #2
Tate...aka Tater

Luke #1

My sweet Luke

The egg hunt is on.
Me, Luke and Sheepie the Easter Basket. They made these in class. Aren't they fluffy and cute. Thanks Ashley for all your hard work on that.

Tate, Mommy & Sissy
So many little time.
Noah and Lannie (Mommy)
Waiting for the hunt to begin.
Cuzzin Beau's classes egg hunt.
Beau wearing Auntie's glasses so he wouldn't squint for the photo. What a superstar.
Well, as you can see fun was had by all today at Luke's school Easter Egg Hunt and Party. I will get some pictures out to the mommies as soon as my email is up again. It's been down 3 days now. I can rec'v, just not respond. Hubby is working on getting that fixed for me.


DJ Amba said...

THANKS so much for taking pics of my baby! That means a whole lot to me.......All the kids are so cute.

Lisa said...

How CUTE are all the kids? Jaylen is getting "older" and I forget how fun that all can be!! He said the other day, that he is too "big" for the town Easter Egg Hunt.....bummer. are you Heather? Good here in Kansas....we just got back from the State Tourney where we finished 2nd....YIPEE!! LOVE all the pics....thanks for sharing!!


Jim & Jami said...

They are sooooo cute! Left you some love over at the Circus....Go get your Award!