Sunday, March 16, 2008

MacNCheez Gang...Guitar Heroes...Too Pretty To Eat

The MacNCheez Gang--Tristan, Luke and Santiago
Tiny Little ROCKSTARS!

Notice how the guitars gradually go from BIG to small.
Almost too pretty to eat, but we ate it anyway!
Lively weekend, we had friends over for dinner on Sat. night and the boys got to play Guitar Hero (or as my nephew Beau calls it: "Tit-tar" Hero) After their jam-session they had worked up quite the appetite, for macncheez. They are now fondly referred to as, THE MACNCHEEZ GANG. Coming to a pantry near you.
The Perez's (our dinner guests) brought this scrumptous crustless cheesecake. It was almost too pretty to eat. But heck, we dug in anyway. It was yummy!
Fun times were had by all. The weather was so nice this weekend, around 70F.
Sun., mommy has/had a horrible headache. I stayed home from church and slept until 3:15pm.
Ya'll have a great week!
Heather Rice

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DJ Amba said...

We missed you today! Hope you get to feelin' better real soon. Ya'll enjoy Luke's spring break......