Sunday, October 01, 2006

Daddy is under the weather...

Never in 9 years have I seen Jason sit on the couch all day long. He's felt awful all day. It started at 2am. this morning when the vomiting and other "fun" stuff began. Bless his heart, he's been running a fever, stomach cramps and a headache all day. I've gone on Sprite runs to prevent dehydration, made him eat a peanut butter sandwich and a banana (both bland). He's energy-less and has been very fatigued all day. All of you who know Jason know that he never sits down even for a minute, he's always going and blowing. Today was totally different. He's slept and layed on the couch and watched Wiggles with Luke. He went to bed at 7pm after I made him take a relaxing bath. Please pray he's feeling better tomorrow. He said he cannot miss work. Also, I'm praying Luke and I don't catch whatever bug he's got. That's all we need is a sick toddler or a sick momma taking care of a sick toddler. It was so cute how Luke kept going over to the couch today saying, "Daddy's kick (sick)". I kept telling him that his Daddy had a boo boo in his belly. He would give him his Sprite and give him sugars. It was so sweet. He was quite the little caretaker. He even put his hand up to his mouth and said, "Shh, Daddy night night" when we went into the bedroom to check on Daddy. That's about all that's going on around these parts. Honey, I hope you are feeling 100% better tomorrow. I love you so much and hate to see you sick.

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Blueeyes said...

Jason, I pray you are better today!
Hugs to the Rice Family!