Sunday, October 29, 2006

I go to the Rock...

We were delightfully treated to a concert by Jeoffrey Benward this morning at church. He's a professional singer/songwriter and one half of the father/son band Aaron Jeoffrey.

If you've not heard him you have to get his self titled CD--"Jeoffrey Benward". God has blessed him with a beautiful tenor voice and a HUGE octave range. (almost reminiscent of the old Michael English songs) He also has written songs that have come to be top sellers for himself and other artist such as Phillips, Craig & Dean's huge hit "Concert of the Age".

Our pastor has been friends with Jeoffrey for years and found out he was passing through the area and invited him to sing this morning. Pastor Randy decided to forego his message and just let Jeoffrey perform his concert. It was electrifying. Many of his songs brought chills and tears. He's written a beautiful musical tribute to his father,a WWII veteran..It also salutes the brave military men and women who/who've serve(d) in the armed forces to protect our freedom titled: "For The Brave". A stirring tale of freedom, love, and loss. He will probably be back in concert some time in Feb/Mar. to perform at our church again Lord willing. Hopefully you'll be here if he does.

On to other niece Emery is doing well she's almost 3 lbs. Can you believe she's almost doubled her birthweight. What a little cutie pie. Sis is doing well and is getting the nursery ready for Em's arrival.

That's about it for today...I tried to get a cute pic of Luke wearing Mommy's sunglasses but he kept taking them off when I grabbed the camera. Oh well....If I had the GOOD camera I would have been able to get the shot and probably 14 others in a split second....Santa if you're reading this blog...Mommy would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a Canon Rebel XT SLR camera for christmas with an 18-55mm lense.

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