Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thank you for your many prayers...

They are working. Little Miss Emery had a good night. She only had 4 sleep apnea episodes in a 12 hour period. As opposed to one every 5 minutes the day before. Please keep your prayers coming she still has a long way to go. Being a preemie is no picnic. She's a fighter and Brooke is confident in the nursing staff in the NICU'S ability to treat Emery as one of their own. They are reassured that this whole sleep apnea thing comes with preemie's and is not uncommon. She'll have little minor setbacks from time to time as they've said, but please keep praying for her and my sis and Michael. It's still hard seeing your baby in the hospital no matter how old they are. Thanks again....will post more if anything changes.

Aunt Heather

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Brooke said...

Thank you all so much for your sweet prayers! We feel them and are very appreciative!We love you!