Sunday, October 08, 2006

Beautiful sunset...Grape Eaters...Emery Kate...

Check out this beautiful sunset picture I took on Sat. night. The pink moved in so quickly as the sun set. I love these cool evenings where we can sit out on our porch and rock in the rocking chairs, feel the breeze and watch the day come to a close with such beautiful scenery surrounding us. Thank you God for ending our day on Sat. with a barrage of colors.

Also, as you will see Luke and Beau enjoyed their bowls of grapes tonight during the cowboy game. Nothing like a bowl of big juicy grapes for your halftime snack.

Also, my sweet niece Emery is doing fabulous. No sleep apnea episodes at all. All tests that were run last week came back negative for any infections or otherwise. Thank you for praying and please continue. Well that's about it for tonight. Gonna run and catch some ZZZ's myself.


Brooke said...

Sweet boys!

Amber said...

Aren't they so freakin' cute!!